NFLPA doesn’t want Goodell to be judge, jury, executioner on HGH


The NFL Players Association says the only holdup on an agreement to begin testing for human growth hormone is that someone needs oversight on Commissioner Roger Goodell.

NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith told Sal Paolantonio of ESPN that the reason the players haven’t agreed to HGH testing is that the players don’t accept Goodell’s stance that he should be the final arbiter of discipline for players who test positive.

“It’s not being held up on anything that has to do with HGH,” Smith said. “It’s not being held up on anything that has to do with DUIs. It’s not being held up on anything that has to do with the frequency of testing. It’s being held up because one man wants to keep the power to be the judge, jury and executioner. That’s not right.”

The league and the union both claim they want HGH testing, but they’ve long been at odds about the details. It doesn’t sound like they’re going to find common ground any time soon.

26 responses to “NFLPA doesn’t want Goodell to be judge, jury, executioner on HGH

  1. And we with real jobs hate our bosses are so powerful also, but you know, that’s life in the big boy world….

  2. most rb’s fb’s , d-line o-line, lb’s and safeties are on hgh

  3. There position is all about picking the guy who can overrule Goodell.

    They know every suspension will be appealed. They want it to go to a arbitrator who they can influence

    So it won’t be the league doing the suspensions, but some other figure they can potentially influence.

    The league needs final say, not someone chosen by the players association.

  4. The players are stalling because they know 50% or more of them use the stuff. If they didn’t, this would have been done a LOOOOONNNNNGGG time ago.

  5. Poor collective bargaining last time out, owners fleeced the players. Retired players yet again got absolutely embarrassed by the owners.

    Goodell is but the lackey of the owners, hard to be upset with him. And yet, he’s just not a likable guy.

    Thumbs up if you want Goodell out.

  6. Goodell is a power-hungry tyrant and control freak. We saw that with the mess he made of the Saints so-called “bounty” scandal (which his predecessor had to clean up for him), his 4-game suspension of Big Ben who wasn’t even arrested (let alone charged with a crime) and his arbitrary and capricious fining of James Harrison for what Goodell decreed were “illegal head shots”, but which every other defensive player in the NFL calls “playing good football”.

    I’m with the NFLPA 100% on this one.

  7. Raj is willing to give up his “judge” and “jury” roles. However, “executioner” is something he particularly relishes, and is not prepared to bargain away.

  8. Yeah, like the NFL is going to kill its golden goose and start testing these juiced freaks.

  9. the world according to goodell would have the draft last until training camp. the jags would be in london and the season would last 20 weeks and then playoffs lasting until the draft. also he would like to solve the issue of player safety by fining defensive players.

    given his sterling preservation of the spygate evidence, and his flawless handling of the saints…why wouldn’t the players association want him to be prosecutor judge and appeals officer?

  10. I don’t want Goodell in that position either. This way the players will not be able to whine and cry when the sport is cleaned up.

  11. It took his pounding of the Saints for anybody to even flinch at the notion that Ginger might have too much power. This is all very amusing to me.

  12. In 2011 everybody was riding with Roger Goodell on a so call bounty, just keep on riding with him on this HGH he was all 3 parts in the bounty so let Roger Goodell float on.

  13. Players are still employees. Unless there are unfair labor practices going on,there really isn’t much to gripe about. They’re lucky that only the commissioner deals out punishment. The he/owners could ban you for life and turn you in to the cops,but instead they give you 3 strikes and put you in a rehab program.

  14. DeMaurice Smith was taken to the cleaners on the last CBA and once he realized that he has been defiant. Goodell is the judge and jury because the CBA says he is the judge and jury and there is nothing Smith can do but to accept it. If the players weren’t doing PED’s then there would be nothing to worry about anyway which makes his comment even more idiotic. The guys a total fraud.

  15. Nobody wants Goodell to have supreme power, it’s not just the NFLPA. His disciplinary record is all over the place. That’s why he gets booed mercilessly at the draft.

  16. They don’t want Goodell to have the power because they want to continue to use HGH. They won’t be able under a strong leader.

  17. I don’t trust Goodell either.. I think he is mostly motivated to secure personal wealth and all other interests are secondary.. he is doing very well for a midling corporate lawyer

  18. Nor should they. JJE’s (Judge, Jury, Executioner) are typically bad for those involved. They don’t care about your reasons because every reason is an excuse to them. They love their power and they don’t want to let it go.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and his attemps to maintain that power, even at the detriment to the sport that HGH could potentially do, he chose to hold on to the power rather than clean the game. Quarter season bans for marijuana is extreme for a drug that is legal in multiple states is far too harsh and there is nothing the NFLPA can do about this now. With this HGH thing there is something that the NFLPA can do and by golly they are doing it.

  19. Does anyone care or believe these guys are not on hgh? Hopefully, these NFL players in about 20 years aren’t going to sue like they are on concussions..LOL>

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