Whitehurst loses number via arm wrestling with punter

Charlie Whitehurst isn’t a great quarterback.  But he’s better at quarterbacking than he is at arm wrestling.

Whitehurst, currently a backup in Tennessee, has lost his jersey number of choice (No. 6) via the ultimate biceps barometer battle — against the team’s punter.

Yes, Whitehurst lost his number by losing at arm wrestling.  With punter Brett Kern.  In Whitehurst’s defense, Kern is 6-2 and 214 pounds.  Of course, Whitehurst is 6-5 and 225.

Complicating the embarrassment is that Whitehurst disclosed the embarrassment himself, via Twitter and Instagram.  Then again, that approach allowed him to control the message on a nugget that inevitably would have been disclosed by Kern or someone else.

It could have been worse.  Whitehurst could have held a press conference at 3:00 p.m. ET on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend with no questions from the press taken by the person calling the conference.

36 responses to “Whitehurst loses number via arm wrestling with punter

  1. With his throwing arm? Against a guy that (probably) barely works out his arms? Along with the jersey number, let’s hope he also loses his roster spot.

  2. Charlie was a great backup in SD, but that was because Rivers never missed a start.

    He was great because he never complained and knew his role.

  3. What’s the big deal? NFL officials arm wrestle for numbers and referee positions all the time. How do you think we decide on who gets to do the Super Bowl?

    Ed Hochuli

  4. 7 years in the NFL with a lifetime record of 1-3 making 600-800k/year.

    Not a bad job at all.

  5. So, why did Tennessee pay this guy $4mil? Best job in America is. Being Charlie Whitehurst.

  6. Lincoln Hawk: What I do is I just try to take my hat and I turn it around, and it’s like a switch that goes on. And when the switch goes on, I feel like another person, I feel, I don’t know, I feel like a… like a truck. Like a machine.

  7. Charlie Whitehurst has made almost as much money off his hair as troy polamalu without ever doing an endorsement deal with head and shoulders.

  8. Clipboard Jesus is hilarious. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of that nickname before. I know I will get hate for this but I can’t believe this clown is still in the league and Tebow can’t land a roster spot. Think Tim Tebow would lose an arm wrestling match with a punter? Hell, with anyone? lol

  9. A lot of arm wrestling is actually about leverage rather than pure strength. If you look up arm wrestling techniques, you’ll quickly discover that a relatively weak person can beat someone who can curl really heavy weights by understanding the physics of the sport.

  10. This sounds pretty bad. But honestly most punters nowadays are big guys. Look at Jon Ryan, that guy would easily rip any of our heads off. Quarterbacks aren’t generally the strongest guys anyway, with a few exceptions, but the strong Qb’s are generally the ones that aren’t very good football players

  11. I cannot fathom that any team would rather have this bum hold a clipboard instead of Vince Young.

    Seriously, Vince Young must be the worst teammate ever or something. He has a 31-9 record as a starter and cannot even get a gig as a clipboard holder. SMH

    He couldn’t even beat out Tarvaris Jackson.

    Dude is literally stealing money from multiple teams! lol
    There is not a snow-ball’s chance in h e double hockey sticks that TD Jesus could do anything productive if he ever had to play.

    So instead you pay a guy a few million a year to run your scout team, hoping he never ever sees the field.

    Makes no sense to me

  12. “No bigs, he already lost his self respect a long time ago”

    Why, because he just wasn’t good enough to be a starter?

  13. At first glance it looked like
    Whitehurst Loses Arm Via Wrestling With Punter.”

  14. I don’t know much about Brett Kern, but that doesn’t look good for Whitehurst. But there’s plenty of punters out there with big, strong arms. There would be no shame in losing to punters like Jon Ryan (Seahawks), Steve Weatherford (Giants), or Daniel Sepulveda (formerly of the Steelers), and those are just guys off the top of my head.

  15. Charlie got drafted in 2006, and is still getting paid. He’s thrown for less than 1,000 yards. 3 TDs, 4 INTs. In his career. He’s getting 2M guaranteed this season. This guy is my hero.

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