Rob Ryan says Champ Bailey looks fantastic


After five seasons in Washington and 10 in Denver, Champ Bailey has participated in his first practices in New Orleans this week. Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan likes what he sees.

He looks fantastic,” Ryan told the Advertiser. “You look out there and you think he’s one of those young guys running around. But he’s bringing excitement to our defense and knowledge and it’s awesome to add a great player like him.”

The soon-to-be 36-year-old Bailey is the oldest player on the Saints other than kicker Shayne Graham, and he says he takes the role of being a leader seriously.

“If you put me on any team, I’m always going to be the old guy,” Bailey said. “It’s just something I’ve got to get used to. . . . My first thing is to lead by example, show how hard I can work and try to lead that way. And all these guys — I know I have a lot of experience and I’m not going to shy away from telling them things I think they need to hear and making sure I’m there for them when they have questions.”

Veteran leadership is nice, but the Saints need Bailey to contribute on Sundays in the fall, and not just at OTAs. By age 36 players often struggle to stay healthy for a full season, and last year in Denver Bailey missed 11 games. Ryan has to hope Bailey can keep looking fantastic all year.

41 responses to “Rob Ryan says Champ Bailey looks fantastic

  1. This guy looked old, washed up and slow last season. BIG mistake cutting baller Jabari Greer. Saints are thinnnn at corner behind Keenan.

  2. Can’t wait for this guy to shoe everyone he has more left in the tank. All time great. Don’t forget it.

  3. He was pretty bad last year, but I’m assuming it’s because he couldn’t stay healty. He’s not young so jumping in all of sudden in the playoffs made him look out of sync…

    However, back a few years ago he was literally a top 10 CB until he got burned a few times by Torrey Smith, so he’s not capable playing againat fast guys anymore. I really do see Bailey playing one last fantastic year…

  4. I hope he’s still got something left in the tank bc he’s given up lots of big plays over the last 2 seasons. Hopefully, we’re keeping an eye on Jabari Greer to see how his recovery is progressing. JG is the one that I think still has something left in the tank.

  5. He also said, “Mark Sanchez looks fantastic.”

    And, “LaDanian Tomlinson looks fantastic.”

    And, “Darrell Revis is going to be a major factor this year.”

    Yeah, yeah, yeah … Rex’ll be out of job by the end of December.

  6. barsfordays says: May 30, 2014 8:00 PM

    This guy looked old, washed up and slow last season. BIG mistake cutting baller Jabari Greer. Saints are thinnnn at corner behind Keenan.


    Please. Corey White was better than Greer last year, and Pat Robinson was the team’s best corner all through preseason and right up until he got hurt in the second game. All teams not named Seattle or San Fran are envious of the Saints secondary depth right now.

  7. After the Saints win the Super Bowl this year he’ll retire with a championship. And then get a spot next to Ray Lewis on MNF. 5 years from now he’ll be a 1st ballot HOFer. And he’s still an all time great.

  8. One of these days, a coach will step away from the tired old pack and say something refreshing, like “I have no idea why we signed the guy. He looks horribly old and tired.”

    Yeah, one of these days.

  9. The 4th ranked D last season. Now add a healthy Victor Butler, All-Time Great Champ Bailey, and active interception leader Jairus “BALLHAWK” Byrd. C’mon now even if Champ does struggle, with all the talent around him it probably won’t even be noticeable.

  10. NFL receivers look forward to playing against Toasty McBurnt.

    This guy has been done for 3 years now, but Buddy Ryan Jr. thinks he looks amazing.

  11. Champ was a great Bronco, I’ve enjoyed watching him for a long time (even before he was in Denver) I hope he has a great year.

  12. They’ll be smart with him. The one thing I can say about the saints is they don’t leave in guys who make a lot of mistakes. If he’s getting burned he won’t stay in there .
    He probably won’t last the whole year but if you get a few good games out of him it will be worth the risk.

  13. Champ’s going to have to be better than “looks good.” He’s got to face Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans…..good luck with that!

  14. Who would have guessed Jason Kidd wins a world championship before Champ?

    But Champ is done. Done! Didja watch the Ravens/Broncos playoff game? Champ got used!

  15. He’ll probably be good for the first half of the season but you can’t outrun your age. I’m optimistic but skeptical.

    I still think Jabari Greer should be brought back if healthy!

  16. Especially the feet. “Love those feet”, was heard coming from where Rex was watching.

  17. Can’t wait to see him try and cover a 6’5″ 21 year old with with 37 inch vert and speed, lookout Champ, Mike Evans is waiting for you….

  18. Funny comments about an all time great, and a coach that took the worst defense from the year before and turned it into the fourth best defense in the league even with multiple injuries, watch out for the Saints this year people, “The Saints are comin”

  19. Rex Ryan is the head coach of the Jets. He’s the one with the thing for feet.
    Rob Ryan is the defensive coordinator for the Saints. He’s the one with the hair.
    They’re two different people, you frickin’ morons!

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