Matt Cassel still with the ones in Vikings OTAs

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No Teddy, no mystery at Vikings camp.

Repeating what happened at the previous minicamp, veteran quarterback Matt Cassel took the first team reps at quarterback for the Vikings Thursday, according to Tom Pelissero of USA Today.

In perhaps the most telling scouting report of the day, he also noted that second-teamer Christian Ponder “looked like Ponder. As you were.”

First-round pick Teddy Bridgewater is absent today, at the NFLPA rookie premiere event. Coupled with three Pac-12 picks absent because of the league’s quarter system rule, the Vikings are missing four of their top five picks.

The Vikings have insisted they haven’t given up on Ponder, which sounds like more of a wish than a realistic expectation.

If Cassel’s not clearly better than Ponder (such that that is an achievement), than they might as well hand the ball to Bridgewater and let him have at it.

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  1. Matt Cassel is far better than he’s getting credit for, anyone who thinks Teddy Bridgewater will start week one is crazy. Matt Cassel was pushed around last year by a grossly incompetent coaching staff-Matt Cassel will have an outstanding year and will be very difficult to move out of the starting position, the key is the scheme as well as the coaching staff (Norv Turner) will cause a resurgence and finally an attacking offense!

  2. Cassel could start all year let Teddy sit for a year, but I don’t think the Vikings wanna wait a whole season to see what he’s got. After preseason Teddy Bridgewater will be named the 2014 starter!!

  3. As long as Cassel is under center you can count on the Vikings not going anywhere. Great guy but a below average QB.

  4. If Cassel is the answer, what the hell is the question?

    If its, “Do you want to finish in last place yet again?” then the Vikings have their man.

  5. .

    Minnesota will move Ponder to the first team that suffers a QB injury in preseason. Cassels had some good seasons when Charlie Weis was his OC. He may be more comfortable in certain systems.


  6. P.S. As I stated Matt Cassel will definitely have a very big year and he’ll have fun proving everyone wrong. However it should be noted I am a HUGE college football fan and Teddy Bridgewater was an excellent pick and will be a force in the near future-not because the Vikings chose him but because Teddy Bridgewater is that good!

  7. The smart thing to do is to start one of these guys and, if they do poorly, you can at least let Bridgewater believe that he “earned” it. That way the pressure will be off because, hey, the other guy couldn’t do any better so you might as well give the kid a shot.

    If you start him right away and he sucks then you have to bench him which can destroy the psychy. You could argue that Elway started, was benched, then came back better but then again you can argue he should not have started in the first place and actually missed out on weeks of observation time.

    The Vikings are not going to win the Superbowl this year. If they do I will buy a custom Vikings ’15 Jersey that says PFTPoet on the back- I’m that confident. The right thing to do is sit this guy and unleash him when he’s ready like Brady, Brees, Rodgers, you name it.

  8. Vikings only have a 6% chance of winning the division.. I thought it would be zero. I guess they feel bad for a franchise that’s never won a SuperBowl

  9. Matt Cassel was 4-3 last year in games in which he played the majority of the game. That’s pretty good when you consider the other quarterbacks were 1-7-1. He may be below average, but the rest of the team is good enough to have a winning record when he’s in there. This means they can take their time with Bridgewater and don’t have to put him in until he’s really ready.

    And when he is ready, LOOK OUT!!!

  10. Teddy Bridgewater is no Aaron Rodgers.

    For example, two years ago Bridgewater didn’t start a game against Rutgers because he had a broken wrist and a sprained ankle. He entered the game in the second quarter, rallying his team from an 11-point deficit with 263 yards and 2 touchdowns to secure an Orange Bowl berth.

    Last year, Aaron Rodgers sat out 8 games because of a minor collarbone injury because he was afraid of reinjuring it and “felt some discomfort when handing off.”

  11. There’s nothing surprising about this. Cassel was re-signed to a two year, $10 million contract. If he’s not the starter week one, Cassel should be cut loose, along with that big contract.

    Bridgewater will be ready to start by mid-season. If Cassel falters, it’ll be his last season with the Vikings.

  12. On one hand, I make no excuses for the Vikings offense last year. No consistent QB play.

    On the other, they lost five, yes five, games last year due entirely to defensive lapses. Even if they only won three of them, they would have finished at 8-7-1. Those games were lost in the final minutes when the defense repeatedly failed to stop teams on third down. They were the absolute worst.
    If, and it may be a big ‘IF’, the defense hadn’t failed so miserably, they had won all five of those games, their record would have been a very respectable 10-5-1.
    This is all hypothetical. What isn’t hypothetical is the the atrocious season was more the fault of the defense than lousy QB play. A good ‘D’ can minimize bad QB play and salvage a season. It can also lose a season and amplify bad QB play.

  13. ” Not true Tom…Ponder has bulked up. Clearly he’s a different man now. ”
    Ponder looks like Tarzan but plays like Ponder.

  14. I don’t know how anyone can give up on Christian Ponder. How can he rack up stats with a defense that could’nt get him on the field. Time of possesion was almost 2 to 1. Leslie Frazier couldn’t beat a High School team with his coaching. I remember Ponder’s First Play and First Pass as a NFL Quarterback. It was a 78 yard pass play that was originally called a Touchdown but on review was spotted at the 2 yard line. Him and Adrian Peterson took us to the Playoffs but then Ponder Couldn’t play in the Playoff Game Against Greenbay. He beat the Sanfrancisco 49ers in the year they went to the Superbowl against the Ravens. So between the lack of defense that kept Ponder on the bench, The lack of Recieving Core for Ponder To Pass To, and an Offensive Line that can’t protect, Leslie Frazier as an abomination of a Coach. How the hell can anyone critisize Christian Ponder.

  15. Cassel is a pretty good QB when surrounded by good players and under a good coaching staff. He showed that when Brady went down with the Pats.

    But he can’t carry a lousy team on his back. He’s not a superstar level player.

  16. My impression is that Ponder is being held on the roster only in case an injury occurs to Cassel. It’s a sad backup but there just are not that many high quality QBs in the league to trade Ponder for. What team would want him? When Bridgewater is ready to backup or replace Cassel, Ponder will be given his walking papers. The woes of last season went way beyond Ponder and Frazier although this is what superficial fans of the game will focus on. This team had many poor quality assistant coaches. Thankfully an overhaul was made in these areas as well during the off season. I will never support a GM who never played pro football. Spielman remains as the person who needs to get the boot. Thankfully he had help this off season to make some good draft choices but this is a man who fails often and then refuses to admit his errs when things go horribly wrong. A new GM would do wonders for this team. A GM who has played and understands the game.

  17. Another couple of examples, “In Ted…”:
    Last season Matt Flynn entered a game in the second half and rallied Green Bay from a 13 point deficit to a tie. Of course, they were only playing the Vikings, not a powerhouse like Rutgers.
    Also, last season Harrison Smith sat out eight games with a stubbed toe.

  18. Bridgewater is adaptable all right. He has adapted his childlike hands to a unique two-handed overhead spiral. He certainly has his work cut out for him.

  19. Let’s go a little deeper into last season’s late losses. The Vikings were a TOTAL of 97 seconds away from a second consecutive 10-6 season and a Division Title. Say what you will about Ponder, but he was far from the problem last year. The Vikings gave up the most yards in the NFL last year, and yet 40% of those yards were in 4th quarters or later.

    For whatever reasons, Frasier simply failed to recognize game flow choosing to play ‘not to lose’ instead of ‘playing to win’. Even in our 2011 3-13 season, the Vikes lost 9 games by a TD or less. Again, most of that blame falls on Frazier.

    Hopefully we now have the right guy in place to stay defensively aggressive throughout the game. Once the Vikings learn how to close out a game, basically learning “how” to win, then we will have something to cheer about.

    I have little opinon on who our QB should be. It’s the Defense that will dictate how the season will play out.

  20. Cassel starts = Vikes finish last.

    Ponder starts = Vikes finish last.

    Bridgewater starts = Vikes finish last.

    It doesn’t matter here people. Some things are destined to be. And anyone purposely starting Matt Cassel as their QB deserves to lose. If Vikings fans weren’t so dense, they’d be cheering a Cassel injury too.

  21. What would it hurt???? Take a look at Vince Young…..
    There are a lot worse QBs on NFL rosters that has never had the success Vince Young has had …(NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    He can help this team…even if it’s just upgrading the quarterback pool…

  22. You do NOT hand the keys to Bridgewater because Cassell isn’t up to par. You hand the keys to him when he is ready. It should have nothing to do with Cassel or Ponder. I am a huge Viking fan and would love to see Ted start if he’s ready. But I have confidence in Cassel. He looks like an NFL QB. Now Ponder – that is another story. He’s an awesome athlete, but no better than a third stringer on any team. Except the Packers. If Erin goes down again, Christian would be far better than what they presently have.

  23. There is no way that Bridgewater starts week one.
    As far as the rest goes, it is a clean slate, and the only reason it is a clean slate, is becuase there is a new offense being installed. That said, my money is on Cassel
    I believe the Vikings have been talking Ponder up, in an attempt to raise his trade value. I honestly dont see them getting much for him….maybe a 6th round pick at best.

  24. Every one is saying that Bridgewater can’t start because he doesn’t have the experience. So we are going to go another year with Cassel and if we are lucky a 6-10 season. Take the training wheels off Bridgewater and lets see what will happen. Living in the middle of Wisconsin and waring my Viking shirts and hats prodly is getting ruff. When you have a couple of older women 60’s or 70’s spit at you because you have a Viking shirt on in there town. Don’t get me wrong there are some good Packer fans that will give you a hard time but they know where to draw the line.

  25. 99.9% of you posters ripping Cassel, more than likely did not play any sport at any mid to high level.

    He is a top 15 starting NFL QB that is getting paid 2nd string dough. Reason: he is a respectful family man that wanted to make MN his home. If you are going to slam someone….do your homework, know your facts/stats, and cherish the fact we have a good & respectful NFL veteran QB at the helm teaching his future replacement.

    Any long-term successful organization is predicated on the culture created by people within the organization. So you want Manziel?

  26. Ponder won the starting job in a fair competition last season. Yet this season he isn’t even given a chance to compete.

    The vikes are being really foolish here. They should give every QB an equal chance in a fair and open competition.

    Even out the snaps with their first unit and truly let the best QB start. Naming a starter this early without competition is unfair to the players, unfair to the team, and unfair to the customers.

    The starting QB spot should be earned fairly, honestly, clearly, and openly.

  27. How uncreative are the vikings haters that bring up the “zero” championships. They are also misinformed, vikings won a championship in 69, look it up.

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