June is Prime Numbers month on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk

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Earlier this year, Pro Football Talk on NBCSN producer Matt Casey pointed out that, at his next birthday, he’ll be the same age as Larry Bird’s number.  I responded by pointing out that I’ll soon be Ron Guidry.

And from that we had our idea for programming in the slowest month of the year.

In 2013, the Mt. Rushmore series filled the void in June, with an in-depth look at the greatest foursome for each NFL franchise.  In 2014, we’ll be looking at the best players to wear each of the numbers, from 1 to 99.  (I just realized that we need to add 00, even if the only candidates are Jim Otto and Ken Burroughs.)

It all gets started on Monday, when we take up No. 1, No. 2, and No. 81.  For the last one, we’re seeking your input.  Select the best three from the list appearing below, and we’ll do the rest.

Well, not all of the rest.  You’ll still need to tune in at 5:30 p.m. ET on Monday, June 2.  (We’re also on today and Friday.)

19 responses to “June is Prime Numbers month on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk

  1. Moss never won a championship so he is out along with eller.

    Calvin is still playing so he cannot be considered.

    Terrible Owens should never be mentioned for anything.

    Tim Brown and Art Monk are honorable mentions.

    You have to give it to NIGHT TRAIN LANE. Not only is he a record holder with 14 INTs in a 12 game season, he was a member of the Rams 40th anniversary team, in Cardinals Ring of Honor, in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, a member of the 75th anniversary all NFL team, a Korean War veteran, but he brought about the rule not allowing tackling by the facemask, due to the misapplication of a Night Train Necktie.

  2. I didn’t realize Jim Otto played center wearing a two bar face mask. Damn! That’s some real MAN stuff.

  3. Anyone who doesn’t include Calvin is delusional.

    He’ll be considered second only to Jerry when all is said and done, and he’s got a chance to be first the way he’s going, (as long as SB rings aren’t a factor).

  4. 00 – I think there was another guy, something like Jimmy “White Shoes” Johnson, a receiver with the Oilers, who wear 00. Seventies? Eighties?

  5. Big Game Torry Holt wore #81. How’s he left off the poll? Has any one matched his streak of consecutive 1300+ yards seasons?

  6. I like this series of articles; the Mt. Rushmore set was good too. So glad to see Night Train Lane on the list; this guy was the pre-cursor to Ronnie (put you on your fanny) Lott. Happy to see Billy “White Shoes” Johnson’s name come up. His funky chicken was the best ever and always fired up the crowd.

  7. One thing about Doug Atkins. He wouldn’t tackle you-he would destroy you. One of the real Monsters of the Midway along with Butkus. Night Train intercepted 14 passes in 1952 in 12 GAMES. That record will never be broken.

  8. My top all time #81’s:

    1 Calvin Johnson
    2 Night Train
    3 Tim Brown (should have been 1st ballot HOF)
    4 Doug Atkins( Best player on the Bear’s ’63 World Championship Team)
    5Torry Holt
    6 Owens
    7 Eller
    8 Moss
    9 Monk

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