Vernon Davis doesn’t say much about his absence


49ers tight end Vernon Davis has decided not to attend voluntary workouts.  He also has decided not to volunteer many details about the reasons for his absence.

I might be there,” Davis told the San Francisco Chronicle, via  “I might not.  It’s mandatory.  I probably should be there.  We’ll see.”

Davis reportedly is skipping the non-mandatory workouts because he wants a new contract.  He already has sacrificed a $200,000 workout bonus in support of his desire to get a new deal.

His contract provides for base salaries of $4.7 million and $4.35 million in 2014 and 2015, respectively.  He’ll be a free agent in 2016.

When determining his demands, Davis needs to take into account the requirement that 10 percent of all future football earnings go to Fantex, as part of the deal that paid him $4 million up front.

Still, by choosing not to earn his workout bonus, Davis has cost his “investors” $20,000.  And that’s another reason to not carry the burden of paying 10 percent of all earnings to someone else.

Meanwhile, coach Jim Harbaugh has decided to leave to someone else the task of talking about the situation.

“I’m not going to speak for another man and what they’re trying to get done with their contract,” Harbaugh told KNBR, via  “If they want to talk about it publicly, and they think it’s beneficial to talk about it publicly, then they’ll choose to do that.  Certainly, you could have Vernon or Alex [Boone] on the show and ask them or talk to their agent, if they think that’s something that’s beneficial.  I choose to not do it.”

And Davis chooses not to show up.  And the 49ers choose not to give him the new contract he wants.

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  1. This is a franchise in disarray. The only question is whether the Cards or Rams will take their place as the NFCW wildcard team.

  2. The fact that this guy can sneeze at missing out on 200k is enough of an argument that he doesn’t need any more money.

    This is absurd. These guys make far too much money.

  3. It’s just ridiculous that it was widely reported that Vernon wants a new contract when in reality he hasn’t say any thing of the sort. He has two years left on his current contract that pays about $7.5-$8 millions when the signing bonus if factored in. The 3rd highest paid TE in the league.

  4. I like Vernon as much as the next 9er fan, but I think his timing is off on trying to vie for a new deal. Sure, he’s been our most productive player aside from Gore for nearly a decade, but he’s been handsomely rewarded up to this point and its not like he’s making peanuts or out-performing his rookie deal here. Crab, Kaep, Iupati and others are all at least a year closer to their deals expiring and its already been stated by the front office that those deals are a priority. Vernon, please don’t become a distraction this summer. I find it hard to believe that the brass would even consider letting you walk. You’ll get paid, but you need to wait your turn in line…

  5. You’re getting over $4M a year for the next two years, howmmuch more do you think your worth?

  6. Pay this guy and cut gore. All u fools thought Seattle had cap issues. Lets see who dominates the NFC WEST for the next 5 years. SF had their chance and lost every big game. Sorry boys, it’s Hawks and rams for the next 5 years in NFC west.
    Go Hawks

  7. I am seahawk fan secretly scared of the 49ers so I am going to use this article to say something negative about the 49ers.

  8. Wow, a lot of distractions for the 9ers this offseason. The last thing they need is their stud TE who is still under contract for 2 more years holding out. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  9. Love Vernon since he’s been the cornerstone of our team, but the message you’re sending is that you need to get paid, and that takes precedence over the team.

    Anyone in the NFL will pay pay you $10M a year….but do they stand a chance of winning a Super Bowl anytime soon. Just ask Delanie Walker.

  10. Yet his actions speak volumes. 4 mil minus two hunny thou equals Fantex having an immediate impact on the NFL front. This sham of a scheme (what?) could snowball into something big. Monday night gingle has been changed to “Are you ready for some Fantex?”

  11. Wow it’s impressive how the media is overblowing everything about the niners this year!

    If he doesn’t show up to voluntary workouts, who cares! As long as he’s there for when it matters!

    Gore hasn’t showed up either, does that mean he’s holding out for a bigger contract?

  12. “I might be there,” Davis told the San Francisco Chronicle, via “I might not. It’s mandatory. I probably should be there. We’ll see.”

    Love this kind of attitude as long as its with the whiners. LOL

    Go Hawks!!!

  13. Wow. Seattle wins one ring and the fans come out of the ground. When you suck for the next 35 years you clowns can go crawl back in your hole in the ground.

  14. Infighting, greed, and implosion in San Fran. Niners are going to be the biggest surprise this year…they will from SB favorite to 3rd place behind SEA and STL. They are last year’s Falcons. The pigeons are going to love that new stadium. plop.

  15. Tool. Talented, but still a tool.

    I still think the Niners’ sheer talent will propel them to 11 or 12 wins this year–they will split with the Seahawks and Rams, sweep the Cardinals and beat pretty much everyone else on their schedule–but there are some chemistry and character issues on that squad that need addressed.

  16. this is what happens when you start cutting checks. Everyone wants one. HA.
    Love that the hawks fans don’t think it will happen to them. If they are as good as the fans think about cap management and drafting overlooked players, soon those guys signed to cap friendly deals will be doing the same thing.

    But those same hawk fans won’t be here posting about it.

  17. His wife had a baby. It’s not a holdout. It’s called a personal life. Sometimes what you see on NFL network is not always accurate believe it or not

  18. I heard that he went to sign a new contract the other day but as he was walking to the facility he saw Kam Chancellor standing in his way, so he decided the smart thing to do was to no show up at all anymore.

  19. Seahawk fans. The fear and anguish you display is quite amusing. With all that talent you lost last season, it’s understandable. You will be lucky to finish 3rd in nfcw. Your division rivals have upgraded, while hawks have lost alot of talented guys. Your oline is esp desimated.

    It’s going to take a lot of PEDS to make your team relevant. I’m sure seahawks won’t find any difficulty with that

  20. This is all stemming from/related to his ridiculous self-listing himself as some sort of tradeable stock commodity.

    Either that company is putting some pressure on him as part of the agreement to do what it takes to raise his own “stock”, or he realizes signing this dumb “stock” deal is going to cost him longer term, so he better cash in sooner than later.

    With the NFL is a “what have you done for me lately” league (to say the least) he may not have leverage next offseason, with either a poor personal season, or the 49ers don’t have a great season. At that point, the pressure from the “stock” agreement will be much more defined.

  21. SERIOUS QUESTION FOR THE LAWYERS – Does Davis have any sort of fiduciary duty to his shareholders to maximize his income in the same way a publicly traded corporation does? It would seem that passing on a $200k paycheck is not in the interest of those that bought stock in him and he might be liable to their interest.

  22. It is disappointing that Davis and Boone are becoming distractions. They are grown men. They should abide by the contracts they signed. They can talk to the GM about their demands, but shouldn’t make it a public issue.

  23. Dear Fans,

    The NFL is a business and the man needs to get paid. Vernon Davis is the #7 highest paid tight-end in the NFL at $4.7m. Jimmy Graham is number one, franchise-tagged at $7m, Marcedes Lewis of Jacksonville is number 2 with $6.7m and Greg Olsen of Carolina is number 3 with $5.25m. Vernon is clearly better than Marcedes and Olsen!

    What teams need to do is cut salaries on those overpriced quarterbacks! Starters and back-ups! You have back-up clipboard-carrying QBs earning more than all-pro starters in other positions. Go figure!

    Again, pay the man!

  24. I like how people think the 200k is a problem for Fantex. Vernon can and has found plenty of endorsements that total more than that 200k. Endorsement money is how Fantex makes money not the measly pocket change of an NFL contract. That said Vernon will be a 49er and play this season not just because he will honor his contract but also because endorsements leaving him and NFL money being forfeited will not make his Fantex investors happy. Since he is the company he will forfeit any money that comes in from people buying stock in him.

    Of course I am just guessing that this is how these player stock options work. Would be nice to hear from a person with knowledge if this is true. If so I hope the whole team signs with Fantex…….will force them to not hold out for more money to the point where they are loosing large amounts of their current income.

  25. The silly new Seattle “fans” are at it again. All their insecurities for the whole world to see. Then again, they are young in their fandom.. most became fans within the past couple of years. It is sad that they are an embarrassment for the true Seattle fans as well. To the true Seattle fans, I appreciate you refraining from the nonsense on the forums.. and I’m looking forward to some really good games this year!

  26. its going to be so funny when the seahawks flop this year. loudest mouth fans in the world. philadelphia eagles west.

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