Mark Sanchez says he’s “just entering the prime of my career”


While his former team is conducting a quarterback competition which really isn’t one, Mark Sanchez has no pretense of winning the starting job in Philadelphia.

But he sounds decidedly OK with that.

As New York reporters descended upon Eagles OTAs to talk to the guy who was unceremoniously dumped by the Jets, Sanchez was squarely in happy-to-be-here mode.

“I’m not going to do the comparison thing,” Sanchez said, via Kimberley Martin of Newsday. “I loved everything that happened there [with the Jets]. Everything. Good, bad, ugly, don’t care. It was an awesome time.

“But I’m an Eagle now. I love being here. This is the best place I could have landed.”

The opportunity to work with Chip Kelly overshadowed the seat firmly behind starting quarterback Nick Foles, but Sanchez insisted he was “just entering the prime of my career” after coming off shoulder surgery.

“Maybe this whole shoulder thing and relocation has just been a blessing in disguise,” Sanchez said. “Maybe that year off was exactly what I needed. Got a little rest for my legs, for my arm, and I feel great. . . .

“I just kept thinking, ‘Eagles. This is the place to be.’ I really respected what they did last year . . . And I think they have a ton of talent, especially at the wideout position, tight end position. They’re just overflowing with guys that can play. So that’s exciting for a quarterback.”

After what he emerged from with the Jets, having those kind of offensive weapons must be unusual for him, even if he doesn’t get the chance to throw it to any of them.

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  1. The prime of his career was his rookie year before The Tale Of The Tape figured him out all around the league lol

  2. Yes because as great as you were, you needed that much of a break from playing football. Throwing those 30 TD’s a year puts a lot of strain on your body. Don’t they take mental exams for these players geesh. Sounds like he is smoking that good good.

  3. Mark, this is Houston. Did you copy previous transmissions? You are out of control and plummeting. Please copy that you have received. Mark, it is time to say goodbye. Over and out.

  4. Sanchez has been a starter his entire career and believe it or not, he probably still sees himself as one.
    He will forever be remembered for the buttfumble but don’t be surprised if he shines at practice and training camp. He is hungry to succeed.

  5. First it was Vince Young and the “dream team” quote. Now Sanchez is entering his “prime.”

    What is it with journeyman QBs and Philadelphia?

    A good backup QB is like a good fireman – well prepared, well-equipped, and ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

    But a good fireman is also adept at fire PREVENTION. They have the right mindset to labor in anonymity, and do the little things that contribute to the greater good – knowing that those little things (preventing fires) reduce the fireman’s individual shot at glory.

    Backup QBs should be more like Smokey the Bear, and less like Red Adair (the oil rig firefighter that inspired the movie “Hellfighters” starring John Wayne).

    More process, less drama.

  6. Sanchez doesn’t realize yet that no one goes to Philly because they want to be there. The draft picks only go because they have too.

  7. This guy is totally delusional, the best he could ever hope for from here on out, is a career backup. I wouldn’t really trust him with that, if he doesn’t see the writing on the wall by now, he’s really in trouble mentally.

  8. There isnt a team in the league where he would be a starter.

    His best bet is a team like Philly with only a somewhat proven starter. If Foles has a terrible season, Sanchez could end up winning the job next year.

    Im all in with Foles as an Eagles fan, but honestly, I dont really know what to expect out of Foles without Desean. And I question if the league will be better prepared for him this season.

  9. I guess it wouldn’t be beneficial to this article to note that Sanchez, working with the 2’s, was considered the worst QB of the 4 on the field for the Iggles at there first practice.

    Threw several balls in the dirt, overthrew Sproles by 5 yards on a wheel route, and threw one pass that didn’t come within 10 yards of a receiver.

    Barkley, working with 3’s, as said to have looked very sharp.

    First day of ota’s and Sanchez is already on thin ice in Philly.

  10. So glad the Redskins didn’t draft this guy. I remember Dan Snyder was all giddy over him, took him out to dinner in DC…even had Vinny Cerrato cheerleading for him. SMH

    Thank goodness.

  11. Pete Carroll was right when he said Mark Suckchez should have stayed in school one more year before turning pro…

    Mark, QB’s in their 5th and 6th seasons are not on a one year contract for only $2.25 million guaranteed…

    Heck, many back up QB’s are paid MORE than that now…

    THIS is NOT how you dreamed your career would play out.

    I’m sure you thought you would have one a Super Bowl by now, been a star, on a big money contract etc…

    At least you entered the league when rookie deals for those picked early were huge…

    Hope you saved some of that money… not that $2.25 million is nothing, but you’re not on your way to making $18 to $20 million a year for several years in a row…

    Might wanna rent while in Philly too…

  12. After what he emerged from with the Jets, having those kind of offensive weapons must be unusual for him, even if he doesn’t get the chance to throw it to any of them.


    Absolutely correct. The Jets had absolute crap at the skill positions 2 years ago when he was the starting QB. Even Geno smith had limited weapons last year.

    It looks like this year the Jets finally have some talent at the skill positions. Who knows what Sanchez would do behind a talented team. Geno Smith might even look decent this year.

  13. I am not a huge fan of Sanchez, but he had no playmakers on the Jets. The best playmaker they had when he was there was Santonio Holmes, who is a slightly above average WR. In Philly, I feel confident that Sanchez can get the job done if something unforeseen were to happen to Foles. They have a ton of offensive weapons.

  14. I’m guessing he should have went to Minnesota, don’t they collect QB’s that can’t play ?

  15. You all sound like jealous losers for bashing a guy trying to show some confidence. Sure, he may not be the best QB but how far have you made it in the NFL? That’s right, you’d run crying like a little girl who just spotted a rat if you ever saw an NFL LB coming at you.

  16. One thing to remember, the Jets traded away a boat load of valuable draft picks to move up and get him. And what did they get in return, a butt fumble that will go down in NFL infamy.

  17. He was misquoted, he actually said he was “just entering the prime of their rears.”

  18. I think he meant that he signed up for Amazon Prime b/c when it comes to his body of work I am not sure you could even describe it as a “career”.

  19. Of course he’s happy – he’s a terrible QB who’s still getting paid millions of dollars a year to hold a clipboard. And he’s still well under 30, so he could have another 10 years of getting paid millions to hold a clipboard to look forward to. WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?

  20. As many here have said: delusional. Sanchez is one of the worst QB’s ever. In his rookie year w/Jets he was pretty good. He got worse and worse every year after that. His last year w/Jets was bad beyond description. He will be remembered for the infamous butt fumble only.

    At the peak of his career? His peaks are others valleys. He will never start again.

  21. yep. he’s in his prime of his career. That would mean we’ll see more butt fumbles coming our way!

  22. I had to check back on his 2012 stats just because I was worried all this media coverage was going to confuse me into thinking he might be a good player. 15 games, 13 TD passes, 18 interceptions. phwew, glad I cleared that up.

  23. I’m fine with Sanchez on the Eagles…he’s been to the AFC Championship game twice in his career, and I think Foles is confident enough in his abilities that he won’t view Sanchez as a threat. What’s not to like?

  24. The debate over which was the better draft pick, Josh Freeman or this guy, isn’t such a sexy topic anymore, is it.

  25. “I would have pushed my agent to find me a team, where I would be a starter.”

    Like in the CFL?

  26. Hilarious.

    It’s even more hilarious Rex Ryan couldn’t get to an AFC title game without this guy.

  27. For all the iggles fans that say they are happy to have him as a backup QB because “he got to the AFC Championship game twice”, they would be wise to remember they got there in spite of him and not because of him.

  28. umainebearman says: May 30, 2014 9:24 AM

    Sanchez doesn’t realize yet that no one goes to Philly because they want to be there. The draft picks only go because they have too.


    You are an idiot…lol A ton of players were glad to get to philly and a ton of players on other teams secretly want to go to Philly. Chip Kelly is very intriging (sp?). Philly is a desirable place atm to play…

    Freaking haters…lol

  29. Unfortunately for your Jets, no amount of praying or rabbit’s feet will change a god damn thing for you guys.

    The NFL is a copycat league, but the NY Jets essentially provide the blueprints on how NOT to run an organization.

  30. Sanchez is a very valuable backup when the score is out of reach one way or the other u bring him in so ur starter does not get hurt

  31. Sanchez is a lot lot better than people give him credit for. Remember I said that. Things just went down a wrong path with The Jets. Let’s see what happens.

  32. hope he gets to play. i want to see him on the field with a decent supporting cast. don’t think it will make a huge difference but it has to make some, and i’m interested to see it.

  33. Yes, for you Jets fans, he did take the Jets to the AFC title game 2, years in a row. On the legs of a great ground game, thanks to a great offensive line and on the backs of a great defense.

    The rest of the team made him look better. As for those that want to say he had no weapons…….true. But a truly great QB, will make those around him better.

    And the Butt fumble will be one of the great NFL Follies video for decades to come.

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