Dolphins mum on threat of litigation from fired scout

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With the Dolphins facing a lawsuit from Nate Sullivan, a 17-year scout who had been allowed to work at home for the last decade due to his wife’s health conditions, the Dolphins are saying nothing.

Citing that it’s now a legal matter, a Dolphins spokesman declined to comment on the situation.

If/when a lawsuit is filed, the Dolphins will be making plenty of comments via the various filings made at the courthouse.  Litigation is always a matter of public record, with very few exceptions.

For that reason alone, it makes sense for the Dolphins to try to come up with a way to resolve this.

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  1. The easy solution is to just amend Hickey’s contract to contain a clause that says he pays for it if he makes a mess in any way. Maybe it won’t help for previous messes he has already contributed to such as the offseason plan and the draft, but in the future at least there can be a way to recoup some dollars for the stuff he breaks.

  2. Just a question here – at what point do ALL of the scouts become accountable for the sub par players the Dolphins have acquired.

    Do you get rid of the GM and HC but keep the crew who scouted and recommend Pat White, Jason Allen, John Jerry, Daniel Thomas, Yatil Green, Ben Kelly, Greg Ruegamer, Rodrique Wright, Michael Egnew, BJ Cunningham, Clyde Gates, John Beck, Shawn Murphy etc…

  3. I’m sorry this happened to the guy but how can you be a NFL scout working from your HOME for a decade? Watching YouTube highlights of college players can only get you so far..

  4. I’m technically a “disabled” Vet and am very sympathetic with all people who have a challenges…

    I just don’t get this filing, though…This guy’s wife is disabled, not him….

    I’m sure he’s done a great job from home and Hickey has a dickish attitude, but, c’mon, does the ADA cover spouses of employees?


  5. If this had happened when he first made the request to work at home I could maybe see his point. Fact is he was allowed to do it for nearly 10 years. He was fired at the same time a new GM was hired. No shock there as far as I’m concerned. Happens every year. Sounds like a case of sour grapes.

  6. This is just an example of free market capitalism.

    Stop complaining. The market works itself out!

  7. The Dolphins have not had great results in the draft for many years now. Could it be that Nate Sullivan is to blame for some of that. Someone else has to be blamed for the bad drafts other than Ireland, Parcells and Randy Mueller.

  8. Sullivan has probably been lucky to hold a scouting job for the past 17 years, given the number of wasted Dolphin draftpicks.
    If he was such a highly regarded scout he would have one of the 31 other team knocking on his door.
    Litigation extortion of a billionaire. Dawn Aponte will handle it.

  9. I hate to add logic into the discussion (especially since emotionalism seems many commentators seem to prefer emotionalism), but would any team consider firing a scout if the scout had a track record of accurately advising the team which players to pick and which to avoid in the draft- regardless of the method he managed to come up with his selections? And supposing they did so anyway, why wouldn’t other teams be lining up at his door to secure his talents?

  10. Anyone who has been a college scout for the Dolphins for the last 17 years should have been fired for incompetence years ago.

    It’s hard to comprehend that we have ANY of the same college scouts still employed after the 2014 draft. I’m still pissed we drafted Jamar Taylor who had severe health issues with Eddie Lacy still on the board. Obviously that’s short-sighted but last year’s draft class did nothing.

  11. Actually…This guy was a pro scout not a college scout. Therefore please excuse my last post about last year’s draft.

    I HIGHLY doubt that the Dolphins have kept a college scout for 17 years after the abysmal drafts we’ve had.

  12. Losing a job happens to a lot of people, for a lot of reasons. But if you have worth while talent, you can get another shot. However, going litigious on you former employer could make that much more difficult.

  13. I’d still like to hear how the scout’s lawyer plan’s to argue that the ADA applies not only to disabled employees, but employee’s disabled spouses.


    “The Dolphins have not had great results in the draft for many years now.”

    sean smith, vontae davis, reshad jones, mike pouncy, jared odrick, charles clay, olivier vernon, kendall langford, briain hartline, ryan tannehill, paul soliai, the broken down wreck that was once jake long, cameron wake (undrefted free agent by way of CFL)

    not great, but definitely better much better than anyone in their division over the last 5 years.
    the only difference being, the pats have brady and belichick over those five years.

  14. I didn’t know being a paid scout means you can never be let go by the team if they no longer want your services.

  15. Weird… a 17 year old scout has been working for the Dolphins for a decade? It all makes sense now… we hire children to scout from home…

    Also, I’ve never heard of the Americans with Relatives with Disabilities Act. Please tell me more!

  16. This is the real team that needs to move.

    They can’t seem to do anything right. lol.

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