T.J. Ward on strip club incident: Embarrassing, but blown out of proportion


Broncos safety T.J. Ward landed in a little bit of hot water last week when Denver police issued a warrant for his arrest on charges of misdemeanor assault and disturbing the peace in the wake of an incident at a strip club.

Ward appeared in court last Friday and was issued a summons, something that Ward says should have been the only thing to come out of the incident. He blamed miscommunication with law enforcement for the issuing of a warrant when a summons was all that was necessary to move things along.

“Anytime there’s a negative situation about yourself, it’s a little embarrassing,” Ward said, via the Denver Post. “But I think it was kind of blown out of proportion. It was basically a ticket or a summons, and it wasn’t supposed to be a warrant. There was miscommunication between the police department and myself, so that’s why they issued that. But that’s all being resolved.”

Ward allegedly threw a mug at a bartender at a Denver strip club after he was told that alcohol was not allowed inside the club. He has a court hearing on June 23, but it doesn’t sound like there should be too much further fallout for Ward as a result of the incident.