Green football part of Broncos’ plan to improve ball security


There’s a long history of coaches making players carry a football with them at all times in order to address a problem holding onto it during a game and the Broncos are working on a variation of it this spring.

Quarterback Peyton Manning was carrying a football wrapped in green Lycra when he met with reporters on Wednesday and wide receiver Demaryius Thomas was also spotted with one during practice. Manning was asked about why he was lugging it around and responded with the kind of elementary school wit that one usually has to find on bumper stickers.

“Like I said, that’s official Denver Broncos offensive business, right? It’s kind of an A and B conversation and you can C your way out of it,” Manning said, via Lindsay Jones of USA Today.

While Manning wasn’t willing to be forthcoming about the reason for his new companion, coach John Fox resisted the urge to reply to the same questions by saying “I know you are, but what am I?” Fox confirmed that the idea was to get the Broncos focused on ball security after they led the league with 16 fumbles last season.

“We’re making an emphasis from Day One on ball security,” Fox said, via the Denver Post. “We started with two of our better players in Demaryius and Peyton. What better guys to start with?”

Should the attempt fail and Broncos players still struggle to hold onto the ball, Denver will have to hope that their opponents are rubber while the Broncos are glue so that the fumbles bounce off them and return to the offense’s hands.

17 responses to “Green football part of Broncos’ plan to improve ball security

  1. Haha Peyton is such a jokester. I love when players actually have a sense of humour with the media. Its gonna be a sad day when Peyton hangs ’em up.

  2. Why not just a giant, football-sized egg. They could carry it around campus, change it’s diapers and keep track of feedings, take it out for walks, dress it up. Just spitballin here.

  3. Speaking of green, I’ve always advocated a bright orange football for extra points and field goals so fans and the refs can see it better.

  4. Manning thinks he’s so cute with words, just makes him sound condescending which is something he is very good at…

  5. The writing of Florio and all of the guys working at PFT remind me of the glory days of ESPN. Quick-witted and snappy without being over the top or trying to be over the top. This makes sports enjoyable and not dry.

    I watched SportsCenter lsat night after the game (because the TV was still on that channel) and saw Kenny Mayne up to his old familiar antics. He was just like the writing on this piece, quick-witted and snappy but not in a Chris Berman/Will Ferrell kind of way.

    Interesting way to turn a not-much-of-a-story about Peyton Manning and the Broncos into an interesting read. Great job, Florio. This is why I come to PFT everyday.

  6. Green football being used so that they can do something for a commercial and easily “green screen” it so it looks like PM is throwing a Papa John’s Pizza to his receivers.

  7. The entire team and all the Bronco fans can carry footballs under their arms until the cows come home, but Denver will still lose in either the playoffs or in the Big Game itself because Mr. Choke Himself will be behind center. And before they lose one of the games that actually means something, of course, Manning will have another great year and set all kinds of new records.

  8. Fox fields more competitive playoff teams WITHOUT PM than WITH him.
    Things that make you go “hmmmm”.

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