Jim Harbaugh: Brandon Lloyd showing “surge off the line”


Brandon Lloyd’s return to NFL action looks to be off to a positive start.

After Wednesday’s OTAs, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said he had been “(seeing) really good things” from the 32-year-old receiver, who was out of football in 2013.

“Seeing surge off the line of scrimmage. He’s got the ability to burst at the top of his routes,” Harbaugh said, according to a transcript from the club. “Runs excellent routes. Acrobatic type of catches that he’s able to make. Really good hands.

“So far really good. No, it does not seem like a guy that’s had a layoff from football for a year.”

Harbaugh’s observation that Lloyd has retained his athleticism is not a bad sign for the 11th-year wide receiver, who is one of 11 players at his position on the 49ers’ roster. At best, Lloyd could factor as the fourth receiver behind Anquan Boldin, Michael Crabtree and Stevie Johnson.

Were Lloyd to earn a depth chart spot, it could knock another receiver out of the mix. Rookie Bruce Ellington, a fourth-round selection, probably stands a good shot at making the roster in Year One, with second-year pro Quinton Patton and fourth-year pro Jonathan Baldwin also in the mix. Also, 12th-year pro Kassim Osgood’s special teams value can’t be overlooked.

However, the 49ers don’t figure to keep eight receivers. And that’s one of the reasons Harbaugh’s remarks are notable. If Lloyd shows he can still run, he’ll help his chances of sticking on a roster, whether in San Francisco or elsewhere.

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  1. Any Wide Receiver who makes a route error or two, incurs the wrath and subsequent removal from Foxboro at the behest of Tom Brady.

    Players with long stellar careers elsewhere, eg Chad Johnston and Brandon Lloyd are dismissed as cretins and their careers effectively ended for failing to get it right. Last year’s mid round Draft pick, Josh Boyce got very limited opportunities because he frustrated Tom at training, but hasn’t been cut, yet. Even the great Wes Welker knows how brutal Brady is on any WR who makes occasional perceived mistakes.

    The standard is set and it is marked by one of the greatest of all time and he’s an extremely tough marker. No divas, no high draft picks, no exceptions. Brady demands absolute perfection, it is part of the Patriot Way.

    Some may laugh at this premise behind this but the funny thing is that those in the know will confirm that it as being pretty accurate. Why should we now be surprised that Brandon Lloyd needed a year away from the game after incurring Brady’s wrath.

  2. DUDE can run with the best of them,,,problem is, he is a 100% wuss. With the BEST QB in the league (brady) he would snag a pass, and then take a dive. Check his YAC with NE. One of the worst in the league. He hates contact and wants the easy catch and slide. But if that is what you want,,,great.

  3. The problem is he may surge, but even one hand on him is enough for a corner to disrupt his route and take him out of a play. He also can’t get any yards after catch. He’s not a tough guy at all.

  4. The stuff that comes out of coach’s mouth in the summer cracks me up. Five number one receivers, two number one qb’s. I suspect Lloyd won’t be on the team come September.

  5. I bet the best secondary in the history of football is quaking in its boots at the thought of covering a 32 year old receiver who’s been out of football for a year. Maybe Harbaugh should bring in Reche Caldwell to really put the fear in the Seahawks.

  6. Could’ve been really useful last year but doubt he makes team this year. Crabs heathy and additions of Stevie and Ellington going make it tough to crack the final roster.

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