Rex Ryan: Jets have a quarterback competition, no doubt


After some mixed signals about the state of the quarterback competition in Jets camp, coach Rex Ryan has clarified things: Yes, Michael Vick is competing with Geno Smith to be the starter.

“There is competition, there’s no doubt,” Ryan said today.

Vick has been bending over backward to say that Smith is the starter. But that appears to be more a matter of Vick trying to be a good veteran teammate to the second-year Smith, rather than a real reflection of the state of the quarterback position. The reality is, Smith didn’t do enough as a rookie to earn a lock on the starting job, and Vick isn’t far enough removed from success as a starter for the Jets to treat him purely as a backup at this stage in his career.

Ryan didn’t say much about what Vick has to do to unseat Smith other than, “We’ll let it play out.” But suffice to say, if Vick looks better than Smith in training camp and the preseason, then Vick will be the starter in Week One. Even if Vick is insisting he wasn’t brought in to supplant Smith as the starter.

40 responses to “Rex Ryan: Jets have a quarterback competition, no doubt

  1. As it should be. Nothing wrong with the best guy getting the job. I hope Geno beats out Vick, but you gotta do whatever gives you the best chance of winning the next game.

  2. Outside of some pro bowl players, players with a lot of guaranteed money coming to them, everyone not in those categories is in competition.

  3. As of this point I have not idea what to expect from this QB competition but as a fan who attended Vick’s coming home party on MNF football against the skins back in the ’10 season I’d love to see Mike under center.

  4. “Come on, Geno! Pulling for you, man!” said dog lovers everywhere. Including me.

  5. Rex to Vick, Geno’s my QB. then they step on the field and Rex witnesses the GUN hanging out of Vick’s left shoulder. Of course we have a competition.

  6. Yeah, I’d say Geno didn’t do enough. He threw 12 TDs, 21 interceptions, had multiple fumbles lost and was ranked 34th in QBs in a 32 team league.

    Geno did not perform well by any standard.

  7. Since Vick has returned to the league after a very deserved prison sentence, he has truly acted like a professional and a gentleman. Every member of the Eagles would corroborate that Vick was a true leader, and while he worked very hard on becoming a better football player, I’d like to point out he made even more of an effort to better himself on a human level.

    The media was quick to crucify him years ago, and he deserved it, but why not take a moment to acknowledge that this guy has really turned his life around for the better?

  8. The Jets talking points are much better than the Dolphins (Mike Pouncy’s mouth), the Bill’s (who owns us, where will we play in the future), and the Patriots (is it time for Brady to train his replacement). Looks like a good year for the Jets.

  9. Just because recent times have witnessed the success of instant impact rookie QB’s, that doesn’t diminish Smith’s value. He played like a average rookie, sometimes good more often bad. If in camp/pre-season he shows to have “made the next step” he deserves serious consideration to continue leading the team. However, if he at all shows to still lack accuracy and good decision making skills the door shall be opened. If history plays true to form, a motivated Mike Vick when fresh and healthy is nearly impossible to beat out in camp. You can ask Matt Schaub, Kevin Kolb, & Nick Foles how easy it easy to “outshine” MV7 in camp/pre-season. Rex is put in a precarious position, he is basically coaching for his job so if Vick wins over the locker room it would be a huge mistake to play Smith because “he’s the future”. Think about it, Morninwheg’s system was the rebirth of MV7, he has more experience in the system and deeper understanding of it. If I were Rex, I’d have to play my best available option. Period, End Of Story.

  10. Vick may have turned his life around, but he’s become a worse football player. His claim to fame since getting out of prison has been getting destroyed due to the idiotic choices he likes to make mid-play.

  11. It is likely this “confusion” will continue throughout the year, and that’s never a good thing with QB’s. It’s been said, two starting quarterbacks equals no starting quarterback.

  12. Patriots Nation will be more than happy to see Vick starting. He’s never done well against the Pats.

  13. Vick often shines in the summer camp. He’ll win the competition. How long he stays healthy is another question. Smith will likely be starting by the end of the season. Maybe the middle.

  14. There were times last year I wondered what the Heck Geno was looking out? In my opinion he was so worried about throwing interceptions that it made him throw more? Or maybe he just sucks?

  15. They should go with Geno even if he has growing pains, Vick always breaks some ribs in game 6 trying to get on the highlight reels instead of throwing to a wide open receiver.

  16. Geno is a kid that needs reps to prove himself & get better.
    Mike Vick is a veteran & except for maybe 4-5 games in his entire career has proven over & over when the pressure is on, he cannot deliver. Again except for 4-5 games, this guy has always been extremely overrated.
    Ya have to give Geno the shot to improve, Vick is a back up at best.

  17. I don’t know. Geno’s stat line in the NFL was a lot like most of the bowl game against Syracuse.
    34th out of 32 in a 32 team league. he was the worst starting QB in the NFL last season. Vick can easily beat him out.

  18. I just envision the Irony Gods at work as Sanchez takes Philly, after Foles has an injury, to the NFC Championship…
    The Jets deserve that much…

  19. Of course Rex is going to tell the press its a competition.

    But in his mind its Geno’s job to lose. You will simply never, ever hear him say those words.

    No clue why media and fans getting worked up about this – Vick is riding the pine week #1 vs. Raiders unless or until Geno is injured, case closed.

  20. Basically, the jets have no quarterback, because both Vick and Geno Smith suck big time. Good luck Ryan. No playoffs for you, my man!

  21. This is what you get when you have a coach who is trying to save his job. Vick may win a few more games, but in the long run it will not help the team. He is old and injury prone. Smith had a rough rookie season, but the team should find out this year if he has what it takes to be a starter.

  22. Geno is the GM’s pick and he wants him to start. That’s all there is to this story. Everyone else is just playing nice.

  23. Doesn’t matter who starts for Jets, as long as Brady is starting for Pats the Jets will not finish higher than second, in the AFC East…period.

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