Mornhinweg admits QB competition in New York isn’t truly open


Geno Smith hasn’t broken the tie between Rex Ryan and Mike Vick on the question of whether there’s a true quarterback competition in New York.  Smith didn’t have to; offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg did it.

There is competition,” Mornhinweg said, via Dom Cosentino of “Now, it may not quite be like the competition we had last year [between Smith and Mark Sanchez], where everything was 50-50. We’re trying to continue the progression with Geno, and then have Mike ready to go. It’s just that simple, and Mike knows the exact expectations and roles that he has, and Geno knows the exact expectations.”

In other words, it’s not a competition.  But they wanted Geno to think it was a competition, so that he would, you know, compete.

With Vick saying on at least three occasions that it’s not a true competition, the Jets needed to find a way to turn the page on an issue that wasn’t going to go away, because Vick wasn’t going to stop talking about it until the Jets were as honest about it as he was.

To summarize, Geno will be the starter, and the Jets will prepare Vick to play in the event Geno plays like he did for large chunks of his rookie season.

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  1. The Jets are coddling Geno a bit too much these days. Is his ego that fragile where every other day someone has to proclaim he is the starting QB ?

  2. come on, I hate the jets – but this is the rare occasion when a coaching staff is telling the truth about their desire to see the young high draft pick QB be named the starter and as such if it is a close call they are going to pick the young QB.

    This has nothing to do with “want[ing] Geno to think it was a competition, so that he would, you know, compete.” Otherwise Mornhinweg wouldn’t have just said what he did.

    For people that complain about a lack of candor and canned sound bytes so often, I don’t get this desire to bash here when the staff is being honest.

  3. This is the NFL -win now, period. The best QB will start the season. Rex, John, Woody, and Marty all know it. Not sure what Marty’s thinking here, but if by chance he feels the need to protect Geno’s psyche, maybe Geno isn’t “the guy” after all.

  4. QB duck duck goose all over again…

    Sanchez and Tebow
    Geno and Sanchez
    Vick and Geno.

    I wonder who will be around to play this game next year!

  5. This is no difference from any job based on merit. Both guys will continue to compete everyday. Sports is that way, where everyone can see who is doing the better job, day in, day out.

    Any team that wants to win and sees a gap between a starter and backup over an extended period, will make sure the better guy plays, whether he starts out #1 or #3. Seeing a starter who stinks it up everyday not get replaced by the guy who is clearly playing better causes the coaches to lose credibility, not to mention, lose games.

    So in truest form, there is always competition, even though “politics”, pay status, draft position and favoritism has to be factored in.

  6. It won’t take Geno long to lose the job, why else would they bring Vick into the fold. People can say what they will about Vick, but when healthy he can do a lot of things to the opposing team to hurt them.

  7. Im an Eagles fan and VICK has to start. He came out on fire vs Wash and San diego(game we lost cuz of our pathethic D), was okay vs KC’a beast D, kept us in it for a while vs Denver and ran all over the Giants before getting injured. He would still be our starter if he didnt pull his hamstring… Mike Vick still has plenty to offer, can be inaccurate at times but hes Tom Brady compared to Geno, and he can still fly when he runs, he beat McCoy in a race last year, so, yeah. There you have it. #TeamVick

  8. You can’t blame Vick. If the league thinks it’s a competition and he loses out to a bottom 10 QB, how many teams lose his number when he’s available to sign again?

  9. I don’t get how telling your starting QB that he’s not good enough to be your starter unless he beats out this other guy is the best way to build his confidence.

    Wouldn’t it be better to tell him….hey you are our starter and Vick is here just as your backup in case of injury.

  10. Sometimes Marty goofs around after practice. In this photo he celebrates a “first down catch”.

  11. The Jets were just reflecting the ideal situation (since they’ve invested a draft pick into Gene Smith), but the reality is that once the preseasons start, plans can change. If Smith falters while Vick shines, they’ll have no choice but to start Vick. Plain and simple.

  12. If your so-called “QB of the future” can’t handle it when the going gets tough, is he really the best option for your franchise? I hate when people talk about Johnny Manziel and say “the Browns are gonna ruin this kids confidence”. To that I say, if his confidence is so easily flustered, good riddance.

  13. Too bad they didn’t have a real competition in SD when they got rid of Drew Brees to make Philip Rivers more confident.

    I still think that SF will regret getting rid of Alex Smith to make Kapernick more confident.

  14. As a long suffering Raider fan who’s team plays the Jet’s week 1. I hope Geno Smith is starting…….

    The only “competition” should be Geno battling to be 2nd or 3rd string……

  15. Why is everyone so afraid of competition…and specifically, of a starting QBs fragile ego.

    Every position should be an open competition every year. If you don’t play well enough, another guy can take your place — even if only for a few series.

    They do this all the time with other positions but somehow when a QB has to compete for his job it’s a big deal.

    Bottom line if Vick is better now then play him and let Geno learn. When Geno gets better play him.


  16. Why do the Jets have to make a simple concept so hard? Smith and Vick know the score, it’s Rexy and Marty that can’t seem to get a handle on the situation.

  17. Good to see Bills and Dolphins fans commenting. The Jets have a lot to learn from two teams who have trotted out the likes of Matt Moore, Cleo Lemon, Joey Harrington, AJ Feeley, EJ Manuel, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Trent Edwards, Thad Lewis, Jeff Tuel, and JP Losman in the last decade. Tannehill (the great hope of the bunch) has a career passer rating of 79 – stellar.

    How about this guys – have one of your coaches actually win a playoff game and THEN comment on Rex’s coaching style.

  18. What are the odds in Vegas that if Vick is outplaying Geno, Rexy will put him in in the fourth quarter with all the scrubs that won’t be there in another week to resolve this “competition”?

  19. To summarize, Geno will be the starter, and the Jets will prepare Vick to play in the event Geno plays like he did for large chunks of his rookie season.

    In other words, Vick will see plenty of playing time this season. The past being prologue, I predict an ankle injury fairly quickly after becoming the starter…..who is third in the rotation?

  20. This coming from the guy who started the Lions decline to 0-16 season. Yes he knows what he is talking about LOL. He and Millen make a great pair, oh wait he is pared with Rex now. Almost a Millen twin IMHO

  21. I don’t know why this is tricky for people. They’re going through camp with Geno as the starter because developing Geno is a priority and Vick already knows Morninwheg’s system, but if September rolls around and Geno isn’t as good as Vick, then Vick will start. I don’t for a second believe that Ryan is willing to write this season off to developing a young QB, and with Vick starting this is a playoff team.

  22. Am I the only one that never believes this 50/50 crap? The coaches have a favorite, period. Just like last year when it was an “open competition” in Philly. Vick outplayed Foles in the first game (against a vanilla defense), and he was immediately anointed the starter. Ignoring the fact that Foles totally outplayed him in every aspect the next 3 before the season started.

    In this case, it’s the reverse for Vick. He’s not the guy the coaches would rather have out there. If the play is even, or close to it, Smith will start. The only way Vick starts is if he plays amazing (very possible, Vick normally destroys defenses in the pre-season when they don’t try to disguise anything), or if Smith falls flat on his face

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