Josh Gordon ticketed for speeding

As the appeal of Josh Gordon’s reported suspension moves along slowly, Gordon himself was recently moving very quickly.


According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, police ticketed Gordon for speeding over Memorial Day weekend.  A passenger in the vehicle was cited for marijuana possession after the officer detected the odor of it in the vehicle.

Gordon allegedly was driving his Mercedes Benz SUV 74 miles per hour in a 60-mph zone on Sunday, May 25.

The third-year wideout faces a one-year suspension under the league’s substance-abuse policy.  His appeal is pending and, in theory, a decision could come at any time.

Regardless of whether he beats the current suspension, Gordon must submit to up to 10 drug tests per month.  If Gordon is around marijuana smoke, he could end up testing positive even if he didn’t actually smoke it.

If, as Cabot recently told PFT Live, Gordon is in Stage 3 of the substance-abuse program, any positive result would result in a minimum suspension of one-year.

151 responses to “Josh Gordon ticketed for speeding

  1. Really? The ‘passenger’ is cited? Like he wasn’t smoking also…cops giving him a break? This guy will obviously never learn.

  2. 74 in a 60 on Memorial Day weekend? The guy deserves a medal – not a ticket.

    When it rains it pours for this clowns.

    I guess his appeal is going to big on the “contact high” defense.

  3. Unbelieveable, so much talent, so little intelligence. If their was any doubt this kid would be suspended for the entire 2014 season, this should end that. Cut your losses brownies, even when he does come back, He’ll be gone again, since he is incapable of learning.

  4. Really? Claiming he can catch a “contact high”? Come on Florio…. Turn off the Dean Martin, put down the Bourbon, and get with the times….

  5. Funny, I’m watching “Cops” as I read this. But this idiot got caught with meth. Oh well, close enough.

  6. Marijuana may be harmless to most people but it apparently makes millionaires very, very, very, very dumb.

  7. Im am one of his biggest fans and supporters but he really doesnt want to do well in the nfl or this stuff wouldnt happen. And you know if he gets suspended for the whole year he wont be able to pass a drug test the first week!!! What i wouldnt do to be in his shoes! Unbelievable.

  8. “If Gordon is around marijuana smoke, he could end up testing positive even if he didn’t actually smoke it.”
    What? Absolutely not. Rookie misconception.

  9. Yes! Hes gonna be my fantasy first rounder. And they called me a fool for taking ochocinco in last years first round. WINNING!

  10. One day when he’s broke and alone he’s going to wish he had passed on the weed and took advantage of his opportunity to be great.

  11. Gordon is why we have bad impressions of football players. He seems reckless and irresponsible.

  12. Really???? Just being around marijuana smoke and he could test positive. Another brilliant remark from PFT

  13. 1.) Great picture.
    2.) Most of us would be lying if we said we went the speed limit on the highway. This doesn’t bother me.
    3.) Gordan, stay away from weed. At the very least wait until after you find out if you are suspended or not before you get associated with marijuana again. This bothers me.

  14. What an idiot u just got suspended for 1 year and your still speeding with pot in the car he will be out of the league in 2 or 3 years

  15. Wait a minute…so he’s tested positive for marijuana multiple times…AND he has been caught “speeding” at 74mph? Why do we allow these hardened criminals who want nothing more than to bring down this society to be free?

  16. An x-ray of his skull revealed a series of knuckles… Please cut him Ray. Potential for long term deal gone. Can’t teach stupid. We’re not the 49’ers..

  17. Un-effing-believable.
    I am not a Browns fan in the least, but this guy Gordon is a real piece of work.
    I can remember hearing rumors after the 2004 season that the Steelers wanted rid of Plaxico Burris because they thought he might be a “bad influence” on Roethlisberger. The same might apply to Gordon and Manziel.

  18. Wow must be a slow news day if him getting a citation for 14 over. I understand he’s in deep poop for all the substance abuse stuff but why a class C misdemeanor speeding ticket makes headlines is basically kicking the guy while he’s down..

  19. And in other non-news events, I drove at the same speed at the same speed limit posting on the way home and didn’t get a ticket.
    Speed racer picture. Really?

  20. As per league policy on traffic tickets, Josh Gordon will lose a limb, the second offense is death by firing squad.

  21. Btw… to test positive by just being around someone smoking weed… you have to be stuck in a small room with Bob Marley, Willie Nelson, George Clinton AND Bill Clinton to get it to show up in your system.

  22. This guy is a idiot. Your appealing your failed drug test but then u go and hang out with people who have Weed on them real smart D bag. Cleveland should trade him now while he still has a chance to play cause when next off season comes around he will be done for life.

  23. So? This somehow warrants a front page story? Ah wait, pot smoker, reckless driver, possibly a homicidal maniac. What else could he be hiding?

    Full Story at 6!

  24. He’s speeding and someone is smoking weed in the car. While an indefinite suspension looms.

    You just can’t make this stuff up.

    He’s done. He just does not get it.

  25. As a life long Browns fan of 44 years, this is so typical. We FINALLY have a guy who is special and he turns out to be a total dumbass. We’ll NEVER win anything!

  26. Can somebody please get this kid a mentor? And please tell Mary Kay her “beat reports”, while potentially furthering her career, demoralize fans of the Browns?

  27. Do they have negative integers on the wonderlic?
    Seriously, I would not want someone that STUPID on my team.

  28. There will be a lot of negative comments about this no doubt, mostly from people who speed just as much over the speed limit every single day as he was going.

  29. I must say I’m loving these new graphics. Speed Gordon has a long time to think about getting his life together. Too bad he hasnt started yet.

  30. 74 in a 60. His parents should be ashamed their son (or daughter) hands out speeding tickets for a living.

  31. Watch your ass JFF. They worked him to get to you.
    How just stupid?
    (can’t wait for the trolls who change their time on their computers to post in from of me).
    Get a life

  32. Neither speeding nor the pot is the story. It’s Gordon’s ignorance or totally lack of reality that is the story here.

    While I don’t agree that your actions BEFORE signing a contract should be held against you, once you do sign that contract, you accept your employer’s rules….lock, stock and barrel. He has already violated the NFL rules multiple times, and here he sits, waiting to hear the outcome of his recent appeal. Anyone but a self-destructing knucklehead would be on their best behavior and going to nightly prayers, begging for another chance. And, what kind of friends would put Josh into this situation? With friends like that,….

    Goodbye Josh, we barely knew you.

  33. As a Steelers fan, Florio will always lay the lumber to the Browns, Ravens, and Bengals. PFT/NBC should ban him from reporting on the NFC North…

  34. I was hoping that news was coming any day that Gordon’s suspension would be reduced to a few games due to the impending changes to the CBA on the impact of positive marijuana tests. Now I don’t care. This guy redefines stupid. Any lucid person in his situation would be chilling it at a friend’s house – not driving a smoky car too fast. And, of course, once he’s on his own for a year, he will never play another down in the NFL. What a waste.

  35. Dayem, lots of people here think doing 74 in a 60 zone is no big deal.

    How do you think the city makes money off speeding tickets? Giving everybody a free pass under 15mph over the limit?

    If he were driving a rusty Pinto, they might not bother if waiting for somebody with money. And he was driving a Benz SUV. Cop knew he’s somebody with money who won’t bother trying to fight the ticket, so the cop doesn’t have to waste his time showing up in court.

    The best part for the cops: most people who go over 10mph above the limit are also stupid. “Hey, let’s smoke some weed…oh yeah, hold my beer and watch this as I hit the gas.”

  36. Some of you readers are just not getting the whole picture. It’s really not a big deal when you are caught speeding and it’s not over 15 mph. It’s not even reckless driving! But when you’re facing a year long suspension from the NFL for substance abuse violations. Why the hell would you do something so stupid when you have a passenger sitting next to you with weed and you still going through your own problems? He is an idiot!! and will not realize how blessed he is until he’s banned from the NFL altogether.

  37. Just plain dumb. It’s hardly speeding. It’s not smoking . It’s just pot. That’s not the point. How dumb can this guy be?

    It takes more than athletic talent to win in the NFL. Looks like AFC North teams are checking themselves out of the running one by one. Ravens, Browns, Bengals. Guess whose left.

  38. Usually these guys don’t start screwing up until after OTAs and before camp. They are starting early this year. Play clean, and play good in the NFL and you can be set for life. But you can throw it away in ONE SECOND and then you’re NOTHING. Knock it off guys!

  39. To me the story here is not the speeding. Who cares about that. It’s a HUGE indication of this idiot’s mental capacity to even be around someone with weed. The fact that he can’t be man enough to do what’s legally right even as he’s faced with a season long suspension proves he is a moron. He has clearly made a choice to smoke weed instead of e a professional athlete. Stop smoking. Play out your short career and make your money. Then smoke weed when it’s done. You’ll still be young enough to party even when you retire because te average career is so short anyway.

  40. Why on earth would he be in a car with someone smoking. That means he’s done. He won’t make it back… He’s going to blow another test and get suspended for another year. Goodbye career.

    It’s millions of dollars!!! A condition of collecting the money is not smoking weed! Have some discipline for 5 to 10 years and then move to Colorado and smoke your brains out when you retire!

    The guy is so talented… What a shame that no one can talk any sense into him.

  41. He dodged a bullet on this one. No doubt the passenger took the rap for him on the weed charge. Chances of him having a good career look to be at about zero at this point. No discipline at all even when he is under a ton of scrutiny.

  42. I don’t think people read the article. They just post on the speeding ticket headline. Welcome to the modern age where it is encouraged to just judge the book by its cover.

  43. Josh Gordon is one of the most physically gifted WRs in the league. He made multiple bad decisions in college. He appears to be following that same pattern in the pros. Physical gifts without mental discipline are pretty useless.

    What’s that old saying? “The best prediction for future behavior is found in past behavior.”

  44. Cleveland is my hometown and I lived there for 30 years. The reason that he got pulled over is because that spot is a notorious speed trap. Has been for as long as I can remember. There’s a local cop with radar there virtually 24/7/365. They will pull anyone over for only 10 mph over the speed limit. Everyone knows this. Whenever I go back to visit family, I always slow down going through there. So, just another indication that JG is a dunce.

  45. 74 in a 60 zone isn’t that bad in itself, but if you’re carrying anything, you should at least watch the limit.

  46. If Will Hill from the giants is suspended only 6 games for his third failed drug test then josh should only get 6 games! Goodell favors the giants all the time !

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  48. Meh, as a Browns fan I don’t really think this is a big deal. It’s news-worthy, but not a big deal.

    The NFLPA is re-vamping the penalty for smoking marijuana.

    Greg Little said on a local radio station that he won’t get into the details of Josh’s situation (still none are released) but it was “out of his control.”

    A recent article from PFT on Will Hill indicates that he believes he was suspended because of second hand smoke.

    If Greg Little stated it was “out of his control” then the NFL is banning for second hand smoke of marijuana.

    Sure, you can have the people outcry “HE SHOULD NEVER BE WITHIN 40 YARDS OF THAT PLANT!” but the truth is, as a nation, we are understanding it isn’t as big of a deal as everyone made it out to be when originally banned.

    This is coming from a non-pot smoker by the way. And yes, I have a lot of friends that smoke pot and I am constantly around them.

  49. 74 in a 60 is absolute middle of the road. Speed doesn’t kill, differential in speed is what does. I was waiting to see 110 in a 55. Total non issue.

    The friend with weed, on the other hand…

  50. As alluded to by one commenter here, marijuana was demonized as part of a power grab by a politician over 75 years ago. Yes, I believe it is absolutely improperly classified by the federal government, and I suspect marijuana will be fully decriminalized/legalized/whatever in the next five years. But that’s not relevant.

    At this time, marijuana is classified as it is by the feds. And it’s included in the personal conduct policy. So players, who have an average career of what, 4 years? need to stay away from it. and they need to stay away from “friends” who partake as they will continue to smoke as well. “Bad association spoils useful habits.”

    The thing here is the stupidity on the part of the player facing a suspension and:
    1. being with someone holding and/or consuming pot
    2. having that person in your car with you
    3. smoking (in all likelihood) marijuana with your companion
    4. exceeding the speed limit at all.

    The rule I’ve always heard is that tickets come when you break the limit by 10 mph, not 15. He should have been pulled over, he should have been ticketed, and oh, by the way, this will endanger your personal career (you moron).

    Those of you shaming the highway patrol officer: shame on you.

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