Report: Golisano will bid on Bills

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At a time when a guy with a very recognizable name keeps talking publicly about making a bid to buy the Buffalo Bills, a lesser-known billionaire is talking privately about the prospect.  To the people in position to sell him the team.

According to the Associated Press, former Buffalo Sabres owner Thomas Golisano has met with team officials and public leaders, informing them directly of his interest in buying the franchise from the family of the late Ralph Wilson, Jr.

Per the report, Golisano’s plan includes building a new stadium 10 minutes from Ralph Wilson Stadium, where the Bills currently play their home games.

Golisano, 72, reportedly is worth $2 billion.  His name first emerged earlier this month as a serious candidate to buy the team.  He reportedly spent $93 million of his own money in three separate unsuccessful runs for New York governor as an independent.

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  1. Should be interesting. Hope the Wilson family finds a suitable offer from someone dedicated to keeping the team in Buffalo.

  2. Good.. He’s a Western NY guy. If he’s buying the team he’ll have a group he’s got the $ but I don’t see him buying it by himself like he did the Sabres.
    And it’s not the left who don’t want Trump it’s the NFL. He’s a shameless self promoter. Not to mention he doesn’t have the $ like everything else with the name Trump on it .. It’s owned by the banks or other investors. It’s all free publicity for him he has no real interest in buying the team.

  3. For those who don’t kno, this is the same man that bought (and saved) the buffalo sabres a few years back.

  4. Just because you’re a Billionaire does not mean that you should own a professional sports team. NFL, please take note of “the controversy” currently stirring in the NBA and do comprehensive background checks on all candidates for ownership in your league, i.e., ascertaining if they have “family ties” (yes, “those” such family ties), and/or whether or not said candidates “can hold their liquor” (read: Jim Irsay) etc.

  5. You forgot to mention his partner who he will be buying the team with already owns the land where he will build the stadium. If he wins the bid it will be killing two birds with one stone.

  6. Wondering if this would be good or bad news. He really didn’t do a good job as the Sabre’s owner, just propped them up until he sold them for millions of profit. Hopefully he would be in this for the long term and want to win a championship!!!

  7. 2 billion is enough to buy the team. Definitely not enough to build a new stadium.

  8. If the bills would make an effort to field a good team, maybe someone would want to keep them in Buffalo, but they’re just another NE-obsessed team.

  9. Spends 93 million and doesn’t get elected and will probably insist the good people of buffalo come up with the bulk of the money for a new stadium

  10. I hope whoever buys the team they keep them in Buffalo!! I don’t wanna hear a word of a Canadian franchise when that city in SoCal doesn’t have a team.

  11. He didn’t do a good job with the Sabres???

    They had some of their best years in franchise history, with Golisano as owner.

    Sure he could have spent some more money on players…but we have seen Pegula fail at that with Leino and others.

    And as for Drury and Briere, neither were the same player once they left Buffalo. Signing them to big-money, long-term contracts, would have set them back further than they even are right now.

    This man loves this state. He loves Buffalo. His full-time home is in the Finger Lakes, and he has another in the Rochester area.

    This is the perfect owner for the Bills.

  12. Ps. For what it’s worth, I don’t wanna hear about a Canadian team either.

    But, “that city in SoCal,” had a team…they actually had TWO, and failed to keep them. So, they are the last city that “deserves” to have a team given to them. Bottom line.

  13. He has enough money to buy the Bills, the land for the stadium, and can build the stadium with his own money. The county and state will want to pony up some cash too, so they will have an interest in the stadium. Bills fans are checking their wallets right now.

  14. So let me get this straight….this guy ran as an independent but ended up spending 93 mill of his own money?!?
    What if I just want one million dollars?
    I know I’d put it to better use than running as a damn independent. At least lie like every other politician does to get into office

  15. Sounds good to me. I’ll support any owner that will keep the Bills in Buffalo and out of Toronto. It would be a huge mistake for the NFL to allow the Bills to move to Toronto. Not a good city in supporting it’s franchises with the exception of the Leafs. The only winning franchise, the CFL’s Argonauts are ignored. It is the National Football League, not the NFL + 1.

  16. If the four “trustees” (from Detroit Michigan, mind you) can walk away with an additional $20 million each just for selling the team to the deep pocketed folks from Los Angeles, don’t you think they would do so?

  17. He doesn’t have anywhere near enough money, you guys are dreaming.

    In 6 years, the moving vans will be crossing the border to Toronto.

  18. People that say Golisano was a bad owner or is a cheapskate have absolutely no clue. First, a lot of NHL teams lose money for the year if they are not a NYC, LA, or Chicago and spend to the cap. The NHL doesn’t make the revenues that the NFL makes, especially on TV deals. If he signed those players to the cap, he would be in the red for the years ahead. He never bought the team to be the future owner of the Sabres for years to come. He bought them to save the team from leaving, and then selling it to someone that wants to keep the team, while making a prifit. He doesn’t have to worry about that in Buffalo. The revenue sharing and TV deals guarantees every team in the NFL will be making a profit, obviously some more than others. He won’t have to be as frugal in the NFL as he did in the NHL.

  19. Love the Bills but man it’s getting annoying to constantly hear who’s interested in them or where they could put a new stadium every day on the local news. Golisano wants a new stadium in West Seneca, but there’s no room in that spot for both a stadium and parking. You’d have to move both Tops and Kmart and then widen the surrounding roads to deal with the traffic.

  20. The great thing about Tom Golisano… He loves the City of Buffalo and wouldn’t let the team leave, no matter how green the pastures are on the other side.
    He grew up in West Irondequoit, NY and is one of the few that understands how important the market of Monroe County and the City of Rochester is toward the success of the team. 1/4 of the fans that travel to Ralph Wilson Stadium every Sunday are from Rochester… It would be absolutely awesome to have him as our next owner.

  21. Newsfash delusional Bills fans: Golisano hasn’t bought the team yet! Stop acting like he has.

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