Daryl Washington suspended for substance abuse violation


Word leaked early today that Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington would miss the year, and now we know what for.

According to Darren Urban of the team’s official website, Washington was suspended a year for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

That’s the same policy for which he was suspended the first four games of last season, and means this one was unrelated to his recent guilty plea and probation for assault on the mother of his child.

The loss puts the Cardinals in a bad spot on the field, as they’ll look to young Kevin Minter and old Larry Foote to fill in at inside linebacker.

“It’s completely unacceptable that Daryl has once again put us in this position,” Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim said in a statement. “We all know what the consequences are and will deal with them.  From a personal standpoint, our hope is that this suspension will give Daryl the opportunity to accept the necessary help and guidance to get his life back on track and we will certainly support him however we can.

“As it pertains to our team, our approach is the same as it’s always been: next man up. We talk a lot about how critical depth is to a team because situations always arise where you lose players, whether by injury or other circumstances such as this one. One player’s absence is another’s opportunity. That approach has served us well in the past and we will rely on it now.”

For Washington, he has put his football career in jeopardy, and put himself in a position for the Cards to come after part of the bonus money he’s already been paid.

63 responses to “Daryl Washington suspended for substance abuse violation

  1. Wow. Seems like we keep saying the same thing, which is when will these guys ever learn?


  2. And the hits just keep on coming!!

    People who say “money can’t buy you happiness” obviously don’t know where to shop.

    But people who say “money can’t buy you common sense”, absolutely true!!

  3. “It’s completely unacceptable that Daryl has once again put us in this position,”

    Refreshing honesty from a team official. Like it.

  4. I thumb, then seahawaks were suspended for performance enhancing drugs, not illegal drugs like pot, coke, etc…

  5. Abusing chemicals is a no-no but apparently abusing a female half your weight is OK.

  6. The Cardinal’s statement highlights the different circumstances that Josh Gordon has found himself in. If it was a simple case of a failed test, as this appears to be, the team would have condemned his actions as selfish and hurtful to the organization.

    The Browns continued support of Gordon shows that he should not be lumped in with the likes of Daryl Washington.

  7. then the abuse thing is still out there for 2015. when did this last pot thing happen? first i heard of it.

  8. I’ll never understand how stupid some of these guys are. You’re getting paid millions to play in the greatest sport in the world and yet so many of them try as hard as possible to muck up such a great opportunity. Some of these morons like Washington, Blackmon and Gordon cannot be that stupid can they?

  9. this is disgusting, he was already a scumbag for raping that young lady, and now he says bleep you to his teammates, wish he could be kicked out of the league, we don’t need losers like this repping the shield

  10. The policy for substance abuse is clear. It would be good to get some clear policies in place on other types of criminal conduct too.

  11. More and more, I wonder why I continue to support this sport with season tickets. OTOH, I do applaud the NFL and the NFLPA for making an effort to clean this stuff up.

  12. “It’s completely unacceptable that Daryl has once again put us in this position.”
    He can’t be serious! He was suspended for 4 games last year. He pleads guilty to hitting the mother if his child. Yet, he still a member of the team. Now, he’s suspended for an entire year and the Cardinals are talking like he still a member if the organization. What the GM should have said is, “We hope he gets the help he needs. He is no longer a member of our team.”

  13. What about the punishments for Rice, megahead meeting with his OC, and Irsay? Too much preferential treatment for the golden boys. This guy gets kicked out for a year for substance abuse, and Rice is still on the ravens roster after beating his wife. Makes a lot of sense.

  14. Honey badgers are fearless animals… time to move Tyrann Mathieu to middle linebacker!

  15. If someone like Washington gets 1 year for cheating, Ray Rice should get 2 years. The priorities of these leagues are completely backwards.

  16. This guy doesn’t know what opportunity he just flushed down the toilet.

    You are a rising star in the NFL.

    You do drugs. You do them 3 times, you are suspended one year.

    I JUST DON’T GET IT!!!!!!

    Unfortunately, neither does he.

  17. This scumbag should have been booted for the year for breaking his girlfriend’s collarbone in 2013.

  18. Yeah, figure it was this.

    Damnit, Daryl. Get your ish together.

    Doubt he will ever wear a Cards jersey again. 🙁

  19. Wow,it just never stops,does it? It seems there is no end to the stupidity in pro sports. Being that this is the second time,not to mention the assault on his baby’s mother,why don’t they just ban this type of person from the league? Roger Goodell needs to think long and hard about the punshments he doles out.

  20. I have a feeling Washington will still face additional discipline for the battery charges he’s facing under the personal conduct policy. His days as a Cardinal are coming to a close, and I’d be pretty surprised if he finds another job elsewhere in the league.

  21. No Washington, Dansby gone….

    …good luck keeping that #1 run defense rating.

  22. The question isn’t “how many times are we going to keep seeing these situations?” The question is when is the NFLPA going to acknowledge that there is a drug abuse problem? The NFL Administration has but they have choosen to throw up their hands because it’s easier to suspend a player than to get them treated.

  23. New rule. Get caught in back to back years, get a lifetime ban, and have to pay back bonus. Leave 3 strikes to baseball.

  24. Ole Larry Foote will end up being a traffic cone for the running game by week 4..
    “Next Man Up” translation. Wait for the Steeler Waiver wire this summer!

  25. Only in the NFL.

    Go to the European Soccer leagues. Look at UEFA None of the players ever test positive for anything and none of them ever get arrested.

    It’s a sad state of affairs in the American culture. Sigh…

  26. Suspended a year for a substance abuse violation and not for the felony aggravated assault on a female charge. Some real priorities there, Roger.

  27. This kind of behavior affects the entire team. What owner, in his right mind would want to put up and pay millions to a guy like this?

  28. “It’s completely unacceptable that Daryl has once again put us in this position…”

    first words from the Cardinals statement…nevermind this guy has a life challenging addiction, the cardinals are upset about the hole on defense now. Stay classy AZ.

  29. Let’s see Washington beats his wife bad + fail 3 drug test and got 1year Ray Rice hit his girl one time only thing he ever did wrong and you think he deserves more? Be real son..

  30. Busting guys for smoking pot is just draconian these days, especially for a year. The states that haven’t legalized it have at least approved it for medical use or decriminalized it. Such actions clearly show the state governments don’t view it as a gateway drug and basically believe it is more beneficial than harmful in certain circumstance. I am not arguing the value of marijuana, just that the NFL needs to adopt the same stance as the state governments, it isn’t that bad and doesn’t warrant the types of punishment that other drugs carry. If they still want to buy into reefer madness then punish guys who smoke pot one game and add one game for each repeat offense. Therefore they would have to fail 16 tests to miss a year. Right punishment for the right crime. To lose the talent that the NFL is losing and punishing fans by reducing the quality of play by suspending guys who haven’t managed to circumvent the urine test policy (like Von Miller) is the real crime here.


    It is WAY PAST TIME to end this ridiculous policy of punishing people that use marijuana, both recreationally and medically.

    Do you want them addicted to pain pills and sue hte league?

    Do you prefer them to get drunk at a club and into a fight, DUI or even a fatal car accident?


  32. Everyone hates on these guys who get suspended for substance abuse, and everyone says something along the lines of “How could they do that, they make millions of dollars, what idiots!”

    Most of these guys have been around drugs throughout their lives. It’s not a stereotype, its a fact. When you’re raised in an environment where drugs are dealt and used on a consistant basis, you tend to have a higher chance of using said drugs.

    I honestly don’t care if a football player wants to smoke weed. The consequences of drinking alcohol far outweight the consequences of smoking marijuana. Alcohol tends to make someone more confident, loud, and sometimes hostile. Weed tends to make someone tired, hungry, and lazy.

    The fact that NFL owners haven’t openly come out in support of Marijuana baffles me. As a Ravens fan, I wish the entire team smoked weed. Maybe that would prevent them from going out and getting hit over the head by a stripper, or punching out a cab window…

  33. Why doesn’t this happen to hockey players? All these bad guys have flocked to the other three major sports.
    Go figure.LOL

  34. Awesome! Hopefully the NFL does the same thing to the knuckle head from the Cleveland Clownz #jgordon.
    These guys dont get it. Us fans want to see real competition. No cheating unless you play for the Pats

  35. and there goes the Cards 2nd best defender, and best front 7 player. Putting aside how stupid it is for a guy who JUST got suspended for 4 games to come up dirty again, he is going to be tough for the cards to replace. If I were to make a list of guys on the cards that needed to have big seasons for them to compete in that division, Washington would of been at the top of it.

    Can’t see them making the playoffs with that big of a hole in the middle of their defense

  36. What a shame! Any player who has served a 4 game is subject to 1 season foe the next transgression (ie; Brandon Browner, Walter Thurmon).

    They don’t seem to get it!

  37. If Washington isn’t smart enough to smoke pot without getting caught, then he really shouldn’t be doing it.

    Having said that, the NFL’s approach to pot is arcane. A player can ingest handfuls of Ibuprofen, destroy his liver, and all is hunky dory. But, use pot to relieve the aches and pains, and the NFL treats you like you’re using PEDs. Smoking pot is not cheating…in any reality.


  38. Wow look at this. All these guys popping for peds and substance abuse. Who aren’t you seeing with it……..yep the super bowl champs. Seahawks have cleaned up their acts. Say all you want about it being tainted. Dont forget about Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire. Talk about cheating. Lol


  39. Makes sense. Hill – 3rd offense gets 6 games. DW – 2nd offense gets a season. Irsay – driving high on pills – 2nd offense, still tweeting.

    I think Goodell has a Wheel of fortune wheel in his office and that’s how he determines suspensions. Him and the other billionaire owners sit in there laughing and laughing all the way to the bank. When it was Irsay’s turn to spin his punishment, Goodell and the other owners said “sike”.

  40. I think I can speak for all Cardinals fans when I say, good-bye D-WashOut.

    How disappointed we are. Be done with him and move on. As Keim says, “Next guy up.”

    I don’t want my favorite team make excuses just to field criminals like the 49ers or druggies like the Seahawks.

    (See what I did there?)

  41. Cardinals are a division rival, but I hate to see a guy throw away opportunities like this. Plenty of time for smoking in retirement.

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