Report: Vernon Davis wants a new contract


Earlier this week, we shared a report that guard Alex Boone was skipping 49ers OTAs because he was dissatisfied with his contract.

It appears he isn’t the only member of the team who feels that way. Tight end Vernon Davis has also been absent from the team’s practices this week and Matt Maiocco of reports that it is also related to his contract.

According to Maiocco, Davis is trying to leverage his absence into a new deal with the team and is apparently willing to forego his $200,000 workout bonus in order to press the issue. Davis has two years left on the six-year, $42.705 million deal he signed with the team in 2010 and is due $9.05 million over that span.

When asked about Davis’ absence, coach Jim Harbaugh would only say that the workouts were voluntary. As with Boone, Davis’ case for an extension at this time is complicated by the team’s need to deal with contracts for quarterback Colin Kaepernick, wide receiver Michael Crabtree and others closer to the expiration of their deals with the team.

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  1. This stuff just kills the a team’s cohesion. Bad for the locker room. It’s too bad it can’t be handled quietly between the club and the agents w/o with the holdouts or missed practices etc. and the press that goes with it.

  2. Why do football players even have contracts? Jesus. TWO years left, and he’s holding out to renegotiate? What’s the point of having a contract if you can be cut at any time, or you can just hold out and not do your job to try and get new terms early?

  3. If they overpay Kap then the Niners are going to lose a lot of good players, he hasn’t proved himself enough yet to get the contract he had been asking for. And yeah VD is worth a little more that $4.5 mil a year on average. He’s a big part of the offense

  4. Might be time to bring in Mike Singletary to show VD some tough love again. The guy needs to honor his contract.

  5. 30 years old, 9 seasons, two years left and $9mil due on current deal and you want a new contract from the 9ers?

    Seems reasonable?
    ***sarcasm meter soars off the charts

  6. It’s impossible to avoid problems like these on good teams in the age of Free Agency. The Niners have a LOT of good players & they all want to make top dollar. While many of them may even deserve it–a team can’t possibly afford to pay everyone.

    You watching Seattle??? You better win now b/c this is your future after this season. Players who are entering their prime like Russell, Okung, & others are not going to take hometown discounts.

  7. If they overpay Kap then the Niners are going to lose a lot of good players, he hasn’t proved himself enough yet to get the contract he had been asking for. And yeah VD is worth a little more that $4.5 mil a year on average. He’s a big part of the offense.

  8. All players should get as much as they can whenever they can. The minute you even approach ‘replaceable’ while earning a good salary, they get rid of you.

  9. 9ers got a lot of guys that want to be a boat load of money here in the next couple years, better get it done this year or the window could close quickly, not going to be able to resign everyone.

  10. I don’t blame players for holding out. If they feel they are out performing their contract, it’s their right to try and get a better one.

    If the team feels they are under performing on their contract, they’ll get cut in a heartbeat.

  11. C’mon man, you SIGNED the deal under your own free will; so honor it. If there was no such thing as a cap, then fine – go for it, but knowing all too well that there are so many soon-to-be free agents who are due contracts, within a fixed cap, just pipe down until you are due.

    He’s already negotiated a stake in his future earnings in exchange for $4 million.

    With exception of the draft and the progress Bowman is making in his return from injury – I have to say that i hate this off season.

    After rebuilding themselves into a competitive franchise after years of futility, the Team’s finally been knocking on the door of the ultimate prize. Enough with these distractions and headaches.

    Start the damn season already.

  12. I’d have to say I’m surprised this is coming from Davis.

    But if we’re asking for things, I’d like even an average defense in Big D. That would be nice.

  13. 49ers players can see the window closing and are now seeing that getting paid is more likely than winning a championship.


  14. All of you saying “better get it done now, cause the wheels are coming off, and you can’t pay them all, blah, blah, blah” fail to realize that the best front office in the game TODAY doesn’t NEED to pay them all when you scout and draft like they do. Baalke is a genius and will make this work for years and years. I trust that if the Niners NEED any player, Baalke will get the deal done…if not he will let them walk and trust Harbaugh and crew to coach up the deepest roster in the NFL!

  15. Did you ever consider that maybe, just maybe, these players are making themselves more replaceable by constantly demanding these huge contracts? Fresh talent for less money becomes available every year…

  16. “Cannot play with him, cannot win with him, cannot coach with him. Can’t do it.”
    Sounds like no extension, Vern.

  17. Everyone on here screaming you signed a deal honor it remember how quickly these players are cut if injured it’s a business I say be a wolf not a sheep or you’ll get slaughtered trying to be the nice guy. It’s a BUSINESS FOLKS!!!

  18. He deserves it, 9 million over 2 years, what’s Graham to make? 9-10 million a year? The market changed and he deserves a reasonably fair market contract.

  19. Thankfully for Seattle, they at least won a Super Bowl before their stars got too expensive to keep.


    An average Vernon Davis season over his 8 year career is:

    50 catches, 650 yards, 6.5 TDs per year and almost no blocking ability.

    Never understood the hype for this guy.

  21. Impossible for CK7 to break all of Montana’s records.

    Dude was 4-0 in the Superbowl and something like 13TDs to 0 INT.

    Kap can’t undo Feb 2013 in New Orleans. Bad start led to 1TD and 1 INT. 0-1 in Superbowls.

  22. For all the “Seahawks are screwed for paying their guys” the niners are in a much worse scenario . They have the best offensive line in football being paid way under value and are now wanting more , wide receivers are due for a pay day, d like including Aldon who will get a 10+ mill salary and a qb whose gonna get 18-20 mill even though he hasn’t proven to be a leader or very consistent . Let’s not forget you can’t take money away from your Lb core and pay others bc they are also among some of the players with friendly deals that will have to be re upped soon. .

    Point is every team allocates money differently and every team will lose some of it’s players to big contracts . For all your stones it really looks like your team is saying PAY ME NOW And even willing to
    Hold out .

    Eventually tough decisions will have to be made but the niners outlook
    Just like a Denver is probably the most unknown and reason for Concern . The key like most good teams is to draft and develop . Picking well known
    College players does not mean they will pan out . They need to be scheme specific and also Need to be put only into successful situations otherwise they won’t develop as quickly or Confidently .

  23. It’s only fair that he should want a new contract.

    After all, I’m sure he offered to return millions of dollars in salary after being grossly overpaid (and underperforming) for his first 2-3 years, right?

    It’s only fair that it should go both ways.

  24. VD’s actual pay for this year is $7,342,000 considering his 2014 salary, prorated signing bonus, workout bonus and roster bonus. Top 49er paid player at the moment after Carlos Rogers is cut on June 1.

  25. Can’t blame the guy, he is the best TE in the game. TE’s need to know how to block and this guy is the best at it on top of being there best receiver.

  26. I’ve always wondered what the NFL would be like if all players were paid based on performance. Rookies get a set amount based on your draft slot, veterans get a set amount based on their time in the league, and then everything else is performance based. They go out and play hard and earn more money. Free agency would be a mess.

    As a fan paying way too much money for tickets and apparel I would think that this would actually drive salaries down. Which might help lighten up ticket prices. At some point if prices keep going up fans are going to stop paying to go to the games.

  27. nothing pisses me off more then this .everything was great when you signed its time to live up to it..this goes for every player in the league.if you are that good when the next contract comes up get your money.till then shut up and play!!!

  28. The Seahawks have just as deep of a roster and did so NOT drafting top 10 every year like the niners for nearly the entire last decade . Draft and develop is the key and the
    Current Seahawks staff has a A NICE SHINNY SUPERBOWL TROPHY to show for it.

    The Seahawks in 4 years went from the oldest nfl roster to winning the superbowl with the 2nd youngest team EVER . Facts are Seattle has targeted their core and that core doesn’t have off field issues that distract from football. They all show up and work their a$$ off and lead within their team by example . Conversely the niners are always on TMZ in some controversy or another . One team eats sleeps breathes football another just enjoys being paid and famous .

    The Seahawks patriots niners and broncos have the best front offices currently . But of all 4 even with Payton’s old arse the niners are in the most trouble . The coaches almost traded ? Power struggle and huge disagreements on draft picks . These things catch up to you.

    Your team is awesome as of now but all
    The signs are their that without
    Major luck the niners will be back to a
    Slightly above average team real
    Soon .

  29. To all those telling Vernon to honor his contract, do you say the same thing to the “Corporation” when they routinely release players still under contract.

    Are teams not under the “honor” code?

    No guaranteed contracts, means players have to get it while they can.

  30. I love how all you haters love to talk about the Niners. There are many teams out there who would love to have just a bit of the talent we have. Our backups could start for many other teams. After we take out Seattle this season the 6th Lombardi is coming home where it belongs! #Ninersforlife#dontbejealous#effseattle

  31. The guy is 30. I don’t see them keeping him through this contract, much less giving him a new one.
    He’s nearing trade-bait territory… The low contract value only helps that.

  32. Better get it now, Kaepercrap, Crabtree, and Iupati are all coming up for paydays, and there will be no $ left for you Vernon.

  33. The 49ers have missed the window. It was a strong run, but with no hardware to show for it. If they plan on giving Kaepernick the contract he wants, it’ll really be shut.

  34. he’s their best and most vital receiver by far. the contract must have been front-loaded, but 4.5 million a year for a player of his caliber is still a little ridiculous.

  35. Oh no . . . two guys that will be entering their fourth season in the same system won’t be present for glorified spring walk-through’s? The 49ers are clearly doomed.

  36. You can not hold on to everybody. The 49ers have a ton of talent and will need to decide whom they want to keep long term and whom they need to part with. Davis seems like he should be a long term investment but he may be getting to the age where they can get something cheaper

  37. Zero leverage and giving up $200,000.

    Not hard to understand why ex-NFL players end up broke.

    (And then sue the NFL for $$$$)

  38. Ah, ye olde I’m “underpaid” syndrome. He signed a 6 year deal worth 42 million and was already paid for 4 years at an average of $8.4 million. Most of the money was paid upfront. So, for the remaining two years of the contract, he’ll be paid about $4.5 million year. Hence, he feels “underpaid” because he’s “losing” $4 million. Math is clearly not taught to these guys.

  39. The bonuses tied to ‘voluntary’ workouts make me crazy. Sure, they’re voluntary in that the players will not be fined for missing them, but they are still out significant money if they don’t attend. Probably more than they’d be fined for missing the mandatory ones! So, not so voluntary in my books.

  40. Get in line 85


  41. Niners are so loaded with young talent Vernon better be careful here. My guess is he gets extended one extra year with a nice bonus.

  42. Three straight conference championships and the window is closing?


    Go to Starbucks and have a watered down “coffee” Shehawks fans.

    Santa Clara is a half hour drive from the city, while OKC is hundreds of miles away from that misty dump where they brag about how they can throw a dead Salmon across the room.


    Iron Sharpens Iron

  43. The Niners are really coming apart. Not sure if this is from management or the coach?

    So much talent on this roster, but something is wrong.

  44. What is wrong with you 49ers fans. Fire the bum VD. He was only too happy to sign a contract 3 years ago and now he want to steal more. Your team is ethically bankrupt.

  45. In Vernon’s defense he has a fiduciary responsibility to his shareholders to maximize his earnings. That’s what happens when you become a publicly traded entity. Wonder if holdout will hurt or help his stock price??

  46. Vernon Davis in SF is much like Golden Tate was in Seattle. Both players “stole” sizable salaries for the first 2 years of their careers. It literally took them that long to figure out what was necessary to be a success in the NFL. But for whatever reason they believe it is perfectly acceptable to go after more money 2 years away from the foul seasons they had before figuring it all out.

    All these types of guys should pay back what they took before they figured it out, THEN they are welcome to go money grabbing.

  47. In football with no guaranteed contracts this doesn’t bother me personally. They get cut when they are paid more then there worth so its only natural they would do it this way. In Vernon’s case though he is the third highest paid tight end already. Missing OTA’S to make a statement is not the same as holding out of training camp.

  48. Lol. San Francisco is not Seattle. We have been smart and have resigned our core players early. We had a plan and it is working out great! Plus we scout and draft well. Some players actually like playing in Seattle and are not selfish. So 49ers fans don’t worry about us. Worry about that mess you got in San Francisco. Go Hawks! #SuperBowlChamps

  49. Greed is always a downfall. A small snowball going down hill.becomes a massive rolling wrecking ball. The balls about the size of a yoga ball right now. This should be fun to watch pan out.


  50. as a lifelong niner fan i hope we cut this overhyped primadonna….please

    would rather go 0-16 without him then 16-0 with him…honor you big fat contract or kick rocks…

    please cut him and resign real players like crabs and the rest

    Go Niners!!!

  51. Get your money Davis, these guys are dead wrong and do not know what they are talking about. Kaepernick can barley throw over 3000 yards in a season, you have to think about that! His stats are getting hurt and he’s renegotiating because of the numbers he put up last season! If his stats fall because kaepernick is a ball hog his value falls along with it! Forty NINERS make billions, get your penny’s and I’m rooting for you!! Matter a fact it is called a team for a reason! Kaepernick can not go out there and be a one man team, everyone needs to renegotiate right along with kaepernick!!

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