Dan Snyder’s minions keep bungling the team name issue

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The two NFL franchises located in the vicinity of the nation’s capital may never square off in a Super Bowl, but they’d be the current finalists for a league championship in bad P.R. moves.

For the Ravens, the failures have happened more recently, thanks mostly to Ray Rice.  For the Redskins, the problem started the moment the organization decided to actively engage the opponents of the team’s name in early 2013.

Washington may have clinched the title today. Early Thursday afternoon, the team launched an email and Twitter campaign asking fans to tweet at Senator Harry Reid their support of the team name.

“On Friday, Redskins President Bruce Allen set the record straight by responding to U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other Senators in the letter below,” the team said in an email sent to the team’s newsletter recipients. “We’ve received an enormous amount of requests from fans asking how they can contact Senator Reid. Please show Senator Reid your #RedskinsPride and tell him what the team means to you by contacting him below.”

And so was born the #RedskinsPride effort. And it has gone roughly as well as the recent #AskEmmert and #AskGoodell Twitter campaigns.

Deadspin has a collection of some of the more creative responses.  It’s gotten so bad that, as Deadspin points out, Reid’s office has performed a victory lap, claiming that the effort by the team “was so massively a failure.”

Misguided efforts to change the minds of those who oppose the name will serve only to motivate them even more.  And yet the misguided efforts have continued by a franchise that seems to believe it will eventually utter the right combination of words to make this all go away, like a wizard conjuring the perfect spell.

At this point, only one combination of words will make this all go away:  “We are changing our name.”  Until those words are uttered, the opposition will continue to grow and, thanks to the organization’s ongoing P.R. blunders, intensify.

127 responses to “Dan Snyder’s minions keep bungling the team name issue

  1. Whatever the case is. I’m a Seahawks fan and I have no dog in the fight but when I think of Redskins I think football. It’s part of the football tradition and to get rid of a name NOW almost a century later just goes to show people have to much free time. Keep the Washington REDSKINS name alive!

  2. Regardless of how one feels about this issue, it’s clear Snyder hasn’t handled it well. He had two options: change the name, or do absolutely nothing. The second he responded to critics of the name it became an argument, and one that Snyder isn’t winning.

  3. High school and college teams who had the same name decided it was wrong and changed to something that wasn’t offensive. They all had their own tradition with the name, but realized it was inappropriate. Washington is holding on to the past like an old man who still complains about women in the workplace.

  4. i wish Dan Snyder would just come out and say ” Im not changing the name of my damn team” and leave it at that instead of playing the PR game and having this be the face of the franchise instead of RG3 and Jackson.

  5. Snyder must be the most stubborn man on the planet. It’s beyond obvious that he needs to rename his team. The Washington Misanthropes has a nice ring to it.

  6. Snyder should make a deal with the “native” Americans, the Redskins agree to change their name only if the “native” Americans agree to stop freeloading off the U.S. government.

  7. They can’t even make a trade up deal for a quarterback without getting hosed, what do you expect?

  8. “I’m applying for a villain loan. I go by Vector. It’s a mathematical term, represented by an arrow with both direction and magnitude. Vector! That’s me, because I commit crimes with both direction and magnituide. Oh yeah!”

  9. So sick the the PC word police…. Of all the bad things going on in the world this is what people choose to protest? FYI, the last poll taken 90% APPROVE of the name Redskins

  10. What A load of Crap, Being part Native American, I don’t have a problem with the Redskins name, However I was born in the south raised in the upper south and now live in the south, the name that irks me is the Yankees. Why not call them Blue Bellies or anything but Yankees. I doubt that they will want to change their name either but that is a name that offends me and some others that live in the south.
    Seems to me that Congress has better things to do than than to worry about a name for a sports team. but then again they don’t have much time to do anything with all the time off they have.

  11. This is getting very old and annoying. Where were all kid cry baby over sensitive people five years ago? Ten? This is only an issue now because the media has made it an issue. A MAJORITY Native Americans don’t care that the teams name is the redskins.

  12. All anyone needs to know about the Redskin’s name debacle is to remember Washington was also the last NFL team to sign an African-American player (in 1962) and that was only after being threatened with eviction from their stadium.

  13. Minions take their direction from those above them, meaning the stupidity ball rolled downhill. As to the enlightened greenbaydean guy, it isn’t what the public thinks that matters unless it’s the Native American public. It’s likely a majority of pre-civil war Americans approved of slavery, but that didn’t make it right.

  14. No Jerry Jones, Jim Dolan, Mark Davis,Jim Haslem, Jim Buss,,Stephen Ross,Peter Angelos are all worse owners then him.

  15. Setting aside all feelings about the team name – shouldn’t our politicians spend a little more time doing things they were elected for (fixing national debt, improving schools, figuring out this healthcare thing) rather than spending time worrying about Dan Snyder and his own private endeavors? Call me crazy but as I see 50 senators sent a letter to Goddell I think, “Boy 50 senators working together, now if only they could do the same to better our country”.

    If people don’t like the name, don’t go to games, don’t buy their merchandise, don’t make them more money. But our politicians need to stop wasting their time and our tax dollars over private industry. Just my two cents

  16. I think the name will be changed eventually if for no other reason than Snyder will get sick of hearing about it.

    I want to see what type of backlash happens if the new name does not incorporate Native Americans at all and they lose the logo as well (e.g. the Sentinels or something) b/c that will be fun to watch.

  17. Give it a rest already. Why don’t we focus on what our government did to these same native Americans that they’re now saying we’re offending with the name of a football team? I’m mean seriously. We live in a country where everything has to be PC because god forbid we hurt someone’s feelings. The “Wussification of America” is upon us!

  18. Just keep your mouth shut, let the people throw their “I’m offended now even though 5 years ago I wasn’t” tantrums and this will go away. People will realize they won’t change the name and then they’ll turn on American Girl doll company because they’re going to stop producing a line of ethnic dolls!

  19. Did the minions realize that Alex Trebek doesn’t have a personal Twitter account to come to their defense before launching this campaign?

    For those of you who don’t know him, he’s one of the team name supporters and a guy that once told a black contestant on his game show that she “better get it” (he interrupted her to say that when she was already trying to speak) when the clue was about the United Negro College Fund.

  20. Groups that oppose the name have the right to protest. Snyder could end this whole thing by simply coming out and saying ‘no’.
    Everyone is expecting the Hollywood happy ending where these so-called civil rights groups get satisfaction and everyone lives happily ever after. The reality is we don’t always get what we want, even after fighting the good fight.

    Like when you ask your boss for a raise. You can give an impassioned plea about why you feel you deserve it, and ideally he’d say you’re right, shake your hand, and give you the raise. Often though, he’ll say no. Since when has that become such a dirty word? A request is made, it’s turned down, you move on.

    I’m not even a fan of the team.The name is fine. Let it go. (you know who I’m talking about)

  21. I literally created this username for the sole purpose of calling you out on your over-the-top, one-sided, awful coverage of this “issue”. We GET IT. You think the name should be changed. Unfortunately, most don’t agree with you. 87% (not a “vast majority” in your eyes) don’t want the name changed, yet day after day we get this drivel jammed down our throats. Shouldn’t be surprised given who your boss is, but jeez.

  22. I have to admit, i was not for changing the name at first, but after being educated as to how the American Indian historically views the term, i would be offended as well. Just change the name already so this can stop being reported. They will make a killing on the new jerseys (not). But really, there comes a point when stubbornness will kick you in the ass.

  23. Washington will change it’s name once they’ve run out of reasons to keep sticking their heads in the sand in an effort to ignore reality and inevitablity.

  24. Depending on which side you stand on says a lot about you as a person. Rooting against the Redskins name puts you in the category of separatist, troublemaker, center of attention, etc..
    The people who have no problem with the name don’t have an issue because we’ve already accepted that all people are equal. Redskins is a name of a team and in NO way is racist. It’s the same as gays flaunting their beliefs and pushing it on the rest of us. I have no issue with gays, just have an issue with pushing it on everyone and asking for special treatment because of it. Same as some African American groups, they cry foul every time a minor issue arises, and use the cause to promote their agenda. Get over it people, it’s 2014, why can’t some people move on.
    Use to hate the Redskins, but really starting to like the franchise and the owner for standing up to this rubbish.

  25. As a native American, I am tired of over sensitive white people telling me i should be offended when I am not.

  26. I’d like to think my Dolphins are still in the running for the bad PR championship!

  27. My advice to Mr Snyder:
    Stay strong, Dan….. But just let it go at this point. Don’t address the issue any further, simply dismiss the notion as ridiculous. Like Barack with the birth certificate thing-dismiss it out of hand as if the very idea of changing names is silly. The more you answer, the more you give these left wing lunatics credibility. Simply say, “That issue’s settled like Global Warming” and chuckle at them. Say nothing more and don’t budge.

  28. At least this is a reason for the Washington franchise to be significant HTT? lol.

  29. What percentage of native Americans are actually offended by this name?

    What percentage of NFL fans are offended by the way Harry Reid runs the Senate?

    My guess the later percentage is more…

  30. Im done with this liberal PC site and their BS. They take a post because they don’t like anyone proving them wrong with FACTS Im done !!!

  31. Snyder is going to announce that they are changing the name to the Washington Bullets. Deal with it!

  32. The team name will change when the trademark isn’t renewed. Either that, or congress just needs to remind the NFL about its antitrust exemptions.

  33. My wife is Native American. She is offended by this. Not by the name Redskins, but by the media that thinks they can tell her what to be offended by.

  34. Why don’t you all write about the Native American’s that don’t have an issue about the name? There are more of them then the one who claim to be “offended”

  35. Just say “no, we aren’t going to change it no matter how much people whine about it. Cry if you want, it’s not changing”

    As an Eagles fan, I would go out and buy a Skins jersey tomorrow

  36. When this frist started I was fascinated. Then I took the side of the nativie americans until I realized that not all of them consider the name offensive. Now, as a African American male, who is a big time New Orleans Saints fan, I don’t know how I’d feel if the Saints were the New Orleans Plantation workers and the had a black man on the side of thier helmet with a straw hat. But, I think it has to be offensive to all native american population for this to be changed and from what I’m hearing its not offensive to everyone

  37. Dan Synder owns the trademark to “Washington Warriors”. It was going to be the name of an arena football expansion team he never wound up getting.

    Change it from Washington Redskins to the Washington Warriors. Change the logo on the helmet to an arrow. Keep the helmet the same color, keep the same jerseys and pants.

    I feel like that would keep the team’s history and legacy intact and be an easy transition for the fans. Basically, it keeps the franchise totally recognizable in it’s new incarnation and associated with ancient warriors with arrows, but no longer uses an offensive name or refers to a specific group. One could see it as being Native American Warriors, or Celtic Warriors, or African Tribal Warriors, or ancient Roman Warriors, or whatever. At that point, I don’t feel like anyone would have credible reason to take offense because it’s a very non-specific neutral name, and the logo of an arrow could be anything.

    But the fans get the essential vibe their grandfathers had of the same team in the same uniforms with the same colors and a similar idea of ancient warriors of some sort. They could make the fight song “Hail to the Warriors” and otherwise keep it totally intact.

    I think this is the solution. Keeps the identity and tradition the fans love, shelves the borderline racism people object to. People on both ends of the dispute might complain a little, but it’d be easier for Redskins fans to adapt to this than to other changes I’ve seen proposed, and in the end Native American groups would have to kind of deal with Warriors being a fairly generic inoffensive name even if they might initially think it’s an attempt to preserve the fruit of a poisoned tree because they didn’t like the Redskins name. A few years pass, and everyone is basically fine with it.

    Also, it has alliteration: “Washington Warriors”.

  38. Honestly, the over-saturation of this topic and certain media outlets claiming we need to be offended is only serving to push people in the direction of not caring. It’s actually hurt the argument way more than the #RedskinsPride campaign.

    Never push a loyal man to the point where they no longer give a crap. That’s what’s happening here with the over-reporting of a lame PC issue.

  39. Some native Americans don’t like it so why should it stay? Oh wait, it’s just white people deciding what’s best for them again – that’s turned out so well in the past.

    But but it’s tradition!! So were a lot of wrong things. And we changed them. Sorry if that makes you have to evolve as a person a bit – I know it’s hard.

  40. It doesn’t really matter what Dan does people will complain about it because they always will find a reason to hate on the Skins for no reason at all.

  41. From a business/money standpoint, I’m surprised he wouldn’t WANT to change the name. Suddenly, everything that says “Redskins” will go up in value because of demand… then, if they figure out a decent replacement name, think of all the new jerseys and junk that fans will want!!!

    For those of you complaining about how the senators are spending their time… how much time do you REALLY think they took to sign a letter… come on people… there might be 4-5 that really care and spend a little time now and then, but not all 50. Get a clue…

  42. Now it’s just getting silly.

    There is no downside to changing the name. No matter what people say- and I don’t even doubt that they may mean it right now in the heat of the moment- not one single true fan will stop rooting for the Washington football team if they change the name. I mean, did you start rooting for the team because of the name or because they were your HOME team?

    Secondly, the rebranding will mean millions of dollars in revenue in new jersey and merchandise sales. The team can even make themselves look like heroes by offering new team gear at a heavy discount if old team gear is turned in.

    I am actually starting to get suspicious of this whole thing. When was the last time a team made ANY decision that wasn’t based on money? I’m wondering if the Redskin Potatoes aren’t just letting this build and build until their marketing people tell them the time is right to announce that they’ve decided to do the “right thing”.

    Here is what I am sure of, and this you can take to the bank. Within 5 years, like it or not, there will not be a team in the NFL called the Redskins.

  43. You say it should be left up to Native Americans to say they’re offended or not. But if you’re part of the always cited 83%, be honest, you don’t give a damn what the Native Americans think.

    Before the Dallas Cowboys, the ‘Skins were the team of the south and they appealed to bigots of the south by having to be forced to be the LAST team to integrate.

    The history is there. The name will be changed and it’s just a matter of time. The slippery slope argument will not work.

  44. Mr. Snyder has proven himself a less than stellar human being on a daily basis.
    I like that ESPN guys name for the team..
    The Potomac River Drainage Basin Indigenous People.

  45. I looked it up. There is no right to not be offended. The thought and word police need to be put in their place. Keep the name with the PRIDE fans have felt all these years.

  46. The name is offensive. A name like “The Blackskins” would never be tolerated. The only reason more people aren’t offended is because most of the people that would be offended were killed. Only 2% of the population is Native American and half of those are only part NA. The real kicker is Snyder sued the Washington post for “anti Semitic comments”. This guy is the ultimate hypocrite.

  47. It would cost millions upon millions to change the name of the Washington Redskins.

    Hell, the price to change the Bobcat name to the Hornets name was out of this world. I couldn’t imagine how much it would cost for the Washington freaking Redskins.

  48. Not a Redskins fan but the only bungling is being done by you. No real NFL fan cares

  49. Just because both teams are in Maryland, that does not give you free reign to link the two teams together. Ray Rice is a CLASS act and so are the Deadskins but your mention of the two teams within the capital’s beltway was uncalled for. On behalf of all the Ravens fans who LOVE (did I say L-O-V-E Ray Rice?) … you can KICK ROCKS SIR!!

  50. In several of the Redskin articles “Oklahoma” has been brought up and that it means Red People in Choctaw, basically the same thing as Redskins. Everyone seems to ignore this. You may think because it’s in the Choctaw language that it is different but doesn’t a rose by any other name still smell like a rose?
    The reason our representatives choose not to confront this is because taxpayer money would be used to change a state name, can you imagine the expense of changing all the maps in schools and federal buildings, all the state coins, license plates etc. Folks need to be careful with this because it may not just be a rich man footing the bill if the PC police get there way.

  51. ‘Til that golf tournament held in Augusta changes its name, Snyder shouldn’t do ish!!!

  52. History reminder… American Indians lost the fight, we shouldn’t placate anymore to them than we did to the pro-slavery groups.

  53. He has every right to keep that name. He bought the Redskins … if he if forced to change the name, their should be a “rebranding fund” set up and he should be compensated financially.
    I heard thieves are offended by the word Steelers. Where does this end?

  54. Someone mentioned the term Blackskins above and said that wouldn’t be tolerated. We have a league where I am where all the teams are by colour of jersey. Blackskins, Whiteskins, Redskins, whatever!! It does not matter. The people who associate that with being racist are the racists themselves. The rest of us can look past it as just a name. I’m white and would gladly be labelled as a Whiteskin. I think most groups of different race would agree. Hopefully that’s the case or this world is going backwards.

  55. So many fallacies.
    Just because the name has a long tradition doesn’t mean that NOW is the wrong time to change it. Many things have been shown to be wrong later and corrected (segregation, stoning, cocaine in products, paddling students with wooden boards and others)
    Just because something else also has a bad name doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change this one. And later, yes, a state may have to change its name if it is offensive, just like businesses had to, like Sambos.

  56. I’d keep the name just to avoid granting the people pushing this a victory. This whole thing got started because Dan said he would never change the name, which the grievance industry took as a challenge.

  57. Not that America is a democracy any longer, but if it were put to a vote, the name would remain the same and not be changed. And t wouldn’t be close.

    But the morally superior liberal media will keep throwing a fit until they get their way. What most regular fans want or believe will not matter. The media machine knows what is best for all of us. NFL fans are too stupid to figure this out in their eyes.

  58. As a registered Democrat, I wonder how many votes Senator Reid and his 49 fellow Democratic Senators lost by coming out in support of the name change (Probably mine!) Judging by the responses here, quite a few. The Native Americans who are complaining about the name of the team claim to be an independent nation and not subject to US laws……..and therefore don’t vote in US elections. As a US Citizen of Native American heritage, I am not offended by the name. In fact, my heritage is part of the reason I have been a Redskin fan, a Braves fan, and a Seminole fan. Leave it alone!

  59. This world has become far to soft and sensitive. Let’s all jump on the “righteous” bandwagon. It’s a damn football team name that’s been around forever, now all of a sudden it’s a huge issue? Give me a break, there are REAL world problems that could use half the effort that is being wasted on this.
    Not a redskins fan.

  60. If it was voted on here at PFT the name would stay.
    If it was a public vote that included populous outside of crazed football fans it would be a resounding victory for those who would prefer the name changed.
    I am not offended by the name, but I’m not indian so it’s not my call.
    It will be changed at some point. They could spare themselvea the black eye by doing it sooner than later…

  61. “Misguided efforts to change the minds of those who oppose the name will serve only to motivate them even more.”

    If they aren’t smart enough to root agaisnt a team they hate rather than sticking their nose in other people’s businesses then they deserve alot worse than their “minds to change.”

    Perhaps they should move to another country?

  62. Minions don’t bungle anything. The leader gives us orders (usually something vague like “conquer Earth”),and gas money. No real direction,so we try our best.

  63. To all of you that are so against changing the name, why don’t you make your point more dramatically? If you really don’t think it’s any big deal, turn on your camera phone, go up to the nearest native american you can find (if you can find one) and say “how ya doin redskin” to him. Then film the ensuing fight and put it on you tube, and come back here and tell us all how it’s only the liberals that care about the name change.

  64. As an Eagles fan I’m thoroughly enjoying this. Plus I work across the street from the Redskins training camp hotel (Omni) in Richmond. Should be some good protests this summer…

  65. I had my mouth smacked when I said the word in front of my Mohawk grandmother – born on the St. Regis Mohawk reservation, became a citizen only in 1924. She explained it to me that the word was as bad as N-word to blacks, and Ch-word to Asians.

    I also have doubts on the supposed poll that said an overwhelmingly majority of Native Americans “approve” of it. Firstly, the poll’s sample was of “People that identify themselves as Native Americans.” That means, if you believe your great-great-grandmother was a Cherokee Princess, you could vote. Yeah, next time, go to the registered members of the nations and ask.

    And lastly, if Daniel Snyder truly thought the name wasn’t pejorative, why does he say “Native Americans” when talking about the people and not the word?

  66. So funny, I remember as a kid. My dad would take me to the Stanford Indian games I doubt any of you would know this fact. I had posters/banners all over my room. This is when the political correctness machine started. Best college program at the time, players and coaches. STANFORD INDIANS. My family are American Indians, and proud. Then the liberal elite said Indians is an injustice for a teams name? How? Indians? That is a nationality, and not a wrong word.

    They changed the team name to a bird. A Cardinal, that is not native to California.

  67. Hail to the Redskins, Hail victory, Braves on the warpath, fight against PC!

  68. Face it, the name has walking-dead status already. Snyder may not change it, but he’s not going to own the team for all of eternity, either. Eventually the NFL will certainly make a name change a prerequisite for approval of the sale or transfer of ownership to whoever owns the team after Snyder.

    Snyder probably knows this too, and that’s the real reason why he won’t change the name himself – that way he can let the next owner pick out the new name and logo (and pay a premium on the sale price for the privilege), rather than be stuck with whatever new name Snyder might have come up with.

  69. As a man of Cherokee Heritage (myself and most other Native people I know) the only thing that I find a little offensive or disrespectful about the Redskins is when a few idiot fans wear headdresses made of chicken feathers or war paint. The name Redskins is totally fine with most of us and the logo is very appropriate and respectful. It’s the drunken fans who wear the chicken feathers and paint that bring in the element of disrespect. Keep the name and logo and just ban the wearing of the chicken feathers and paint and I bet this issue goes away.

  70. ok all you experts, pc police, and bleeding hearts. here’s why the name won’t change. Washington has three Lombardi throphies a multitude of players and at least one coach enshrined in Canton under the name Redskin. the name Washington Redskins has too much history to change the name now. when they realigned the divisions they kept Dallas in the East solely because of Redskins vs cowboys. millions upon millions of dollars are surrounding our fight song. a fight song which helped shape the league and started the Redskins/ Cowboys rivalry. make no mistake the NFL is a business and no business throws away money. the name wont change,

    p.s. it’s not a racist slur

  71. As a non-American, but a big fan of American sports, I’ve always been puzzled by the use of apparently derogatory ethnic team names in the US.

    Until recently, I’d always disregarded any sense of indignation based on the assumption that those with a firmer grasp of the historical or cultural aspects of these names must not regard them as truly derogatory or racist for lack of a public outcry. However, that’s obviously beginning to change.

    It’s still not entirely clear to me where the sensitivities begin and end with the various team names, but the name used by the NFL franchise in Washington DC has always appeared to be the most potentially offensive to me. Whether or not that’s true, the extent to which some refuse to acknowledge the possibility is troubling.

  72. I’ve been saying it since this whole thing took hold in 2013. A name change will happen. This will only continue to build until Snyder gives in. That is not hate; it is a simple political/PR fact.

  73. People have too much time on their hands. How does the name of a team affect the everyday life of someone who goes to work everyday to feed their family? Native American, white, black or green. Just like any other business, if there is something about the business that you don’t like, don’t patronize that business. It’s pretty simple people.

  74. Seems to me if the Tribes want to change the name of the Redskins ,then they should be made to pay for all the Redskin memorabilia that the fans own. If they do not want to do this then they should just shut up and go home. The amount should be the face value that the loyal Redskins fan has paid out of their pockets.
    Just to let you know I am not a Redskins fan.

  75. The term at one point was made offensive. Only so, because the British then through expansion of the United States of America. It should be our Gov’t and the Indian nation getting together to right wrongs. For the Washington Redskins, bring light to people that we, all took from, even our own Republic.

  76. the name should never change. It is now, and at one point meant, as term of endearment. It will take time to bring back to the light the favorable meaning. Perhaps, though, through charities the Washington Redskins, can change the view of what was meant to describe great warriors. In doing so, force our Gov’t to look at itself and the injustices that have been bestowed on the American Indian. All in the name of the United States of America.

  77. No one has said how a team’s name has affected their lives in a negative way. Has it caused you lose sleep, lose your job, your families , your appetite? The answers to those questions would be no. No one is offended by the name they are only saying saying it because they are being told to be offended.

  78. None of this way really a problem or an issue until Dan Snyder started engaging the opponents of the name. Dan needs to stop engaging them and just ignore it all. That way was working much better.

  79. This never was an issue until florio and his minions made it one. Let it go, it’s not bothering anyone but pathetic liberals.

  80. Only pathetic white liberals care about the name? So you’re saying that my grandmother, born on the St. Regis Mohawk reservation and who smacked my mouth for saying the word, was white?

    Ignorance of the word’s true meaning doesn’t excuse you from looking it up.

    To those that say the team was named to “honor” Native American players, that’s even more ignorant.

  81. Let’s decide on a name that celebrates a long history Native American heritage …

    Let’s hear it for the Washington Gamblers. They wouldn’t even need to change the logo.

  82. I’d go for the Washington Scandals. Put a caricature of Harry Reid’s face on the side of the helmets.

    Seriously though, I’m sick of people saying the name change is inevitable. A bunch of people saying something is inevitable does not make it inevitable.

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