Chargers sign first-round pick Jason Verrett


A first-round pick with a big shot at contributing early for a club coming off a postseason berth is now under contract.

The Chargers have signed cornerback Jason Verrett, the No. 25 overall selection in the 2014 NFL Draft, the club announced Thursday. Verrett received a four-year deal, and the Chargers have the option to tack on a fifth year after the 2016 season.

The 5-foot-10, 189-pound Verrett started 34 games in three seasons at TCU, notching 110 tackles and intercepting nine passes. At the NFL Scouting Combine, Verrett was clocked at 4.38 seconds in the 40-yard dash, and he also posted a 39-inch vertical leap.

The Chargers allowed more yards per pass play than any other AFC club in 2013, and Verrett has been the only major addition to the cornerback position. In all, it’s a real opportunity for Verrett to show what he can do right off the bat.

The Chargers have now concluded their draft pick signings.

26 responses to “Chargers sign first-round pick Jason Verrett

  1. Instinct adds at least 3 inches to Verrett.

    He will get beaten by the occasional jump ball by some of the biggest strongest receivers in the world, but he’ll also be in position to make a play on the ball more times than he’s not.

  2. Kids a playmaker. Chargers pass rush will be much better with Freeney, a full year of Melvin and the rook Telesco traded up for, Attaochu. Weddle and Verrett will be great together.

  3. A generous 5 foot 10 listing here. He’s 5’9. Another to add to the list of Telesco’s laughable draft picks, along with Manti Teo.

    Charger choo choo is gonna have a tough time leaving the station this year. Watch them drop the first 3 games. It’s a very tough opening schedule.

  4. He didn’t have to face too many big receivers in college, but when he did, he was shoved off routes and beat going up for the ball. Will not translate well to the NFL

  5. He has the speed. How many times last year I hollered at the TV “For the love of God would someone knock down a pass!!!” Hopefully there will be less of that this season. C’mon young Verrett, SD already loves you!

  6. Chargers didn’t win a single game in 2013 because of the defense. That will change this year. 10-6 or 11-5 and playoff bound again.

  7. Chargers Super Bowl Express? All the talent they have had in what seems like the last ten years but its this guy who is gonna take them over the top eh?

  8. At least San Diego’s a nice place to live. He’ll have a nice paycheck too, just no playoffs.

  9. This was a great pick by the Chargers. This kid is tough and scrappy, and he’s not afraid to get physical with opposing receivers. He reminds me of Antoine Winfield.

  10. Welcome aboard, Jason, the San Diego Chargers Super Bowl Express.
    That express left the station 48 years ago, and still hasn’t arrived.

  11. Excuse me Mr. robgilman? I just like to point out that you must have no idea what you are talking about.

    A “laughable” pick who “didn’t have to face too many big receivers in college, but when he did, he was shoved off routes and beat going up for the ball”? Verrett has faced off against receivers who were taller than him and he held his ground just fine. He lost some battles against bigger receivers, but he hardly got “beat.” There is even a YouTube clip of him laying out 6’6″ Jace Amaro. He’s short, he is actually closer to 5-10 than he is 5-9, but he is a complete CB. Size does not equal success for a CB. Ball skills, fluid hips, athleticism, willing tackler; that is what teams need to look for in a CB.

  12. Reminder!

    Chargers went to the playoffs and won last year. On the road. Only to lose against a Superbowl team, Denver.

    A team with new coaching regime and a quarterback on the downside of his career.

    A so-called bust running back that played mostly all the games and had a 1,000+ year

    Their main receiver out (Floyd) and a rookie (Allen) playing…

    Old man Gates.

    Freeney out. Ingram Out.

    People forget so much…

  13. The subject is the “Superbowl express” not “Shucks we should have beat Denver that got beat in the Superbowl”. How can we forget you ask. 0 championships. How can one forget what never happened?

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