Daryl Washington apologizes for failing marijuana test

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Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington is taking responsibility for his one-year suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, and is vowing to make things right.

In a statement through his agent (and the Cardinals official website), Washington admitted his latest ban was for testing positive for marijuana.

“The Policy is very strict, and I have chosen to take responsibility,” the statement said. “I am committed to making changes in my life that will allow me to return to the NFL as soon as possible. I will work extremely hard to stay in top football shape, and will work equally as hard to ensure that my life off of the field meets the high level of maturity and responsibility to which I am committed.

“I sincerely apologize for the effect of my actions on my teammates, coaches and other colleagues at the Cardinals. I also apologize to Cardinals fans for the time I will miss. I will work diligently during this suspension and will return as a better man and football player.”

While we ponder whether Washington capitalized the P in “Policy” in his mind while he gave this heartfelt statement, it’s also worth pointing out he has future hurdles in front of him.

This suspension was wholly unrelated to the personal conduct policy, after he pleaded guilty to an assault charge following an incident with the mother of his child. That will have to be reviewed at a later date.

27 responses to “Daryl Washington apologizes for failing marijuana test

  1. So how much money does this cost him for missing the season due to suspension? simply amazing.

  2. Does this mean he forfeits his entire salary for the 2014 season as well? If so, than that makes this marijuana he smoked some of the priciest stuff I’ve ever heard.

    When all you have to do is have enough self control to stop tokin up 2-3 weeks before you’re drug test, that really speaks to just how idiotic this guy is to have his priorities so epically messed up. Use your brain Daryl, and next time when you choose between getting high in the short-term, and NFL football, here’s to hoping you get those priorities lined up where they should be.

  3. I’m for legalization, but in no way do I feel bad for this guy. Is it really worth losing millions of dollars to smoke weed?

  4. Not sure who wrote this statement but it should be the template for anyone who tests positive and gets suspended. Admit it, apologize, and move on. Don’t argue, don’t get petty or technical or cutesy with the language. Just own it.

  5. Think about for a sec. You drink a 16 oz. bottle of beer, get tested for it the next day or week, and now you’re suspended for the year.

    Yea, I know it’s a different substance and rules are rules…just saying. Still no excuse for the guy.

  6. What a shame. He’s stupid for not following the rule but the rule is an absolute joke.

  7. For some people that herb just simply & genuinely improves their quality of life.. The NFL and big business in general need to put an end to these draconian policies.. This guy is a beast and a hard worker no reason for him to be suspended..

  8. Why is the NFL concerned whether a player smokes weed? It has no material impact on the game. Just strike it from the policy and move on. I don’t even use the stuff and have no inclination to and even I can see how pointless testing for it is.

  9. it would be interesting to compare this statement to the statements released the other times he was suspended to see if he really really means it this time

  10. This guy was awesome last yr and now he’ll be watching the season from his couch. He should call DJ Williams and ask him how his contract in the future will look. Signed him for $100k w/performance bonuses. Complete idiots! Soon he won’t be able to afford his weed anymore.

  11. I like how it’s worded. “He apologizes for failing the test” So basically he is sorry he got caught, not the act of doing it. Gonna be hard to break the habit and get back in the league.

  12. I 100% agree with what sfm073 said! well put. Legalization seems inevitable at this point, which is a good thing, but that doesn’t change the rules in place right now so you can’t really sympathize for him.

    However it does seem strange that they’re still coming down so hard on marijuana when within the next couple years (whenever the do finally embrace it…) it’s going to be one of the main things that help save the NFL from more of those player safety lawsuits.

    In the last 2 years, there’s been a lot of progress made testing marijuana to help heal Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI.) It’s just a matter of time before the league catches up with the science.

  13. dretwann – Exactly!

    The smartest thing the NFL can do right now in regards to their drug testing is drop marijuana as a banned substance & start testing for HGH.

    HGH makes people bigger & stronger causing more armful collisions… marijuana helps heal TBI’s, so its backwards right now in regards to how they test. Right now, its bigger hit with less remedies for those hits, and the best part is the NFL could reverse that trend pretty quickly. (if they wanted too.)

    Just an example: there has to be a reason why J.J. Watt goes from pizza delivery boy to NFL Pro Bowler. If this were baseball — it would be more suspect…. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day its revealed that he was doping. He’s our Mark McGwire.

  14. I wonder how easy it’s gonna be to stay off the weed with nothing to do for the next year?

  15. re:”When all you have to do is have enough self control to stop tokin up 2-3 weeks before you’re drug test,”

    If you get a year that means you have already failed several tests and are in the true random testing program.
    So you have to stop completely or there is a very good chance of being caught.

  16. In an age where just about everyone is beginning to realize that there’s nothing bad about marijuana, why isn’t the NFL realizing this too? The fact that people still can be suspended for it, or even tested for it, is absolutely retarded. Test for tobacco. That stuff’ll kill you. Test for alcohol limits. Test for things that matter. G’damn.

  17. Don’t tell me this stuff isn’t addictive, don’t tell me it’s no big deal, when a guy leaves behind $10 million because he can’t put down the joint, it’s time for even the most ardent supporters of legalization to realize that for many people, marijuana is addictive and a problem.

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