Giants release Josh Freeman


Josh Freeman is back on the unemployment line.

The Giants signed Freeman a little more than a month ago to join the mix of candidates for the backup quarterback job next season, but his stay came to an end on Friday. The Giants announced that they have released Freeman well ahead of the end of spring work.

The decision to part ways with Freeman may have something to do with Eli Manning’s return to the field at OTAs this week. There was some question about when Manning would be ready to go after ankle surgery, leading the Giants to bolster the depth chart with Freeman and Rusty Smith. Both have been released now, though, and second-year player Ryan Nassib looks like the best bet for the No. 2 job come September.

Getting dropped now is something of a double-edged sword for Freeman. On the one hand, he’s now been on three teams less than a year after he was bidding to become Tampa’s long-term answer at quarterback but, on the other, he’s got some time to find a new home before camp. The former impacts the latter, though, and Freeman’s career trajectory continues to move in the wrong direction.

The Giants also announced that they have claimed offensive lineman Rogers Gaines off waivers from the Bears.

79 responses to “Giants release Josh Freeman

  1. When you’ve become a worse option for a team than Curtis Painter you know something’s gone wrong.

  2. Well, I hoped that the shock from the Tampa situation would shock this guy into the shape but I guess not.

    Looks like he will follow the Vince Young route now and bounce around a few years as a camp arm and then be gone.

  3. They couldn’t teach him to hold the play book right side up either. So much for “good pickup”.

  4. I don’t know why people keep saying Packer fans are delusional, just because they think Teddy Bridgewater is a horrible QB and Matt Flynn is the next Sammy Baugh.

  5. Sorry to Justintuckrule… looks like your buddy Josh will not be the future of the Giants, as dumb as it sounded then, makes it even funnier now, lol

  6. My Giants are in trouble.

    The Josh Freeman era is already over so now its back to trying Ryan Nassib. I don’t know that Nassib can lead the Giants to 6 victories this year.

    If only Tiki Barber would come back to save the day.

  7. Guess Greg Schiano wasn’t such a horrible judge of talent after all.

  8. Josh is a basket case. Damon shame. Maybe JaMarcus and him can eat..opps…work out together! Watch out arena league, coming your way

  9. That didn’t take long. I hope Josh saved his money cause whatever it was that got him that 1st round rookie deal appears to be gone.

  10. Just another NFL punk who thinks he should be paid like a superstar without actually putting in the work … It’s a shame he too stupid to actually put in the work to be great… QB’s make all the coin in this league

  11. “I don’t know why people keep saying Packer fans are delusional, just because they think Teddy Bridgewater is a horrible QB and Matt Flynn is the next Sammy Baugh”

    Uhhh, maybe because Flynn, when playing for the Packers, has put up better numbers than any quarterback in the history of the Vikings?

  12. I remember distinctly some fans, i am presuming some Giant fans saying on these boards that Josh’s inability and being thrust into the Vikings starting lineup was as a result of the ineptitude of the then Vikings coaching staff. Fair enough, but could someone explain the 19/53 performance with balls sailing over players heads. The guy had the physical gifts, tools, but as they say its what is between the ears and the fact that he didnt have the want too.

  13. Why not Houston? Bill O’Brien is supposed to be good with QBs, Freeman plays permanently concussed so he’s going to need some tutoring wherever he goes.

  14. I don’t know why everyone thinks Packer fans are delusional, just because they think Matt Flynn’s numbers are better than Fran Tarkenton’s, Daunte Culpepper’s, and Brett Favre’s.

  15. LOL at all the Giants fans pointing to the acquisition of Freeman as part of the evidence of their “awesome offseason.” guys were *so deep* at QB during OTA’s. The rest of the NFC was shaking in its boots for a while there.

  16. @bobzilla:

    Ummm, no schiano sucks big time. A better coach could have brought out talent and judging by the pro bowl and Freeman’s early career stats it was definitely there. I won’t argue that he’s been in free fall mode since, many rumors of immaturity but dung-for-brains schiano and his antics definitely helped to derail the train. He deserves absolutely no credit except to hasten this guy’s downfall.

  17. We (the Buccaneers) have not been to the playoffs since 2007.

    Josh was only an alternate in 2011.

    thegreatgabbert says:
    May 30, 2014 4:36 PM
    Wow, what happened to Josh? He was in the playoffs and Pro Bowl in 2011. He’s younger than Kaepernick.

  18. So I guess those bozos claiming it would soon be the Josh Freeman Era for the Giants were a little off the mark. Lol

  19. How the mighty have fallen. We all knew he was just a camp body but still. He went from having potential to just being a journeyman now. Shame.

    Well he still looks like a model so he’ll always have money…screw him! Yeah I’m hating.

  20. Wow, Freeman appears to be out of the league and Sanchez is fighting and by all reports failing to get a QB spot. If it wasn’t for Stafford the 2009 QB Class would be among the worst ever.

  21. .
    Where are those who were berating the Bucs for not signing Freeman to a long-term big money deal last year at this time?

    Not signing him might be the best personnel move the Bucs made this decade.


  22. This says nothing about his talent, but everything about him as a worker and human being. Freeman needs to go f himself & dont… Act… Entitled.

  23. Wow – from the Bucs heralding him as one of the NFL’s ‘elite’ QBs just two years ago, to not being able to beat out Ryan Nassib today. That’s a hard, quick fall.

  24. Josh Freeman’s performance in his single start last year is undeniably the worst performance I have ever seen by an NFL quarterback, and I saw every start of Rick Mirer’s career.

  25. Rick spielman should have been fired many times over for how he has handled the quarterback position. The freeman signing was easily one of the dumbest wastes the Vikings have ever had.

  26. What would it hurt???? Take a look at Vince Young…..
    There are a lot worse QBs on NFL rosters that has never had the success Vince Young has had …(NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    He can help this team…even if it’s just upgrading the quarterback pool…

  27. Maybe…. Just maybe….. Josh Freeman was outplaying Eli, so Eli called Archie and demanded something be done. ( think draft day San Diego fiasco – but with a twist).

  28. It’s hard to leave when you can’t find the door. Josh needs help but he’s got to want it. Oblivious.

  29. There has to be a reason Freeman fell so far so fast.

    What is it? Substance abuse? Ego?

  30. If you sit behind Ponder on the depth chart, your career is pretty much over. Why the Giants signed him in the first place is even a bigger mystery

  31. Josh Freeman is a tragedy. I wonder if The Big Dog will still jock this guy and make excuses for him on the radio? No joke there where ghey rumors here locally about Freeman. After that Michael Jackson photo shoot it was all down hill from there. Just saying.

  32. My take: He can’t learn the play book. He didn’t like Schiano’s play book, nor the Vikings because it was too complicated for him. It slowed him mentally and that threw off his passing. I think the Giants realized this as well and just said adios.

  33. I care more about who our punter is than our backup qb. If our 2x sbmvp champion dynasty slayer goes down, we’re screwed regardless.

    You other NFC east losers who haven’t won anything since wrexxx in effect sung rump shaker should pick him up.

  34. It’s not that he’s worse than Curtis Painter. It’s that they know they won’t need him with Eli healthy, so why pay Freeman when they can have Painter and Nassib both for half of what Freeman would cost?

    But with that said, he needs to get his sh*t together.

  35. Josh was the best QB on the vikings roster last season but was rushed into starting far too quickly.

    It was a genius move by viking GM Rick Spielman to sign Josh Freeman to a big money deal.

    The former viking coaching staff that rushed Freeman into starting should be blamed for his only one bad game last season.

    Which makes it more surprising that a locally acclaimed GM like Rick Spielman would not have kept him. Instead Rick Spielman decided to go with a cheap untested rookie instead of the talented QB he spent so much on last season.

    Maybe the vikings can get Freeman very cheaply now, which would be a spectacular genius move.

  36. Actually, the Niners took Davis that year. But the interview happened and the impression was the same.

  37. I remember reading a draft analysis for Freeman with the writer swearing that Freeman will make the Jets and Lions regret not taking him.

  38. Boy.. his time in TB must’ve been bad.. Then again, we’ve all seen this before. Classic QB burnout. At least the Bears didn’t trade two 1st rounders for him.

    Seriously though, here’s hoping he can find himself. Very, very talented young man.

  39. The Josh Freeman has been recalled by the manufacturer, Kansas State University.

    Seriously, something has really gone wrong with this guy. He was playing at a Pro Bowl level a few seasons ago, 25 TD passes and 6 INT, but now seems to regress in football ability with each passing week. He probably should consider seeing a doctor and a sports psychologist, and I’m being completely serious.

  40. I can’t help but wonder if Freeman had a “who cares” attitude during the OTAs like it seems like he had in Tampa Bay in 2013 and with the Vikes. It’s pretty bad when you’re a former starting QB, in your mid-20s, and you get beaten out by last years third string guys before camp starts. I wish him luck, but looks like he’s got to get some things right on his own.

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