Cowboys say Dez Bryant extension “a real possibility” before or during season

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Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is heading into the final year of his contract and he said this week that he feels he deserves a new deal from the Cowboys as a result of his efforts during his first four seasons.

With 293 catches over his career and 25 touchdown catches while playing every game over the last two seasons, it’s tough to argue with Bryant’s assessment of the situation. That likely explains why it doesn’t sound like the Cowboys are going to try too hard to come up with an argument.

Executive vice president Stephen Jones said that there’s “a real possibility” that the team gets an extension done with Bryant before the end of 2014.

“We’re certainly taking a long look at that,” Jones said during an interview on 1310 The Ticket, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “As we do with any great player in our organization who’s nearing the end of a contract, we start to look at it and see how we might structure something going forward. I think that’s a possibility, yes.”

Figuring out the structure of a deal may be difficult for the Cowboys, especially if they want to extend left tackle Tyron Smith as well under a cap that’s tight at the moment, but it is hard to envision a scenario that ends with Bryant anywhere but Dallas and anything but very well-paid in 2015.

32 responses to “Cowboys say Dez Bryant extension “a real possibility” before or during season

  1. politicallyincorrect

    As a fan of the racially slurred named team in Washington, you must be very familiar with ‘middling’ performers…

  2. @ iamkillerfin


    Seriously? The correct spelling is prima donna, Einstein. Yes, it is two words, and there is no “E”.

    If you are going to hate, you should at least be astute enough to spell those hater words correctly. And btw, the guy has 25 TD’s in two years. I will give him some slack for being a fiery personality who wants to win with those type of TD totals.

    The guy is a beast. Period

  3. @ politicallyincorrect says:

    “LOL at the Cowgirls! Dez is not what he thinks he is…. but Cowboys are in habit of overpaying midling performers… As a Skins fan I love this!”

    WHAT? Did you hit happy hour a little early today? A 4skin fan is actually on here talking about the Cowboys overpaying for “midling” performers (BTW, what the heck is “midling”? Did you mean “middling?) When is 25 TD’s in two seasons considered “midling”?

    Let’s review the facts.

    Fact: Dan Snyder paid Fat Albert Haynesworth 100 million dollars for 12 games and 6.5 sacks over two seasons. THAT is the ALL-TIME WORST contract ever written in the NFL. PERIOD. CASE CLOSED.

    But let’s continue Snyder’s penchant for overpaying other players.

    Fact: Pierre Garcon was paid $42 million for a 5 year deal (20.5 million guaranteed) and the guy produced 5 TD’s last year. If you go by his guaranteed money, he averaged a little under one million dollars per TD last year. Bryant had more TD’s as a rookie with 6.

    These are the facts, yet you think you have ANY platform to talk about another team when your team’s owner is one of the most moronic in all of sports? Wake up, dude. But then again, you are a skins fan. I don’t know why I am even surprised at all.

    It must be nice in your rainbow and unicorn world. When your team is as bad as they are for as long as they have been bad, I guess I can understand you wanting to live in a fantasy world.

  4. It will be really interesting to see how this unfolds. Im of the opinion that Dez will want at least 100,000,000 and the fact is Tyronne Smith is by far the much more coveted player on the Cowboys. a 24 year old Pro Bowl LT trumps a Pro Bowl WR all day long.

    Guess they need to just sign one and tag the other.

  5. Anybody that says Dez isn’t a beast is either stupid, in denial, or both. He is a top tier receiver.

    – Niners fan

  6. Dallas fan actually calling Dan a moron owner!? Really? Jerry is a complete and total egotistical idiot and a laughing stock of the NFL. Don’t believe me ask fans of any of the other 31 teams. Dan by far is not perfect but at least he has enough sense to get a GM. Dez is a very talented receiver but is a total head case . Pierre caught 113 passes last year that is excellent numbers for a receiver and he actually dont act like a head case moron. To talk about bad decisions lets talk about overpaying for Miles Austin, Radcliffe, Carr, Roy Williams, sign over the hill Romo to a mega contract they can’t afford, get rid of Jimmy Johnson, keep Garrett head coach, Bruce Carter and Claiborne are looking to be busts, defense is falling apart and you have no money to fix it. But don’t worry if Romo goes down you got Wheeden to save the day now there is a great move LOL! The unicorns are crapping all over Jerry world.

  7. few things in life are certain, but there are a few certainties here:

    jerry & co. won’t let dez get away..

    jerry & co. will overpay for the privilege ..

    jerry & co. will restructure contracts again next yr to get under the cap further postponing the pain…

    jerry & co. will jettison a few good players they overpaid earlier

    and while this isn’t certain, i’m betting at least 4 of these 5 will be gone… linehan, callahan, garrett, marinelli, kiffen,

  8. Hey look on the bright side Dallas fans….when Jerry finally does turn the team over to his son they might still be dysfunctional but everyone on the team will have clean eyeglasses.

  9. He has kept away from mischief and been a high character role model. A top 5 WR in the NFL deserves to be paid like one. Jerry, please pay the man.

  10. Why? Dallas can’t get enough of signing players who don’t matter.

    Let’s see, who played in the Super Bowl last year? The year before? 2012? Den, Sea, SF, Balt, NYG, NE. Not one of those teams has a WR as good as Dez Bryant.
    It’s not an essential position but Jones keeps trying to find the next Mike Irvin. Not going to happen; doesn’t matter anyway.

  11. The cowgirls were dumb enough to overpay miles austin they will give him stupid money just like yomo and keep missing the playoffs every year what they need is defense and for fairy jones to stop meddling with them hes not a coach this is the number 1 reason that the cowboys want win another super bowl until he sells the team or learns his place like last year in the nfl draft fairy jones picks a bum in the 1st round he reaches big time instead of taking BAP on the board hes just like al davis but i think hes worse always thinking that the cowboys are going to the super bowl and the worst thing is every year hes messing with the coaching staffes on both sides of the ball i have to say dez bryant is a great receiver but hes got a lot of terrell owens in him he puts himself before the team that never works and throwes cry baby temper fits like last year when they lost to green bay

  12. Put him in New England or Green Bay or any other of the media love holes, and suddenly he’s “quirky” or “misunderstood”. But since he’s in Dallas he’s a prima donna or toolbag.

  13. It’s important to pay a player for what he can do in the future instead of what he has done in the past. In the case of Dez, I think they will extend him before the end of the season.

    The Cowboys did draft a pretty good WR prospect in Devin Street who has some size like Dez. Covering themselves perhaps.

  14. again, as a Redskins fan, I really hope Dallas resigns Dez and pays him like he is a top 10 WR

    DHall does not seem to have much difficulty covering Dez and he is “old”…. Dez is a good WR but not a top WR by any means.. very overrated player………. great fit in Dallas!

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