Kraft wants Brady to retire a Patriot

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At a time when:  (1) more and more franchise quarterbacks end up playing for other franchises; and (2) there’s a clear sense that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will want to play football longer than the Patriots want him to play football for them, many believe Brady is destined to finish his career elsewhere.

The man who owns the franchise wants to see Brady remain with the team until he retires.

I sure hope so,” Kraft said on NFL Network, via Tom Curran of  “We did something creative; he was a visionary and he allowed us to restructure his contract in a way that was good for us.  I know I personally and our whole fan base only want to see him always have that Flying Elvis or Pat Patriot, if we’re doing throwbacks.”

With Brady, as Curran said earlier this week on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk, hoping to play until 43, it would mean six more years — two years beyond the four-year contract that will be signed by second-rounder Jimmy Garoppolo.

“We believe that Tom has a lot of play left,” Kraft said.  “The way he takes care of his body, the way he eats, the way he plays, the way he trains, people look up to him.  At the same time, that’s a position [where] if you don’t have someone strong at that position, look what happened how Tommy took over in that game after 9/11 when we delayed a week? Mo Lewis, our friend from the Jets, took Drew [Bledsoe] out and if we didn’t have someone like Tommy in our system, it would have been very devastating. In any business, you always need disaster insurance [for] the most important thing. And now we have a young man [in Jimmy Garoppolo] that I hope he’s as good as everyone feels.  I also hope he doesn’t get a chance to start for a long, long time.”

Brady arguably isn’t as good as he used to be, but he’s still better than most quarterbacks in the NFL.  The question becomes whether the Patriots will deem him to be the best option as his skills necessarily decline.

One major factor will continue to be his salary and cap number.  Last year’s contract extension allows the Patriots to keep him for the next four years.  Things get interesting once the current deal expires and a 40-year-old Brady is looking for one more contract, from Kraft or someone else.

77 responses to “Kraft wants Brady to retire a Patriot

  1. shouldn’t the headline read;

    Kraft wants Brady to retire a Patriot after this season.

  2. Where is all the negativity coming from on Brady? The dude had no one last year but Edleman, and he took his team to one victory from the dance. He is every bit as good as he ever has been. What have you been watching? Knock it off and find something else to talk about.

  3. I don’t see Brady falling off like the others. I think he’ll be one to leave on his own terms.

  4. I hate the Pats, out of respect. Tommy/Belichick ARE the Patriots. Enough said.

  5. The good news for the Pats is that nobody is going to want a 40 year old Brady. I don’t think the Patriots will want a 38 year old Brady starting. There’s nothing arguable about his diminished play. Last year was pretty bad, and these things don’t get better with age.

  6. No one will ever wear 12 again, and 12 won’t wear anything but the flying elvis/pat patriot

  7. Brady is the best to ever play the game, the Pats shouldn’t even think about another QB until Brady shows signs of decline. Which from what I’ve seen is not happening

  8. Seems a little early to speculate on this since Garoppolo hasn’t even taken a snap in an exhibition game yet. Maybe let him get a full training camp and preseason under his belt before we start worrying about things 4 and 6 years in the future.

  9. Tom Brady is one of the greatest QBs of all time, maybe the greatest, but it is interesting to note that he had the 20th best pass completion percentage last season.
    He says that he wants to keep playing for another 6 or 7 years, but Bill drafted Garoppolo for more than just catastrophe insurance. If Tom is honest, he knows he’s in decline.
    No Patriot fan will admit it and I will be struck by lightning for thinking it, but time is beginning to slip away.

  10. You don’t draft project QBs in the second round if you hope your older star QB retires with the team even though he wants to play for six more seasons.

    And don’t tell me about trade bait…how’s that statue Mallet working out? Teams will just wait out the contract on these guys, it’s not like the Pats are stashing away Andrew Luck here.

    Give Brady talent he can use today and tomorrow for one last push in a division that features the dysfunctional Dolphins, looks good on paper but hasn’t made the postseason in 15 years Bills and the team in Jersey that has had maybe five noteworthy seasons in their entire existence, Jets. At some point, one of these other teams will put it together, at least somewhat, and Brady isn’t getting any younger.

  11. When Brady knows he can no longer compete he will hang them up

    He plays for pride more than money

    While it’s the coach’s decision and not Kraft’s, keeping Brady a Patriot for his career is a wise business and football move

  12. Tom Brady will continue to look good until another team in the pathetic AFL East actually gets a quarterback. As it is, the Pats have essentially started each season for most of Brady/Belichick’s reign with 6 wins. And the division title.

    If the Pats were in the NFC West he would have already retired.

    I genuinely hope Belichick tries to hang around after Brady retires, so he will be exposed as a coach who’s career was made by a quarterback, not the supposed best coach of all time.

  13. You’re insane if you think Brady will actually play out this contract. This is a fake deal to get cap space & they’ll tear it up & pay him big again before that really kicks in. Everyone in New England knows it. The cap is crap in the nfl. Belichek has said so himself, “Cap space can be maneuvered in a number of ways.”

  14. Garoppolo doesn’t scare Brady any more than Mallet or Cassel did. Nobody cares how old you are until you prove you can’t play. Marc Wilson started games for the Patriots before Bledsoe and Brady showed up.

  15. Brady is 36, so if can play until he’s 40 (barring injury) maybe he’ll hang it up and join the team in some capacity at that point. I can only speculate what Belichick will do with Mallett and Garoppolo…he could even draft yet another qb in the next year or two, who knows. Brady was not surrounded with stellar guys to throw to this past season, hope they give him some talent. One thing I do know…if the game is on the line, you need a clutch qb, I’d go with Brady over megahead all day.

  16. .

    Trying to second guess the motives of Bill Belichick can result in permanent brain damage.

    Has Garapollo been given a uniform yet?


  17. I’m waiting for the hoodie to announce in a press conference “Tom’s skills are diminishing. We’re going to start Vinny Testeverde.”

  18. Brady’s play “declined” last year ? Really ???

    He had 3 rookies at receiver 1 of which was undrafted, plus a broken Amendola and only Edelman as a healthy guy who knew the system.

    Rookie receivers by the way are infamous for being ineffective while they are getting used to the NFL, moreso than any other position I believe. Especially given the Pats have one of the couple most complex offensive systems in the league that experienced NFL receivers often have trouble learning.

    At TE Gronk was out much of the season and the other guys were good blockers but not pass catching TEs.

    Yet Brady still had 25 TDs vs 11 INTs, over 4300 yards and an 87.3 rating for the year. And led the team to the AFC Championship. The Pats offense was also was 7th overall in the regular season even with all the problems they had.

    Declining, that’s a good one.

  19. This story is completely manufactured by the media. Media speculates that Because Brady wants to keep playing he’ll need to go elsewhere, then they ask Kraft who wants him to stay. Brady is still great. Some second round pick rookie might not be better than Brady when he turns 50. I hope Garoppolo is good, but Brady is clearly still the man for a few years… If they ever want to start Garoppolo, Brady will either need to go somewhere else or retire. Favre, Montana and Peyton all had the same call and chose to keep playing. It’s not some urgent story though.

  20. Brady is the most over rated qb of all time!!! Don’t get me wrong he is a HOF qb but he is not the best qb ever nor is he even close. You cannot judge a qb on how many Sb appearances he may have because it is a team game!! Does the qb play defense? Does he catch his own passes and does he hand the ball off to himself and does he block for himself? If you rate qb’s by superbowls then you would have to say Trent Dilfer is a top qb and we know that is not the case!!! Here is my take on Brady. Great football mind reads defenses very well. Throws a good ball. Good pocket presence and knows where his recievers are at all times. Can make every throw and has slightly above average accuracy. lacks footwork and struggles when under pressure from opposing defenses especially when rushed from the middle!!! That is his biggest weakness. If he sits in the pocket he will pick you apart all day but if you get some pressure especially from the middle it throws his timing off and he starts making mistakes. Plays in a high completetion percentage system as most of his throws are within 5 yards where the recievers get a lot of yac. I would rank him 12-15th best all time.

  21. Medicine,nutrition and exercise has changed what young is considered. Unless Brady’s brain falls out and his arm turns into a celery stalk,there’s no doubt that he could play until 43. That goes for any elite QB. The decline from that level lets you drop down to being a good player gradually and still go out looking serviceable.

  22. How many teams wish they had a QB that could drag a team without a star running back, lacking in accomplished receivers, a struggling O line, and an injury decimated defense that itself was one year removed from giving up the most yards ever in a season… the #2 seed and Conference Championship game?

  23. Brady’s done. You saw that last year. Stop kidding yourself. Stick a fork in him.

  24. Lol. A visionary. Sure. He took a pay cut because of the patriots cheat sheet approach to football. He would never have the same success anywhere else.

  25. Im not even close to a Pats fan, but i can tell u Brady is still better than most of the 32 starting QB in the NFL.

  26. Brady is “as good as he use to be” his talent around him last season wasn’t mostly due to injury and new players.

    Here is a breakdown from ESPN

    1st 8 games
    Comp % 55.7
    Pass yards per game 228
    td/int 9/6

    Last 8 games when players came back.

    Comp % 66.8
    Pass yards per game 370
    Td/int 15/5

    Sorry but if you’re are completing almost 67% of your passes and going for 370 a game you are “as good as you used to be”.

  27. If the Patriots were smart they should trade Brady after this coming season to a team that is a QB away. Especially if you like Mallett and Garroppalo. They should ask for 3 1st round picks coupled with 2 #2s and a 3rd. Say a team like the Bengals who may only be a Tom Brady away from really being special.

  28. What, have we got a lot of Pats fans here or something? Or just people who didn’t watch the 2013 games?

    Brady had his share of dropped balls last year, but just as many thrown behind, above, in front of, and in the dirt. The best you can hope for are last years numbers, and they’re on the down turn.

  29. Only problem is that players like Brady, Montana, Peyton, Favre etc. don’t quite share their team’s vision of said retirement and assessment of any declining skills and a divorce is inevitable.

  30. Have always felt great disappointment in seeing Montana finish his career on a different team from the 49ers. Now Peyton is finishing his on the Broncos. These guys put the Colts and San Francisco in the spotlight with lots of pride and hard work. As a Pat’s fan, I sure hope to see Brady finish his twilight football years on the team he made relevent. It just wouldn’t be natural to see him in a different NFL uniform.

  31. I doubt there is any real chance of Tom playing anywhere else he’s always been glad to restructure in order to help his team, secondly he’s still one of the best Q B’s that have ever played the game, there isn’t a team in the league that wouldn’t like to have him, even in the Autumn of his career.

  32. Brady has four years remaining on his contract and, along with his wife, will buy into a minority ownership position when that contract ends. Kraft understands the value of the Patriots brand and a brand associated with Tom and Giselle assures that the Patriots name will be ubiquitous in the local, national, and world media for years to come. Tom and Giselle did not sell their new mansion in Brentwood,California and build a home next to Kraft’s in Brookline, Massachusetts with the expectation he might be traded in a year or two. The value of the Patriots’ franchise has increased $1 billion during the Kraft/Belicheck/Brady era and Bob is not about to let that legacy just walk out the door.

  33. Every real football fan knows that Peyton Manning is a better overall qb than Tom Brady. Even though Brady has had the most successful career , Peyton is just a better qb. If you watch patriot games you can just see that Brady throws a lot of dinks and dunks. He’s more of a system qb where as in Peyton is a more polished overall better thrower of the football.

  34. hey bill you got me throwing to midget receivers and tight ends who cant stay on the field

    ok cool lets go sign some defensive backs and draft your replacement

    lol in your face tommy boy

  35. Yeah, his completion % has dropped off horribly from last year….2012 he averaged 25.0 comp-39.9 att per game….in 2013 he averaged 23.8 comp – 39.1 att….Just awful….get a grip people.

  36. Brady is almost better than he used to be. Did you see what he did last year? he literally had no weapons and still won the division and made it to the championship game. This is one of those situations where you hope the patriots keep him around forever, Brady should retire a Patriot.

  37. Statistically Brady is Better now than he was when he won his Superbowls. Last year was a down year–new WR’s no TE’s, and still made it somehow to the AFC Championship game.

    And Every real Football fan knows that Payton has better physical tools, and maybe..Maybe a better brain, but he is completely missing the ‘it’ factor which Tommy has. It’s all about winning. Payton doesn’t in the big games. He hasn’t his whole career going all the way back to peewee. If Brady played for Denver last year with that WR core…Denver would be lighting up blunts in Brady’s honor.

    System QB–guess what Payton is a system QB too…as was every single QB who ever played the game. This is such a dumb argument point. There are no freelancer QB’s anymore, if they attempt to do that they don’t last long in the modern NFL. As for the last gunslinger-Favre…I’d take 30 QBs over his unpredictable behavior on the field. Too many mistakes trying to be the hero. Ask any Jet’s fan. Ask any Vikings fan.

  38. IMO, “I was duped” Kraft is the scummiest owner in the league….

    my bet.. BB.. also retires after Brady leaves

    I believe Brady has been the Pats “engine” (well, that and cheating).. not BB or anything else

  39. Everyone who says that Brady is still good conveniently forgets that as soon as he saw a good defense in the playoffs he got blown out.

  40. Brady has declined so much that last year he hung 55 on the Steelers in Foxborough, the most points the Steelers have given up in the entire history of their franchise. Haters remain hilarious.

  41. Just like Montana and the 9ers, Favre and the Packers, Peyton and the Colts, when the team is sold that their back up is the future of the franchise, the reign is over. Meaning, if Belichek is sold that Garoppolo at any point between now and when Brady decides to retire that he can win games, Brady will be traded when they can get something for him. Brady means no more to the Pats then Favre, Montana, and Manning meant to their respective teams.

  42. Favre, Montana and Manning

    Their teams all had top notch QBs ready to step in for those guys. The Pats don’t know what they have yet in Garoppolo.

    I wouldn’t look for Brady to be putting on another jersey anytime soon, if at all.

  43. Peyton is a more polished overall better thrower of the football.

    I think Tracy Porter and Malcolm Smith would agree with that. Those TD passes to those guys were right on the money.

  44. Playoff winning percentage

    Brady: .692 (NFL record 18 wins)
    Mark Sanchez: .667
    Tim Tebow: .500

    Peyton Manning: .478


  45. Sean Lee goes down and the NFL writes off the Cowboy’s season. The Pats lose Gronk, Vollmer, Mayo, Kelly, Wilfork and Talib ad still compete for a championship.

  46. I just want Brady to retire.

    The rest of the AFC East.

  47. Kraft is writing much on the wall. He wants Brady to retire before Brady wants. And, when you don’t mention your current backup, i.e., Mallet, well, that says much about his future with the team. Might as well trade him now.

  48. TD tommy can easily play into his forties and still be a top caliber QB in my opinion. He does not rely on his legs at all so as long as he is not taking a lot of hits his arm is still going to be there probably till he is 50! he takes care of himself and is a family man…i see no reason why he will not still be one of the best QBs in football four years from now.

  49. Brady has declined so much that last year he hung 55 on the Steelers in Foxborough, the most points the Steelers have given up in the entire history of their franchise. Haters remain hilarious.


    Brady torched the Steelers defense in their prime. Last season, the Steelers had guys in there that had no idea what they were doing.

    Andy Dalton was throwing to wide open wideouts in breakdowns in the Steelers defense so it was no surprise to see Brady hang 55.

    The Steelers owned every offense in this league in this past decade BUT Brady and the Patriots. The 3-4 scheme just gets burned against the quick release offense. The Steelers never had the middle linebacking core to convert how N.E attacked them.

    They do now.

  50. Pains me to bestow this honor on him but there’s no doubt that he’s their Mariano Rivera.

    New York sports fan / Boston sports hater

  51. So apparently Kraft wants many more years of championship-less football.

  52. There is another possibility/probability here:

    Tom Brady could wind up following the pattern of so many franchise quarterbacks before him…he spends his last couple of years with some other team(s), then when he retires he will sign a 1-day contract with the Patriots, so he can retire as a Patriot.

    Kraft lets him leave, then he does retire as a Patriot.

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