Whitehurst arm-wrestling story could be a lie


Titans quarterback Charlie Whitehurst said on his verified Twitter page that he arm wrestled punter Brett Kern for the rights to No. 6 in Tennessee, and that the punter won.  There’s a chance that the whole story isn’t true.

Paul Kuharsky, who covers the Titans for ESPN.com, says via Twitter that Whitehurst and Kern “may be doing a social media experiment here and pulling a gag/hoax over the arm-wrestling deal.”

Kuharsky also points out that, when asked during an appearance on 104.5 The Zone in Nashville whether the arm wrestling story is phony, Kern said, “We’ll see.”

The purpose of a “social media experiment” isn’t clear.  Whitehurst, whose reputation for not being a prankster matches his reputation for not being a very good quarterback, said what he said.  There’s no reason for anyone to not believe it.  So is the experiment whether people can read and comprehend English?

The whole “social experiment” thing could simply cover for their own curiosity regarding whether anyone cared enough about a D-level quarterback and a no-name punter to notice what Whitehurst said and point it out.

So it’s possible that the whole thing was a lie.  It’s possible Whitehurst really didn’t lose at arm wrestling to a punter.  Here’s hoping that, to rectify the situation, they actually arm wrestle.