PFT: Game plan to expose Seattle’s defense

Kevin Gilbride goes over how a team can force the Seahawks’ defense to play a condensed version of their game plan.

10 responses to “PFT: Game plan to expose Seattle’s defense

  1. This is the same Kevin Gilbride whose offense got shoutout at home by the Seahawks last year, right? Okay, cool! Just making sure.

  2. Good luck Mr. Gilbride. I seem to remember a playoff game when you were the O coordinator for the Oilers. St the time you tan the run & shoot with Warren Moon. You were playing the Bills & their starting qb was hurt so they had to start Frank Reich. You had something like a 34 point lead in the 2nd half & you continuously called passing plays & turned the ball over multiple times. The Bills came back & won that game which i still believe holds the record for the biggest playoff comeback in NFL history. It so infuriated Buddy Ryan (the D coordinator) that he took a swing at you on the sideline. All of which was caught on love TV. Still one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in a football game. Now you’re gonna slow down the hawks D? I can’t wait to see that. Btw, keep your distance from the D coordinator. The hawks dictate the pace of the game. Just accept it as fact. Thank you tho, you gave me the best laugh I’ve had in weeks.

  3. This is coming from the guy who’s offense put up 0 points and had 5 ints against the Seahawks. Maybe you should try another plan.

  4. seems i saw several teams attempt to do just that this year. While it is about the only way for opposing recievers to get some space against the ‘Hawk D, the the ‘Hawks D is fast enough and hits hard enough that the opposing recievers dont gain yards after the catch, and then they just stop catching the ball all together.

  5. I think Mr. Gilbride had better not overlook the rest of the NFC West. This is the division that will produce many of the SB contenders/winners for the foreseeable future.

    Go Hawks!!

  6. Props to Michael Floyd for an amazing grab with similarly great coverage, but come on dude, that was the defensive game of the century. Although, hidden in your aggressive comment I think was a nugget of truth: the way to beat the Seahawks D is to not let them rattle you. This is the only way to do it. You can’t go in expecting your offense to put up major points, you have to recognize when you play Seattle it’s gonna be a tough game on both sides and you can’t let them get to you physically. This is why the NFC West puts up the best fights against the Hawks, they know what kind of game it is. Denver thought they could go in there and just do what they do. LOL see how that worked out.

  7. Earl Thomas is the best paid safety for a reason and can prowl from sideline to sideline as needed. Malcom Smith (SB MVP, maybe Gilbride has heard of him?) also often lines up on the left side with Sherman and can hang with most #2 WRs, as can KJ Wright. That is what O coordinators don’t seem to get – that the Hawks LBs are as good in staying with coverage as most teams #2 CBs and then with ET covering the outfield it is dang hard to find space.

  8. I was just going over in my head how Kevin Gilbride could provide condensed versions of his game plan to the 49ers. It was working pretty well for everyone else.

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