Mike Adams not looking back after “crazy” year


In the last year, Mike Adams has been stabbed, hospitalized, benched and sued.

So it’s reasonable that he doesn’t want to look back.

The Steelers tackle offered a one-word recap of his last 12 months to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which is was succinct as it was accurate.

Crazy,” Adams said.

It all started going downhill for Adams on June 1, 2013, when he was stabbed in the stomach and arm during an alleged robbery. The three men charged with the crime were acquitted, and one of them is suing Adams now.

That kept him from discussing the case at length, but there’s a lot more to deal with. He didn’t take the easy excuse of having been stabbed and the subsequent surgery for his poor season, but he lost his job to seventh-rounder Kelvin Beachum, and is determined to get back on the field.

“Definitely,” Adams said. “I didn’t come here to sit on the bench. I’m here to compete. . . .

“I’m not here to make excuses. Call it what you want. I’m not like that. It’s over now. I’m fine physically, and that’s what I care about. The rest is whatever. I’m here to play football and compete. I’m not worried about that stuff.”

The Steelers line is looking some stability, and Adams has been working behind Beachum at left tackle. He could still challenge for the right tackle job, but hasn’t worked there yet.

While that’s a drag, he hasn’t been stabbed lately, so everything else is a positive.

10 responses to “Mike Adams not looking back after “crazy” year

  1. Is this guy the best we can do on the O-line? Why is it that Colbert has never taken a look at the kind of guy who plays line for the Patriots or Giants to get a clue. Dear God.

  2. Yeah, the Patriots definitely put character above all concerns when they draft players. Its not like you’ll find any of them ever indicted for murder or anything … oh wait.

  3. Jeez, I was thinking tackles and guards, not a psychopathic end. These guys have largely kept Tom healthy over a long career and have given him time. But thanks for the misrepresentation.

  4. The Steelers knew they were not getting a refined player when they drafted him. The stabbing hasn’t helped his development, that’s for damn sure. He better have a huge improvement this season or he needs to be shown the door.

  5. Adams is a bust.
    That became evident his rookie season — BEFORE HE WAS SATBBED — when he was being crushed in preseason games by the other teams’ second- and third-stringers. The only reason he wasn’t cut then was because he’s a high-draft pick.
    Adams is soft and cheesy, and not even Mike Munchak can fix soft and cheesy.

  6. That stooge they had for an offensive line coach last year really set back Adams development. He is still only 24, still has the prototype left tackle body and still has a big upside. While he might be Adams 3rd line coach in three years, Mike Munchak also might be the perfect coach to help him reach his considerable potential. I am expecting a big jump in production from an offensive line that played very well late last season. Go Steelers!

  7. Ths Steelers have arguably had a rotating array of schmucks since Russ Grim, then Larry Zierlein left. Add into that some stupid coaching decisions and o-line development and depth has stagnated. It should be interesting to see what Munchak can do with this group.

  8. You guys are putting a lot of faith in Munchak. Now you are saying he can even turn around Mike Adams. Maybe expectations are too high for him. Even a master sculptor relies on good raw materials.

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