NFL announces Will Hill suspended for first six games of 2014


Giants safety Will Hill has been suspended for the first six games of the 2014 season.

Hill was suspended for violating the NFL policy for substances of abuse, the league announced today.

In 2012, Hill was suspended four games for violating the performance-enhancing drug policy, reportedly for using Adderall. In 2013, Hill was suspended four games for violating the substance-abuse policy. By the time the 24-year-old Hill is eligible to return to the Giants, following their October 12 game against the Eagles, he will have missed 14 games to suspensions.

Hill is eligible to participate in practices throughout the offseason and can play for the Giants in the preseason, but he will not be permitted at the team facility during the first six weeks of the regular season.

49 responses to “NFL announces Will Hill suspended for first six games of 2014

  1. This seems to be becoming a habit for him, not a good sign for a good player. Don’t let your talent go to waste.

  2. Kid played so well last year too. Normally the Giants don’t put up with this but I think you have to keep him around. Might be one of the most talented Safeties in the league if he could lay off the tree. Sour.

  3. for all the nfl fans who like to cite the seahawks for violating drug and PED policies, look no further than the giants and broncos to find the teams with the actual out of control numbers of offenses.

  4. Giants shouldn’t have to babysit a player all year because he can’t keep himself clean. Coughlin preaches “team first” but Hill clearly doesn’t fit that mantra by forcing the Giants to have to find additional depth at the position every year. Time to release him.

  5. Time to cut bait, NYG.

    You can take the boy out of Jersey City, but you can’t take the Jersey City out of the boy …

  6. Bunch of know nothings on this site. Dude takes it for medicinal purposes (depression, anxiety, emotional disorders, etc.) The alternative is that you read about him pulling a Junior Seau.

    The NFL knows this. Didn’t it occur to any of you why he only got 6 games as a 3rd/4th time (however many time) offender while Washington got a year for a 2nd offense??? Use your noggins.

  7. And dont even compare Tanard Jax. Giants fans can quit boo hooing. Thats light in comparison to the standard in the NFL.

  8. hmm what a surprise other people getting busted for PED’s other than the Seahawks. who would have thought that never happens :/

  9. We live in a different time and age. In todays game you don’t cut players because of this. You dont pay him a huge contract but you def don’t cut him. All of these guys have issues and until he murders someone I want him on the Giants.

  10. 1. Adderall is not weed its an amphetamine or has qualities just like one, IE it is a PED.

    2. Every team has people using, don’t think they don’t, be it adderall, steroids, hgh or any other type of PED.

  11. They were going to need his services against Detroit week one for MNF. Shame. Stop testing for cannabis already.

  12. How does this kid get suspended for PEDs for a third time and only get 6 games, while players who smoke weed (which is the most harmless “drug” out there) get suspended for entire season’s? What a joke.

  13. Was suspended for drugs at school, posted about drugs (and prostitutes) on his Twitter, was suspended from his job once for drugs, was suspended from his job twice for drugs, was pulled over on suspicion of smoking drugs in December (and arrested for owing $9,000 in child support to one of the women he has children with), and now he has finally cleaned up his… wait hold on… never mind he has been suspended for doing drugs.

    They should stop testing for marijuana so a stand up young man like this can earn the millions of dollars he deserves! Also stop testing for amphetamines too because we need him to beat the Lions!

  14. Lol i said the samething, the way people talk on here its like the Seahawks are the ONLY ones use PED’s and there SB title has an asterick by it and all that crap!

  15. kylexitron says:
    May 30, 2014 3:23 PM
    for all the nfl fans who like to cite the seahawks for violating drug and PED policies, look no further than the giants and broncos to find the teams with the actual out of control numbers of offenses.

    Really? The Giants have had Hill suspended 3 times and Brandon Collins 1 time for ped or substance abuse since 2000. Plus Burress in 2008 although not for ped or substance, more for being an idiot.

    The Seahawks have had S.Springs 01, L.White 2010, L.Hill 2010, J.Moffitt 2011, A.Barbre 2012, W.Guy 2012, B.Browner 2012, B.Irvin 2013, W.Thurmond 2013, and B.Browner 2013. Even if you take Springs out of this because it was 2001 the Seahawks have had 8 guys with 9 violations of PED’s or substance since 2010.

    I fail to see the comparison.

  16. First Josh Freeman and now Will Hill? Very tough day for my Giants. Two of the most important players gone. Two leaders.

    Time to get Tiki Barber back in the fold.

  17. These violations punishment is really weird. Daryl Washington got a year suspension for a 2nd violation while Will Hill gets 6 games. And the dude is obviously a repeat offender. Just doesn’t make sense.

  18. How is D. Washington (Arizona), suspended the entire year for his 2nd failed drug test – yet Hill has failed (at least) 3 drug tests & has been arrested multiple times but only gets 6 games? The league clearly bends in favor of John (I call Mr. Goodell, Rodge) Mara & the little giants…

    Such non sense, NYG/Goodell are ruining the NFL…it’s no joke…

  19. I just hope we don’t do anything rash and reactionary like cutting Hill. He played lights out last season once he returned PLUS we have him on the cheap!!! No reason to “act tough” about a policy that the league knows is ridiculous!! They should take a page from the NBA and simply not test for Marijuana. Opiates, Amphetamines, Etc… I totally understand testing for. Until someone can prove that the use of marijunana is “performance enhancing”, I don’t see why someone should lose the means to provide for their families due to partaking in a relatively harmless substance!

  20. How stupid is he? Been suspended twice already and now does it again. Where is his brain??? Obviously not in his head. Just let your team down you dummy.

  21. Maybe if Roger Goddell smoked a little weed at the end of the day, he could get a grip on reality and quit trying to fix what ain’t broke.

  22. how come he gets 6 games for three and d wash gets a year. thanks rodger. the giants will have a check in the mail soon.

  23. Seems a bit odd that he didn’t get a year, 2 previous suspensions would usually mean he was in Stage 3 of the NFL drug abuse policy.

    Only thing I can think of is that the NFL treats codeine and weed more strictly because of the archaic drug laws in the US.

  24. I think he’s very very lucky to only get 6 games given his track record of previous suspension.
    It seems like some players get lucky and others don’t.
    Surprising that Tom Coughlin accommodates this.

  25. I guess owners like Irsay , will get less , and players who KO THERE WIFES.

  26. So many players in the NFL have been busted for this drug that it is obviously being used as performance enhancing drug. Everyone talks about how fast the game is played so it shouldn’t surprise people that they take speed.

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