Jairus Byrd missing Saints OTAs after back surgery


The Saints were without their biggest acquisition of the offseason Thursday for OTAs.

Coach Sean Payton told reporters that safety Jairus Byrd had back surgery, and wouldn’t be available for the next several weeks.

According to Katherine Terrell of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Byrd wouldn’t have had the procedure if it was the regular season, and they hope getting it done now clears him up for the fall.

It does make you wonder whether they knew it was a problem when they gave him a six-year, $54 million contract.

Byrd missed five games last year with a foot problem (which probably wasn’t made to feel better by the lack of a contractual commitment from the Bills).

While missing workouts in May isn’t alarming, Byrd’s recent past does provide reason for at least mild concern.

35 responses to “Jairus Byrd missing Saints OTAs after back surgery

  1. What? This is just great. Maybe there is a clause in the contract that voids it if he doesn’t make it back, no pun intended. Back surgery for a football player is not a good thing.

  2. Where are all the outraged eagles fans that were calling in the radio stations blasting roseman for not getting this dude? I’m an eagles fan from philly sick of all the crying from fellow fans

  3. Great player when healthy but this is why you don’t shower bucket loads of cash on free agents with durability issues. As an Eagles fan I’m glad the adults are in charge and they didn’t mortgage the future to get him.

  4. Jenkins all day? Are you talking about Malcolm “whiffs on tackles all day” Jenkins? Haha you’re in for a rude awakening

  5. I’m sure the haters and Buffalo fans will say “YEP TOLD YA!”
    But let’s face it, this guy at 50% would STILL be better than Jenkins and Harper (who both missed their share of games) at 100%.

  6. As an Eagles fan I’m not knocking the player just the price paid for the player. I’m not a blind fan, I know how soft our secondary is but I also know how painful it is to have a stud on the sideline hurt while being torched.

  7. I trust Payton & Loomis. The Saints are in good hands. The saints also matched the falcons offer to Rafael Bush and retained him. He and Kenny Vacaro can hold things down IF Byrd can’t go game 1. Smart move retaining Bush. #itallmakessensenow

  8. I see the haters are out….what you all don’t realize is the Saints’ secondary is so stacked that Byrd is actually a luxury to have. Bush and Vaccaro on their own would still be one of the league’s best safety duos, not that it matters because Byrd is only out for like a week.

  9. Hahahah!! He milked a little pain in his foot all he could last season. I’d be worried if I was Saints a fan, who knows how long a back problem will keep him out?

  10. He’s lazy, never wants to show in OTA’s, just comes in before the season starts with training camp and I’m sure he will have another excuse for that. He’s full of bull…fake being sick like a kid staying home from school. What a joke…lol

  11. Back surgery can’t be good for any NFL player. I don’t care if a guy is a backup once I hear back surgery I pretty much write them off for their career. Hope he’s fine, but anytime back surgery in involved I’m nervous.

  12. 1. No, he will not be missed in buffalo.

    2. You want him even at 50% and you are paying him a lot of money.

    Are we haters, or are you in denial?

    Your team made a bad signing, too bad.

  13. 1. He will be missed in Buffalo.

    2. As mdd913 says above, he’ll be sidelined a week. He’ll be 100% for the start of training camp.

  14. Hey if the Saints can get 10-11 GREAT games out of him….I won’t complain. Just hopefully those 10 games are at the end of the season and playoff time. Either way it sure does make you wonder if the Saints knew he would need this prior to signing him. Who Dat

  15. Bills fans are hilarious. Your team hasn’t been to the playoffs since 1999, but somehow a surgery that will only keep Byrd out for OTAs makes you feel like winners.

  16. Its comical to hear fans from losing teams act like the sky is falling for the Saints over a minor surgery 3 months before training camp. Hell be in camp and on the field for Sept 7.

  17. Jenkins better??!!! Bwahahahahahaha the guy IS NOT a playmaker…average safety at best and somewhat of a bust considering where he was picked

  18. Dude, does anyone realize how many safeties we have? Marcus Ball is quietly the dude to watch and bush is the safety valve. Lol

  19. He hurt this in the Pro Bowl. I remember him leaving the game before halftime with what the announcers said was a lower back injury. He had a ruptured groin too, Saints fans. His plantar fasicist is another big problem. It never goes away. He can play, and play well, just not all the time. He does tend to sulk too. you might love his play but not like him.

  20. He will be just fine everyone makes it worse then what it is . At most he will miss part of training camp . With his past resume this saint fan is not worried 🙂

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