Report: Julio Jones’ brother loses arm in shooting


For the second time in as many weeks, the Falcons are dealing with tragic news to family members.

According to FOX 10 in Alabama, Phillip Jones, the brother of Falcons star Julio Jones, was shot in an incident in Gulf Shores.

The 31-year-old Jones was flown to a hospital in Pensacola, Fla., and lost his arm because of damage from the gunshot wound.

The Gulf Shores Police Department arrested 53-year-old George Bennett Sutton for a felony count of assault in the first degree, though the investigation continues.

The Falcons are still grieving over the shooting death of Tyrone Moore, the half-brother of Falcons wideout Roddy White.

Our thoughts remain with both families.

34 responses to “Report: Julio Jones’ brother loses arm in shooting

  1. Wow…terrible time to be a brother of a falcons receiver.

    If I has harry douglas i’d tell his brother toney douglas on the miami heat to be careful for the next few days.

  2. the hell is in the water in ATL? best wishes to both players and their families man geez

  3. Falcons WRs brothers haven’t had the best of luck lately. Be safe people and stay away the negative people and places. Be safe.

  4. Crazy we only say “our thoughts” nowadays and don’t include “our prayers” as well. What good are thoughts without prayers?

  5. We all want to rail on the guys who get into trouble and get arrested who are making millions. Just a reminder that many of these guys come from troubled backgrounds. Or decent backgrounds but from tough areas.

    Sorry to hear…

  6. Why can’t siblings of superstar athletes behave themselves?


    Marcus Vick

  7. Iceshoker I didn’t even catch that because first Roddy White now Julio and I forgot Harry Douglas is their 3rd receiver and his brother Toney plays for MIA word he better be careful this sounds like a weird curse.

  8. saints fan here. this is awful, and my worst nightmare. if i could never play guitar again, i would very likely succumb to my fate. i’ve recently seen parents 3d printing new working hands and feet for their kids who have lost limbs, injecting rejuvenation and happiness into their lives. maybe he can have something similar. i can only hope that’s the case. best wishes to the faclons, and their fans.

  9. Gulf Shores is a resort area, very family oriented place. Not an area where gang activity, drug sales, etc., usually occurs. This gulf coast community of Alabama is residence to a lot of wealthy northerners we call “snow birds” during the winter months. There are not that many bars and the occurrance of violence on this scale is rare…

  10. If I were a victim of gun violence, the “thoughts” and “prayers” would be nice, but they wouldn’t mean much to me. I’d be asking the well-wishers to support meaningful gun controls, to stop the gun carnage on the streets of America.

  11. If I were a victim of gun violence, the “thoughts” and “prayers” would be nice, but they wouldn’t mean much to me. I’d be asking the well-wishers to support removing ridiculous gun controls, since they do NOTHING to stop the gun carnage on the streets of America, as criminals rarely submit to background checks or purchase weapons legally.
    All knee-jerk gun laws do is keep firearms out of the hands of law abiding citizens.
    No matter what the trendy, politically correct hipster crowd wants you to think.

  12. Violence knows no color or class. A bunch of people were murdered in California for no reason as well. You can’t blame environment or upbringing,there are just some people out there who want to bring mayhem to the world.

  13. If it is not guns it will be knives… weapons are the problem, it’s the number of savages and mentally ill we have in this country. The kid out in Santa Barbara killed his three roommates with a knife and Chicago, which has the strictest gun laws in the country, is the murder capital of the USA.

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