Three Ravens reportedly kicked out of club for being drunk

It could be time for another Friday afternoon press conference in Baltimore that includes no actual conferring with the press.

According to TMZ (via CBS Washington), three Ravens found themselves involuntarily removed on Saturday from a Maryland bar for being drunk.  Since bars typically include people who are drunk, common sense suggests that one must be quite drunk to get kicked out.

The allegedly inebriated Baltimore players were receiver Jacoby Jones, cornerback Jimmy Smith, and running back Bernard Pierce.

With the mind-boggling Ray Rice press conference on Friday and rookie running back Lorenzo Taliaferro’s arrest for destruction of property and public intoxication, it was a wall-to-wall bad weekend for the Ravens.  Especially since no other players on the other 31 teams created negative headlines.  (Johnny Manziel created headlines; it’s still not clear whether they were negative.)

Memorial Day has become one of the few holiday weekends in which players are left to their own devices and, in turn, they sometimes find trouble — or vice versa.  Moving forward, look for more teams to follow the lead of the Cardinals, Chiefs, Dolphins, and 49ers, all of whom kept their young players under wraps by conducting rookie minicamps during the three-day weekend.

Actually, that could be the best possible time for the annual full-squad mandatory minicamp.

105 responses to “Three Ravens reportedly kicked out of club for being drunk

  1. Perhaps it is the realization that another year of Flacco overthrowing receivers and opposing offenses torching the Ravens shaky secondary is just ahead. Hell, I’m sure most Ravens fans routinely need to drink, too.

  2. Wait a second, a former raven murders a guy, and now we’re drawing the line at being drunk… In a bar?

  3. No, they don’t need to move the dates of the minicamps. This isn’t preschool its the NF frekin L. If grown men that get paid millions of dollars cannot conduct themselves in a civilized manner then they deserve whatever punishment is given to them.

  4. Over-reaction to young men getting too drunk in a bar starting in 3…2…1….

    Oh wait it’s already started

    (nevermind that there is an arguement that it’s the bars responsibility not to over-serve customers)

  5. Off season from hell. Twice as many incidents this off season than all of the years combined since harbaughs been in charge…

  6. What do you expect? Their franchises best ever player was a murderer, their current running back is a wife beater, and their quarterback is Joe Flacco. I’d be drinking heavily too.

  7. And are you suggesting players; who are basically 25 year old millionaires, who have 4-5 months off, only celebrate on Memorial Day weekend?

  8. The team promoted Ray Lewis for a decade. This team is a complete joke and should be removed from the NFL. Each week the list of Ravens arrests or stupidity grows. Roger Gooddell does nothing, as usual.

  9. I once got kicked out of a bar for head bopping to a great song playing: they thought I was falling asleep.

    Honestly, being kicked out of a bar is a right of passage. If they were arrested this would be an issue.

  10. Just up on the right of the screen next to this ‘news’ we have a Hernandez story. Other players (and owners) have been caught do all sorts of dangerous illegal things.

    I know these guys are athletes and alcohol isn’t great for the system. But they are also human. They have a three-day weekend. If they want to get drunk and kicked out of a bar as long as they aren’t violent or destructive then so be it.

    America has so many bigger problems and so does football than worrying about 3 guys having a few too many drinks on a holiday

  11. Great, why not use the quotes from the bar management saying the men are welcome back anytime,it was just time to call it a day for the players.

  12. This is a non story. They were drunk in a bar on memorial day weekend. The bar (Seacrets) is known for overzealous bouncers (trust me – I was one once) who always err on the side of throwing people out. The security also stated they were cooperative and welcome back anytime.

  13. Goodell has already suspended them 4 games. He is still waiting on all the facts to present themselves w/Irsay however.

  14. Is anyone surprised? After all, this is a team that had Ray Lewis as a leader… yeah

  15. “I say Son, your lips are moving but nothing’s coming out.”

    Foghorn Leghorn

  16. Wait, you mean Johnny Football wasn’t the only NFL player who went out somewhere? What club did he get kicked out of again?

  17. it was at secrets in ocean city. i saw all of them there. they were nice to everyone. taking a bunch of pictures and talking to everyone. they even waited in a long line to get in.

    I didnt notice them being that drunk. read the former bouncers comment above. probably just some meat head dude wanted to say he threw them out.

    in other secrets news. the guy in front of me fell off a wall and split his head open and didnt even notice he was bleeding everywhere. another guy dove off the dock and is now paralyzed. crazy things happen there. and the ravens players were nothing compared to everyone else.

  18. “it was at secrets in ocean city”

    I was on the players’ side until it was Secrets…were they at those tables in the water where people just pee in the ocean?

  19. Ravens and Niners the new problem child’s. They make raiders look like choir girls.
    Brady still can’t win without spygate too.

  20. Well they should people go to the bar to get sober. There’s no drinking at the club. If they got kicked out and then drove home then we could call them stupidiots.

  21. Time for Ozzie to clean house. Starting with Harbaugh and then right on down through the roster.

  22. ravens were in major re-building mode last season and still went 8-8 and just missed playoffs.

    they were 8-6 and in driver’s seat before losing to NE and at Cinc.

    i suspect ravens still have some gas in the tank for the next few yrs. afc north will improve, maybe a lot. the window of opportunity for Cinc may have closed. 3 yrs in playoffs, including a home gm, and 0 wins. and Cinc lost its 2 coordinators…

  23. Thank God that Arron Hernandez is in jail, otherwise who knows what could have happened to them!

  24. Joe Flacco absorbs each morning’s team news with a flat stare, and then asks when his next check will arrive.

  25. Too many of the Ravens players don’t know what it means to act like a responsible adult. Those in charge of the franchisebneed to look at themselves in the mirror and figure out why they have so many players who embarrass or bring disgrace to the team. It’s sad when learning about this incident the Ravens can say, “We’ll, at least they didn’t knock out a woman.””

  26. no harm no foul.Steelers fan saying throw team out of league get a life.what a joke!!!!!

  27. Looks like we may need to hide the women and children when the Ravens come to town. Man. What is going on with that roster. Harbs has lost control.

  28. Kicked out yes..but did anybody get a drink spilled on them? Thats what being a professional is all about. See, being from Baltimore we know how to handle our drinking. We gently drag you out of the elevator and tuck you in to bed. Its not like they followed anybodys car to a red lite and unloaded a .38 caliber handgun into their car.

  29. Jacoby Jones is a loser, he had the incident in DC too, and my girl works at Hooters and everytime this clown goes in he hits on her and she gives him the cold shoulder and still trys to talk to her. Get a life you loser.

  30. As long as they didn’t get into a fight or drive drunk afterwards this is a so what kind of thing. If they were seen driving away afterwards then I have a big problem with it.

  31. this would not have happened if they had sweet pea with them to keep them in check.

  32. Jimmy Smith was not asked to leave. Only Pierce and Jones. Smith stayed later into the evening and left on his own accord.

  33. I met three Ravens at a nightclub in Las Vegas the summer after their first SB victory (summer 2001). They were hiding out in the back of the Pepper Mill bar, just chillin’.
    They were on the down-low, but they dressed like rock stars and twice the size of standard humans, so no matter what you do, if you’re a group of NFL players out on the town, you’ll get noticed (and that’s when rumors fly).

  34. i was there, and yes they were really drunk, but honestly everyone at secrets on holiday weekends is really drunk

    not sure why they got kicked out tho, they were being well behaved when i saw them

  35. Here are all the raven fans, once again defending all these players on their team by deflecting yet another incident on to Hernandez. What does he have to do with all the Raven incidents, he has his own troubles. What is wrong with the Ravens roster of players? Worst organization in sports, nobody ever gets a reprimand, no one gets punished, they can beat a woman senseless and they don’t get cut. Newsome should be fired. Stay classy, Baltimore.

  36. Ravens are poorest excuse for a franchise in pro sports. Little kids all over Baltimore wearing Ray Lewis, Jamal Lewis & Ray Rice jerseys. Great heroes you got there Harbaugh.

  37. If Rice was there I am sure he would have taken care of the hostess who kicked them out.

  38. it’s not a club in OC, it’s a big outside beach bar, with uptight bouncers…getting kicked out, wouldn’t be hard there.
    that place really has a high opinion of its self.

    but pros representing a city should not be doing anything close to getting them kicked out

  39. Maybe I’m just old, but getting drunk just isn’t any fun. At all. The hangover isn’t worth it. Why don’t these guys have parties at their house and get drunk? Your own bed is a few steps away, and you aren’t getting in fights, getting so rowdy you get thrown out, etc. Let alone getting plugged by APerp types if you “diss” them by bumping into them and spilling their drink.

  40. I live in Ocean City, and our police are very aggressive during the season to keep everyone safe in a community that adds 250,000 visitors over the weekend. If they had realy been an issue, it would have escalated to police involvement, I guarantee, and I am not a ravens fan.

  41. Drunk players with no fighting, no driving, no assaults on women. Cool. Just a boys night out. Much ado about nothing. Looks like we got a bunch of angry birds flocking around the country! Need some rowdy players on teams to have an edge so expect a much better season. Let’s see where this takes us. Still pissed with Ray Rice’s situation though!

  42. Wow; 3 Ravens getting kicked out of a bar.

    If I were Harbaugh, I’d be worried about any of my players getting kicked anyplace, and then go and find the guys who kicked them out, and get them in for trials as o-line help……

    If Ravens are getting kicked out of bars in B’more, how are they gonna handle visits to Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Cincy ???? They’ll get a real kickin’ there……

  43. I’m a Ravens fan who is tired of this crap!
    I understand trying to support your guys through hard times (which only happens in Pbg if you’re the QB) – but that seems to be an invitation to do whatever you want. So, time to start rolling heads and tossing some of these guys (maybe use the OC bouncers).

    Now for those who love to rip the Ravens…
    Rice seemed like a decent guy – so the Ravens did not “hire” another criminal intentionally.
    Secondly, why use THIS crap to cut-up Flacco, who hasn’t done anything but be a good citizen , husband, and father…oh yeah…and win playoff games for 5 years and win a Super Bowl!

  44. At this point if a Ravens player gets a traffic ticket we’ll hear about it on TMZ, read it on here, and see everyone calling it a team of losers. When the season rolls around they will get on the football field, be focused, and all the off season nonsense will be behind them…and they will still beat your team.

  45. “Secondly, why use THIS crap to cut-up Flacco, who hasn’t done anything but be a good citizen , husband, and father…oh yeah…and win playoff games for 5 years and win a Super Bowl!

    This actually made me laugh at loud. Seriously! Who in their right mind would be jealous of Flacco? He is a mediocre QB. And way overpaid. He will be an anchor around the Ravens neck for years. The fact that you said “Jealous?” is absolutely classic projection as we know you are nervous about Flacco. Flacco is a terrible QB made mediocre by good WRs. And we all saw what happened last season without Boldin. The Ravens are decline and you know it well. These recent arrests will just add to the train wreck of the team inside and outside the locker room.

  46. It was a holiday weekend!

    Manziel goes to Vegas…big deal.

    A few Raven players go out and get loaded…big deal.

    I’m a Browns fan but, did any of these guys break any laws? Did they hurt or threaten anyone? Did they do any damage to property? Did they drive under the influence? What’s the big deal? All they did was let off a little steam

    I had a BBQ with family and a few friends. We ate too much, drank too much, laughed our asses off and maybe annoyed a few neighbors,…. though I don’t know of it.

    What did you do over the holiday?

  47. If this was Adam Jones drunk in a bar the ravens fan base would never shut up. Since it’s their guys, nothing to see here. Typical ignorant and blind ravens fans.

  48. In an article published in the Baltimore Sun the manager of Seacrets denies they were drunk and asked to leave. He goes on to describe that security asked them about an incident. They later left and returned to the club after waiting in line. Obviously if there was an incident involving them they would not have been allowed back in. Those are the facts as provided to the newspaper and NFL security by the manager of the club. I hope the gossip rags will publish the facts unless they are well you know gossip rags.

  49. I can see where people would think the players were being ejected from the club based on the part of the video where the security guy seemed to be leading them to the exit, but at the 38 or 39 second mark one of the players clearly says “They’re trying to kick me out” and the security replies at the 41-43 second mark that “I’m not trying to kick you out.”.

    So, you don’t even have to take the manager’s word for it, the security guard himself during the video that they are basing this whole “Ravens get ejected from a club” thing on has the security guard for the club in the video saying “I’m NOT trying to kick you out.”.

    Turn up the volume and listen to it again at those parts if you don’t believe me. TMZ should have listened more carefully to their own video before running with a story that their own footage disproves.

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