Steve Smith looking to dish out “humble pie” in Baltimore


Steve Smith has always used perceived slights as motivation. And when they weren’t real, he has invented them.

So it stands to reason that the now-Ravens wide receiver is latching onto the idea that his best football was behind him (which is the Panthers’ public stance, after they cut him), and using it as fuel for a fire that’s always burned hot anyway.

“I love competition,” Smith said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “Obviously, you [reporters] seem to always have something to say and have a comment, so I love to read those. And I’d like to serve a little humble pie to you and do a little better than what you think. . . .

“There aren’t too many 35-year-olds that are getting recruited to play for five or six other teams. I look at that and say: ‘I must be doing something right.’”

Smith said he chose the Ravens among offers which included the Patriots, Seahawks and Chargers, among others.

And the 35-year-old has not suddenly become more humble in his approach to defensive backs, saying: ““The [defensive back] that’s going to be sitting in front of me, he’s going to find out how much I have left in the tank, and he’ll find out real quick.”

The Ravens clearly think he can add something that was missing to their passing game, which looked out of balance and lost without Anquan Boldin last year. Smith caught 64 balls for 745 yards and four scores last year, down for his standards, but still solid.

“I think he fits in; he’s our kind of guy, in a lot of ways,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. “I just like what he stands for. I like the competitor. I like the fire in him, the toughness. Watching him out at practice, he’s still a really good player. There’s no doubt. He’s going to help us a lot. I’m excited about him.”

Smith has also shown a low threshold for foolishness over his career, applying his own high work standards to those around him (sometimes more than his bosses cared for). If he adds some gravity to a franchise that’s looked ridiculous in recent weeks, that can only help as well.

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  1. Despite any negatives you may come up with, Steve Smith is a net + for any team he suits up for.

    Dave Gettleman will go down as the egotistical, pampas GM, who fired a Panthers icon. Steve should equal or exceed last year’s production and the Ravens will benefit on the field and in the locker room.

  2. As as Saints fan, I hated this guy so much and respected this guy so much. Good luck Steve Smith.

  3. I’m a Ravens’ fans, but it seems like when guys have to tell you they have a lot left in the tank, the tank is nearly empty.

  4. If you mean “a franchise that’s looked ridiculous” since they overpaid Flacco, then I agree.

  5. I know Smitty often rubs people the wrong way, but I’d rather have a guy who constantly has a chip on his shoulder and “brings it” even in practice then so many other players who show up feeling entitled. The guy is approaching Hall of Fame numbers and still feels like he has something to prove. Every fan would want a guy like that on his team.

  6. For a very good receiver and a very tough guy, Smith is sounding a little insecure. We didn’t hear Anquan Boldin whining when Ravens let him walk.

  7. Steve Smith is a great addition to our historic franchise. We had a great offseaon. Picked up some serious talent on both sides of the ball. I predict the Ravens holding the lombardi trophy at the end of this season. Flacco of couse will be superbowl MVP again. Has Roethlisberger ever been MVP? No answers? Cheers!


  8. Since 89 is new in Baltimore he probably won’t take too much of a stand on what’s been going on with the team recently… But man if any of that stuff happened in Charlotte it wouldn’t be pretty. He had the Panthers on lockdown for 13 years.

    Can’t believe he’s gone.

  9. I just hope that his game can cash all the checks his mouth has been writing. If the Panthers got rid of him when they didn’t have anybody else to catch the ball, it sends up a red flag for me.

  10. Steve Smith deserves better than to be with a historic jailhouse franchise. He will soon remember the past with fondness.

  11. A point of clarification about the Vike-stinks. Not only have they existed for 63 years and not won a Super Bowl, they own the “honor” of having LOST 4 Super Bowls. If two teams could marry each other, Minnesota and Buffalo would be a match made in heaven.

  12. I have an idea, how about you come up with your own clever sayings, rather than taking them from the Patriots… It will mean more if it is original

  13. Steve Smith has been a great player for a very long time. Look at the plays he made in the 2003 Super Bowl… 10 years ago. He is getting older, but he is still a great player.

  14. I have long ago resigned myself to 89 catching 10 balls for 225 yards and 3 TDs when we come to Baltimore. So go ahead and torch the rest of the league too. Smith was my favorite Panther every day he was here, so the Ravens are now my second-favorite team.

    All the DBs in the AFC North are in for some serious headaches. Ice up, sons!

  15. I’m surprised a 35 year old has even heard of Humble Pie. They were an awesome 70’s & 80’s heavy metal band that would “bring it” as well. But, just like Mr. Smith, they got old and faded into fond memories. As long as Smith dishes it out to the Steelers, I’m okay with that.

  16. As a Titans fan living in Charlotte, I have no dog in the hunt but am over-saturated with Panthers’ news. I can assure you this move was not just a win-win, but a win-win-win. A win for the Panthers, win for the Ravens, and win for Steve Smith.

    Here’s why: Steve Smith was the all-time Panther (most beloved by their fans and most influence in the locker room). However, he’d come to have a relationship with Cam Newton that was in key ways like the Jeremy Shockey/Eli Manning relationship. Smith’s pressure for attention (“Throw me the ball!”) was so invasive, he was literally distracting his QB and his offense in huddles DURING games.

    With Smith gone, Cam is now his offense’s leader, and he’ll be playing distraction free (like Eli did as soon as Shockey left). Great news for the Panthers. On the flip side, Smith is a great catch for the Ravens. Flacco is their offense’s unquestioned leader and such antics by Smith wouldn’t be tolerated by teammates. Smith, meanwhile, has significant gas left in the tank and will benefit by being a go-to receiver in the Ravens’ more vertical passing game.

  17. I find it amazing that for all his success, Ozzie Newsome cannot draft a wide receiver to save his life. That’s why they’re always forced to add them through free agency with limited results. He did finally hit with Boldin, but then let him walk and paid dearly for it.

    Smith looks like a nice pickup, but history seems to indicate it’s probably just a temporary band-aid to cover WR draft woes.

  18. •According to him, reporters always have something to say. I would hope so since that is their job.
    •He’s a 35 year old receiver. Saying his best years are behind him is not a slight; it’s a fact.
    •Harbaugh likes what he stands for. That doesn’t mean much coming from a coach with so many derelicts on his team.

  19. Wasn’t it Ozzie Newsome who brought Derrick Mason in while the receiver was in his prime? He was the best receiver we’ve ever seen in Nashville, and we Titans fans know all too well that many of his best years were in Baltimore.

    And Ozzie Newsome, gosh we’d each give a kidney to have him as our G.M.

  20. would some db man up and knock this rascal out of the game? tire of this knuckle head already!

  21. Mr Smith, please be prepared for a 3 catch, 25yd day when you play against Ike Taylor. That’s assuming Shazier hasn’t steamrolled Flacco before he lofts those 3 up.

  22. They need to keep this guy playing football as long as possible. Not only is he fun to watch but the guy is nuts. He may be dangerous with too much free time on his hands.

  23. We’re going to miss Steve Smith in Charlotte, this guy is a competitor, a spark plug and a guy that you want in your locker room for inspiration and to show others how to play with heart.

  24. There is an old saying, though the mind is willing, the body is unable.

    Once a man hits a certain age, regardless of desire or work ethic, the body begins to slow down. In cases of many elite players, the decline is fast.

    Hines Ward went from 95 receptions to 56 to 49.

    If you are looking for a 50 catch season from Smith, I think you will have a great year. If you are looking for a 75+ catch season, you are likely going to be disappointed.

    And not just SS. Same goes for Tom Brady and all the other older players too.

  25. While Cam and his new receiver buddy are playing video games and bonding like brothers, Smitty’s already further refining his game and stoking the fire in his belly. Man, the season hasn’t even started and I really feel the air going out of the Panthers now that Smith got hosed right off the team. Wishing him the best of luck with the Ravens, though.

  26. Raven fans you got a great receiver in Steve Smith!! He gives 110% in practice and games!! Baltimore also got A LOT of new fans. This die hard Panthers fan will be cheering for Steve Smith and the Ravens this year (not when you play us)!!

    Good luck this year Steve and Ravens!!

  27. I hope he can back it up. He sure had the talent for a long time, be nice to see it in Baltimore.

  28. Good luck running the field against the Cleveland DB’s, grandpa. If Haden doesn’t clock you off the line of scrimmage, there’s always Whitner waiting to knock you into next week.

  29. Wouldn’t mind him on my team because he still has a lot to offer whether he’s lost a step or not. I’d be concerned about who’s throwing him the ball though. That marriage might not go so well with someone a lot less talented then Cam Newton throwing the rock his direction.

  30. I’m a Steve Smith fan. Plays with a chip on his shoulder, makes no excuses for same. Not a big Ravens fan, but wish him success.

  31. I have a lot of respect for Steve Smith the player and for Steve Smith the man. I have none for current Carolina Panthers GM Dave Gettleman. Smith is ten times the man Gettleman will ever be and he treated this guy wrong with the way he ran him out of Carolina. I hope Steve Smith has a Pro Bowl year and I wish him and the Ravens all of the best in 2014.

  32. . . . how about you come up with your own clever sayings, rather than taking them from the Patriots.
    I thought “Ice up, son,” was his original quote.

  33. I think smitty is a great player, but what did he do in the playoff game last season. Think you’ll see him jawing at DBS and spinning the ball after a 3 yard catch, then catching TDs this season

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