What’s the deal with Mike Pouncey?

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Topics raised during a weekly Friday morning visit with Joe Rose of WQAM in Miami reminded me that I’d forgotten to share in this space a Wednesday visit from Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald to PFT Live.

Salguero talked about a wide range of Dolphins issues, including the organization’s persistent reliance on half measures when it comes to hiring and firings, and the conundrum that is center Mike Pouncey.

Most recently, Pouncey declared to reporters that he has no regrets about the manner in which the 2013 season unfolded.  (If you’ve been Rip Van Winkling for the last 12 months, Pouncey had a key role in the bullying scandal that disrupted the team’s season and resulted in the permanent departures of Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin.)

Pouncey, who wants a new contract after three years in the league, has shown questionable judgment in various ways.  While he hasn’t done enough to get the Dolphins to move on from one of the best centers in the game, it should perhaps make them more inclined to take a wait-and-see approach with a guy who could eventually say or do something that would make the Dolphins regret giving him big money.

For the full Salguero interview, click the thing in the thing below.

32 responses to “What’s the deal with Mike Pouncey?

  1. Unfortunately for Miami, this just the kind of guy who will take his big contract and guaranteed money and then put his feet up and relax. I would trade him to whoever tried to get Alex Mack. He is a bad bet. They aren’t going anywhere this year anyway.

  2. Mike Pouncey is a great football player and one of the leader’s of this team not to mention one of the best centers in the league. When Brandon Albert came in for his free agent visit the Dolphins top brass asked Pouncey and Tannehill to go to the Dinner.Mike Pouncey will be a Dolphin for many years to come.

  3. Mike Pouncey needs to get his act together, and realize he has behaved in a rather strange fashion. Grow up Mike.

  4. Quick, name 5 starting centers in the NFL. Center and guard don’t have a tremendous amount of value in the pass first era of football.

  5. to be honest.. both pounceys are simply… trash

    I wish the NFL would take out its trash more often.. the longer they let it sit out, the more time for the birds to peck at it and get it all over the street

  6. Pouncey is exhibiting symptoms of “Borderline Personality Disorder” which is a mental illness.
    That is why he was ordered, along with the others, by the NFL to get the evaluation. If it is indicated he needs treatment he can then get it. The last thing the NFL wants is another A.H. sometime in the future.

    Borderline Personality Disorder F60.3 – ICD10 Description, World Health Organization –
    Borderline personality disorder is characterized by a definite tendency to act impulsively and without consideration of the consequences; the mood is unpredictable and capricious. There is a liability to outbursts of emotion and an incapacity to control the behavioural explosions. There is a tendency to quarrelsome behaviour and to conflicts with others, especially when impulsive acts are thwarted or censored.

  7. The first thought that comes to my mind is he’s going to be overpaid next year after they exercised the option to pay him nearly 7 and a half million, and what do they do for the years beyond that of which they don’t have him under contract for? That’s an awful lot of money and I just don’t know how somebody can feel very comfortable signing those checks over to him.

  8. The media doesn’t need to make Pouncy out to be a misfit. He does a great job of the that himself. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started wearing his “Free Hernandez” hat again after he gets his new contract.

    Pouncy was no more of a leader than Incognito was on that team. Incognito was simply Martin’s lawyer’s poster child for a possible discrimination suit against the Dolphins. Pouncy and John Jerry treated Martin as bad and at times much worse than Incognito did.

    The Dolphins have no credibility when they say that they want to change the locker room culture and want to bring in “high character” guys but they keep Mike Pouncy and then go draft and sign guys who were kicked off of their college team.

  9. i love how people think this makes him a bad player. dude is the best center in the game along with alex mack and the best in the game at zone blocking schemes.

    it’s not like he beat his wife, sexually assulted anyone, yelled “bomb” in an airport or killed anyone. oh yea, i forgot, what pouncey did is way worse…..

  10. Do not be fools Miami, guys like Pouncey are needed on the team, especially on the Offensive Line where the meanest and nastiest players play. He is a cornerstone for the O-Line. He does not owe anyone anything, he gave his honest opinion about the situation, there is a Mike Pouncey and Richie Incognito in every locker room don’t be fools, J. Martin was just the first one to not take it anymore… that is the nature of the beast and the culture of the environment who are we with our own cultural issues to judge the locker-room culture of the NFL…Indeed…

  11. Why exactly is he label the best center in the league?. Because of his name.? He hasn’t done nothing except being the best linemen on the worst line in the league

  12. We absolutely insist on Political Correctness at all times and in all things. Failure to comply will result in whatever punishment can be mustered. Groupthink is now required, and public schools should be gearing up for the mandatory indoctrination sessions. Individualism and original thought must be eradicated.

  13. “Do not be fools Miami, guys like Pouncey are needed on the team, especially on the Offensive Line where the meanest and nastiest players play. ”

    Not true at all. Typically, the meanest and nastiest guys are defensive linemen or linebackers. O-linemen are protectors not bringers of mayhem and destruction. A study was done on the personalities of players. They noticed that offensive linemen and QBs generally had the cleanest and best organized lockers while defensive linemen were easily the messiest. The Wonderlic scores showed offensive linemen had the highest average scores as well.

  14. Don’t you have to be a little crazy to play in this violent sport anyway? Pansy’s not welcomed at this job site. I know that will rub you cube jockey’s the wrong way, but it’s the truth.

  15. It’s a damn shame, because his on-field performance has been very strong. But his off-field performance has been nothing short of abysmal.

    If I am in the Dolphins’ front office, I tell Pouncey and his agent that he’s got to earn a brand new contract, and that means more than just what happens between the goallines.

    Because I am not in the Dolphins’ front office, I would not be surprised at all if they did the exact opposite.

  16. Pouncey lacks insight into why people could view what he did towards Martin as inappropriate. As such, in his own mind he still believes that he did nothing wrong and it’s his critics who are the ones that have a problem.

  17. I hate crybabies which is pretty much every person in the media who has never played a down of football in their life, or past middle school.

  18. The NFL orders Pouncey to see a psychiatrist because he teased his friend last year in private? Oh boy, there is so much wrong with Roger Goodell.

  19. The Fins are coming!!! All you haters just watch & see!!! Pouncey is just fine, all o line guys hate ’em all but their own leave well enough alone!!! GO FINS!!!

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