Background with Tim Tebow gives Jets high hopes for Eric Decker


The Jets paid No. 1-receiver money for Eric Decker this offseason, and they’re convinced his stats aren’t just inflated from playing with Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning last year.

And they might know that better than anyone.

“He did catch eight touchdown passes when [Tim] Tebow was the quarterback,” Jets coach Rex Ryan said yesterday, via Kimberley Martin of Newsday. “Hey, that’s pretty impressive.”

While their current quarterback depth chart (or competition, whatever) falls somewhere between the relative talents of Messrs. Manning and Tebow, the Jets obviously think Decker’s going to help them.

They’ve been in the bottom three in passing yards per game the last two seasons, so spending the money on Decker was viewed as a necessity.

“Clearly, he is going to be a go-to guy,” Ryan said. “We know what we’re getting. This is going to be a guy that you can get him the ball in critical situations.”

And if he was able to score with Tebow on the field, they apparently figure he can score with anyone.

33 responses to “Background with Tim Tebow gives Jets high hopes for Eric Decker

  1. At least we know the Jets comedy routine will continue this year. 2 sub par QB’s, washed up RB, & 1 WR. That spells hysterics! And we’ll still hear how Rex ‘coaches them up’ because he’ll tell us every week.

  2. Rex must not have watched the superbowl

    Decker is good on seam routes but send him in traffic and alligator arm time

  3. He’s just another #2 receiver getting paid like a #1, for 1 season anyway…

    Let’s see how easy it is getting open without Demaryius Thomas being covered by the opponents best CB.

  4. From the headline I really thought this was going to say that the Jets were counting on Decker’s chemistry with their former 3rd string QB. This makes slightly more sense.

  5. Peyton is the greatest of all time and can make anyone look good.

    The D just put 9 in the box against Tebow.

    Unique situations that won’t happen for the Jets and Decker will have career low stats.

  6. .

    One paper it appears that the Patriots, Bills and Dolphins have improved their rosters in the off-season. The Jets…. not so much.


  7. Poor deluded Jets. Without anyone like the Thomas’s or Welker to pull the double coverage, and no threat of Tebow running, you are about to see the real Eric Decker.
    A #2 WR whose numbers were inflated because he was surrounded by more talent that drew the coverage away from him.

  8. Wishful thinking again from this woeful franchise. Decker looked better due to playing with a “great QB.”
    Expect to be disappointed in him as a #1 with NJ.

  9. Just watch … from this point on, “Tebowing” will refer to any occasion a receiver catches a TD pass from a run-first quarterback, a running back, wide-receiver, or kicker/punter.

  10. While Tebow was not good (to be nice), I’ve seen plenty of play from backup QBs that were just as bad, if not worse.

    I’m not sure I understand every dig he gets, but to each their own I guess

  11. They still had Thomas when Tebow was in Denver though. As much as I like Decker I don’t think he’s a #1 and I don’t think he’ll be productive in New York.

  12. Half of those TDs came in the 5 weeks where Tebow wasn’t playing, but hey, why let facts get in the way of a story?

  13. I don’t recall the Seattle Seahawks having a true number one wide out nor did the Baltimore Ravens, the previous winner to Seattle.

    You don’t need a number one, what you do need is a cast of receivers that can stretch the field while also racking up YAC.

    The one reason I believe Eric Decker will struggle however is because of the lack of supporting cast. The number two receiver is a cast of number threes and fours with a lack of proven experience. Shaq Evans has potential, Stephen Hill is a coin-toss and Jeremy Kerley is OK.

  14. My response to Rex for that snark comment about Tebow would be: “Tebow did lead a game-winning 95 yard drive against the self-proclaimed best defensive coach in football…Hey, that’s pretty impressive.” What a scumbag for not letting Tebow save the Jets’ season in 2012. Rex Ryan deserves to lose.

  15. Tim Tebow beat Dick LeBeau…
    Tebow is being fitted for his Hall-of-Fame jacket even as we speak,
    Never mind that it was the abysmal 22nd- ranked Bruce Arians/Ben Roethlisberger scoring offense that had allowed Tebow & Co. to hang around long enough to gain momentum and pull off the upset.

  16. I was referring to the time he beat the jets since rex calls himself the best defensive coach in football but ya theres the time he beat dick lebeau as well. Tebow proved 2 things: 1) Being considered an elite passer is not required to be a successful, winning QB in the NFL whether it be regular season or playoffs. 2)NFL teams/players refuse to believe that, likely because it makes them look bad since most of them were mediocre players who use the excuse that they weren’t smart enough to be elite NFL QBs who demonstrate some sort of genius cerebral ability LOL turns out you can win with athleticism and work ethic so it turns out all these mediocre players have no excuse. This explains perfectly why guys like meril hoge and ron jaworski get all defensive when it comes to guys like tebow and manziel lol they hate them so much for their ability to win outside the pocket.

  17. Yea Tebow and the Broncos beat the Steelers the last time the Steelers were in the playoffs. Don’t forget that the Broncos were close to full strength and the Steelers were close to having to sign players off the street to fill in for all the injuries. People act like the Broncos destroyed the Steelers when actually the went into OT, blown coverage gave up the TD and then the Broncos went on to get destroyed for a second time by the Patriots.

  18. Why is it whenever an article mentions Tebow people have to jump in and start campaigning for him? The dude’s been out of the league for over two years now and he really didn’t accomplish that much at all in the grand scheme of things.

  19. When was 7 mil a year top WR money?
    I think he’s barely cracked the top 20 paid WR…Oh wait its the Jets so you gotta add in extra gotcha so people will read it and say they overpaid ,he’s nto that good etc etc…

  20. If Vick is the QB, that’s the best chance for Decker to ball out. Vick is a threat to run, hence, he’ll be open or one on one when he does. It was the same with Tebow and Decker.

  21. Of course, the irony of this story will be that Eric Decker will realize how good he had it with Tim Tebow in 2011, let alone Peyton in ’12 & ’13 when he suddenly finds himself on a team that can’t make the playoffs. Eric Decker can’t argue with the fact that Tim Tebow helped lead him to his first playoff berth ever in the NFL. Let’s see if Geno or Vick can do that.

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