Steelers add Deion Belue


The Steelers have added a rookie cornerback and parted ways with a rookie offensive lineman.

According to the NFL’s transactions, Pittsburgh was awarded former Alabama corner Deion Belue on waivers from Miami on Wednesday.

To make room for Belue, the Steelers waived offensive tackle Kaycee Ike, an undrafted free agent from UAB.

The 5-foot-11, 182-pound Belue was a two-season starter for the Crimson Tide, notching 60 tackles, breaking up 10 passes and recording three interceptions. Belue, who signed with Miami earlier in May after going undrafted, will vie to stick on a Steelers roster that is in need of some young talent at cornerback.

The Steelers have all 90 roster spots filled.

23 responses to “Steelers add Deion Belue

  1. Being a CB on the steelers roster, kid actually has a chance to stay with them.

  2. I welcome any CB help for this team. Chances are he won’t stick, but I’d rather see him get an opportunity than another random offensive lineman. They are in a decent position there especially with Munchak. But if this guy can help he deserves a chance

  3. Since being Tebowed out of the playoffs years ago the Steelers have not had a winning record and will continue their decline so these additions really won’t change anything

  4. All I remember about this kid is watching Mike Evans torch him again and again against A&M

  5. I like the Munchak comment. I think if the front five can stay healthy for 12 games, that is how many the Steelers will win, at a minimum.

  6. Steelers Fans: Miami dumped this guy after just 6 hours on the field. Something tells me you shouldn’t get your hopes up like you signed a CB that will make your Team or even Practice Squad. The Dolphins need help in the secondary! This should speak volumes.

  7. I’m convinced that the Steelers don’t place any value on the cornerback position.

    They always grab a no-name CB late in the draft or off the street. Then during games they give receivers a 10-yard cushion on every play.

  8. Jarvis Landry ate this dudes lunch 2 years in a row as shown in the above photo. Landry is the steal of this draft- write it down.

  9. No big deal. He wont be on the opening day roster but neither would the kid they cut. THis team, and the DB position in the next 2 to 3 years is going to be a mess. If Allen doesnt play well this year, Colbert should be fired for passing on a couple good ones in the draft

  10. Actually with the addition of a quicker defensive front, the corners won’t have to do much. That’s how Ike Taylor has had a long career. He hasn’t had to cover anyone that long.

  11. You can’t say the Steelers FO does nothing for the defensive back positions, for years they took youth in the backfield and allowed the front seven to get “old and slow.” LeBeau learned the hard way that if you can’t get pressure, even the fastest and most athletic backs cannot protect with today’s offense.

    Completely revamping the front seven means they hopefully will finally start bringing the heat, and then the DBs won’t have to cover for eight seconds on every play…

    Combine that with a zone-based secondary, and all you need is speed.

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