Seahawks lock up Doug Baldwin through 2016


As expected, the Seahawks and receiver Doug Baldwin have worked out a new deal, keeping Baldwin in Seattle through the 2016 season.

Baldwin was a restricted free agent this offseason, which means the Seahawks could have held onto him for a one-year salary of $2.18 million, and Baldwin could have been a free agent next year. Instead, he’s now signed on for three years.

The details of the contract aren’t yet clear. The Seattle Times reports that Baldwin will make $9 million in the first two seasons and $8.5 million guaranteed. ESPN reports that the contract will pay Baldwin a minimum of $16 million over the next three years, and up to $19.5 million with incentives.

The 25-year-old Baldwin signed with the Seahawks as an undrafted free agent in 2011. Last year he caught 50 passes for 778 yards and five touchdowns.

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  1. Good for him. He’s earned every dime. He’s the emergency guy when Wilson is in trouble.

    His deep sideline catch of a Wilson pass against the Panthers last season, was one of the best. It was totally ignored by those ranking plays.

    He’s clutch.

  2. As much as I like Doug Baldwin, 16M over three years is WAY too much. This is an offense that only throws about 25 times a game. His production won’t get much (if any) better over the length of the contract.

  3. We’re loaded and set


    Drafts a de to replace Clemons, a linebacker to replace Wright, and a tackle to replace Breno, Draft 2 receivers

  4. Those numbers are great considering attempts and type of offense he’s in . The Seahawks offense will be much more dynamic this year than lasts when they save beast mode for playoffs and use their hopefully healthy wr corps . Seattle was 2nd in scoring only behind Denver as late as week 15 . If the offense didn’t lose so many players last year to injury it’s easy to
    See the Seahawks have the potential to be one of the top tier teams offensively maybe even the top offense when you consider balance .

  5. Excellent. Another excellent player snatched out from right under Jim Harbaugh’s nose. Good thing he inherited all his talent, because he certainly isn’t very good at finding it.


  6. Reasonable pay for a solid role player. They didn’t break the bank and he gets some security for awhile. Pretty rare to see a contract and not think one of the sides just got screwed.

  7. If you don’t follow Seattle Seahawks you should have no comment about what a player should be paid or not. Since he was a rookie Doug Baldwin has been a 3rd down beast. The catches he has made in his career here have been big time and clutch, not to mention he is damn good run blocker.

    I think if the offensive line is holds up we are going to see passing game because as equal a threat to our run game. James Carpenter down 15-20 lbs and Bowie/Britt taking over for Breno is going to be an improvement to Wilson’s protection.

  8. salary cap hell comming,better win again cant keep them all anymore…..

  9. Angry Doug Baldwin was a key part of that Superbowl win, and was clutch all season. Now, he’s getting paid. An undrafted free agent “pedestrian” WR, paid like a boss.

    Paul Richardson and Kevin Norwood, take note.

    Play like a champion and you get paid like a champion. Fail, and you’ll be getting picked up on waivers by the Santa Clara 1989ers.

    All the experts said we couldn’t re-sign our best players, that we’d lose our core. Just like they said our coach was a “rah rah” guy who couldn’t win in the NFL.

    Michael Bennett – Check.
    Earl Thomas – Check.
    Richard Sherman – Check.
    Angry Doug Baldwin – Check.
    Pete Carroll – Check.
    2014 Lombardi Trophy – Check.

    Next up – Russell Wilson.


  10. Didn’t Golden Tate sign with Detroit for about the same amount of money? All things being equal, I believe Tate is a better talent than Baldwin.

  11. PFO has Doug Baldwin inside the top 15 receivers in the game in yards above replacement and the 2nd best in value over replacement right now, so I’d say this is a bargain bin contract. On a side note I’m pretty sure this is more than they offered to keep Tate lol

  12. Tate signed a $6m deal with Detroit. And how was he better than Baldwin? They were the same player.

    I think it’s a brilliant way to let those new WRs know that you gotta earn your check in Seattle. And if you do, you’ll get paid. Tate got paid, too.

    Seattle is where great unknown players come to win, get noticed, and get paid.


  13. I see the fantasy/Madden crowd has shown up to opine that Baldwin is being overpayed because he doesn’t put up the kind of numbers they find impressive.

    I’m tempted to tell you to go back to Madden, because the adults are trying to have a real football conversation here. But, given how Baldwin thrives on the doubt he receives in the media, you’re welcome to keep on flapping your gums (or fingers, as the case may be).

    Stay Angry, my friends!

  14. I would like to see what the Hawks salary cap is right now. They have been extending a lot of people and still have to take care of Big Russell Wilson in a year. I guess they are setting it up now so they only have one huge contract next year. Glad to see Baldwin stick around. Wonder if he is still going to be angry

  15. That is about as much as Golden Tate is earning in Detroit, and Tate was their number 1 receiver last year. The Seahawks learned their lesson. They cannot afford to keep leaching talent.

  16. Ha ha. “earn your check in Seattle.” That is only good if the Seahawks are a monopoly. All teams know that they will lose some players while trying to keep others. The tough decision is deciding whom to keep. To me, Tate is a better player than Baldwin. They should have kept Tate and let Baldwin go.

  17. Hindsight is 20/20. The Seahawks, if they were smart, could have re-sgined Golden Tate and keep Doug Baldwin under contract for 2014 for the same amount of cap space. Instead they lost Tate and is now forced to pay Baldwin the same kind of money Detroit is paying Golden Tate.

  18. I love the seahawks ans am a fan of both, but Doug Baldwin is more valuable than Golden Tate. Baldwin is much more reliable and makes a lot of the necessary clutch plays that wins games. Tate is good, but i would choose Baldwin over him.

  19. Actually the Hawks are in the bottom half of the league for 2015 cap already alotted. Don’t think you can just ignore Seattle and they’ll go away.

    Seattle drafts differently than the rest of the league. They have continual competition to put the best talent on the field (see: Earl Thomas trying out for PR). They don’t overpay, either to attract free agents or to retain their own. The deals they sign players to are high in guaranteed dollars but low in infationary, dead-cap dollar generating, multiyear signing bonus fests.

    They just do things differently.

    Welcome, NFL, to Year 2 of the Hawks’ dynasty.

  20. The best front office working with the best coaching staff in the NFL just inked another key Hawk.

    If you don’t like the contract you’re either:
    1 – not paying attention
    2 – don’t know football.

  21. The negative comments are coming from fantasy football participants that don’t really understand fantasy football.

    Or from folks that just don’t like the hawks for whatever reason.

    Baldwin’s a Great real life WR that doesn’t choke in the big ones. Not choking is huge.

    Fantasy wise…if you’re lucky, and start him on the right week (maybe 5 weeks out of the season) you’ll be rewarded.

    Fantasy greatness doesn’t equal real game greatness.

    Fantasy detractors of this guy…do more homework on fantasy football.

    You’ll be more successful.

    Baldwin is perfect for this offense, and’s a huge part in making it go in the real game.

  22. Brilliant move. ADB has been paying it forward for the past three years, and now he has received his well-earned reward.

    As many others have already noted, he is absolute money on third downs, and has a way of getting open when RWIII has to scramble.

    This is just more bad news for the rest of the NFL, and the NFC West in particular.

    Go Hawks. Back to back. Why not us?

  23. I’ma ffantasyfootball player, and baldwin helped me win a game last year with a big game he had when I had a.j. green on bye (iI think)… Baldwin is a stud in real life. Very under rated. He makes mmomentum building plays which don’tshow up in the state box. It doesn’t always show in the national media either.

    I’m fine with that though. Us folks in Seattle know he a savage.

  24. Wait..

    I’m glad that Seattle finally has a reason to celebrate their football team with a well earned first Super Bowl, but using the term “dynasty” is premature and makes the fans look like clowns. The old expression “act like you’ve been there before” exists for a reason. Win a second championship in the next year or two and that term is acceptable to use.

    Additionally, since when did the “city of tears”/ “city of sorrow” / “rainy city” get renamed to “emerald city”?? Now that is a spin doctor at work. Anyone who has ever had the fortune of visiting Ireland realizes it is the only place that should bear the distinction of having “emerald” in the nickname for it. (Not surprised that the city is ripping off someone else’s nickname though.. see the Texas A&M Aggies & TRUE 12’th Man).

    In any case, the city has every reason to be buzzing with excitement. If Balmer’s deal to purchase the Clippers does go through, you have to believe he wants to move the franchise to Seattle. That is one heck of a talented basketball team which would be great for the city!

  25. Michael Crabtree’s best season: 85 rec 1105 yd 9 tds

    Doug Baldwin’s best season: 50 rec 778 yd 5 tds.

    If Crabtree is “sorry a–” then that makes Doug Baldwin complete garbage.

  26. I like Baldwin as a player, he plays with heart and makes big catches. He’s a solid #3 or even maybe #2. That being said, those are some pretty high numbers equal to #1 money.

  27. Seattle picked up the “Emerald City” nickname in 1981 contest. So its pretty well known and been around for a while now.

    As for the 12th man, that came about in the 80’s too, in the raucous Kingdome days. Those were some fun teams with Jim Zorn, Dave Krieg, Steve Largent, and Curt Warner, just to name few. That was when Seattle fans first began to realize that they could actually have an impact on the football games. So that’s not new either. It just faded a way for a time when that carpet bagger from Northern California tried to destroy our football team and move them to LA.

  28. Thats good money for a guy who’s never really done anything special in the league up to this point in his career … besides catching a few clutch passes from wilson… i thought players were given extensions because they had continous good productive seasons… not because they caught a pass that set up a game winning feild goal

  29. Gotta love all the haters saying the Hawks are paying too much and they’re going to run out of money. Schneider knows exactly what he’s doing and with a rising salary cap there’s going to continue to keep being room to lock up key components for Seattle. Sure they’ll lose a few players along the way but every team faces that. Just look at the Niners fans yapping about these deals… guess what, you’ve got a long list of players hitting FA next year including Kap, Crabtree, Iupati, Snyder, Gore, Hunter, Dorsey, Spillman and Skuta. No chance in hell they keep them all

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