Club manager says Ravens weren’t kicked out, weren’t drunk

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The folks at TMZ recently reported that a trio of Ravens were asked to leave an Ocean City, Maryland nightclub due to excessive inebriation.  The manager of the club in question now says that the report isn’t true.

“I got the [NFL] league office checking in with me and I just said, ‘This isn’t right,'” Seacrets manager Scott Studds told Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun.  “These guys didn’t do anything wrong.”

Studds actually reached out to the Sun in order to vouch for the three Ravens — receiver Jacoby Jones, running back Bernard Pierce, and cornerback Jimmy Smith.

“This thing has gotten some legs obviously and I wanted to set the record straight,” Studds said. “The thing has gotten out of control and what was reported was completely incorrect.  They were not intoxicated or inebriated.  They were fine.”

Studds explained that, although video of an interaction of some sort was captured on a patron’s phone, no action was taken.

“There was incident in the area and a couple of those guys were asked if they saw anything or if anything was happening,” Studds said. “It wasn’t even an altercation. A couple of young ladies were saying guys were pestering them.  [The incident] wasn’t a big deal.  It was [the Ravens’ players] and other people that our guys were questioning.  We didn’t kick any of them out.  We didn’t ask any of them to leave.”

Instead, they left on their own, and then they returned later.

“We wouldn’t have let them back in if there was an issue,” Studds said.

Asked for comment by the Sun in response to Studds remarks, Ravens spokesman Chad Steele said, “This is a perfect example that there are two sides to every story.”

It also could be a perfect example of Studds not wanting to dissuade Ravens players from hanging out at the club.  While the video from TMZ was hardly conclusive, it wouldn’t be the first time that broader business considerations influenced someone’s recollection of certain events.  Especially with the Ravens holding their third annual Beach Bash this weekend in — you guessed it — Ocean City.

50 responses to “Club manager says Ravens weren’t kicked out, weren’t drunk

  1. …or it could also be that they truly did nothing wrong. My, how judgemental you have become. The dude runs the bar. He says they did nothing wrong. That works for me…

  2. So another person “covering” for actions of a pro athletic. And we wonder why they continue to act the way they do.

  3. The manager says the guys did nothing wrong, yet here you are reminding us that they most definitely did and the owner is covering up for them. Remind me who was there again Mike?

  4. I think Mr. Studds may be getting a nice little Under Armour / Ravens gift package in the mail very soon.

  5. Doubt if they were not “intoxicated or inebriated” to the extent of a public nussiance that they would have been allowed back in the club some hours later. Not sure about Maryland, but some states have laws that hold a business serving alcohol liable if someone leaves the establishment intoxicated and causes an accident or bodily injury to someone else.

  6. Good thing thing this was in boring Maryland…. LOL Ocean City a haven for low class families and unsupervised Teenagers. Had this been in a real Party Town, they would be in Jail. You Ravens Fans jump all over the Dolphins stories, but your Players are actual Criminals… Miami’s just say “bad things” in Tweets and tease 360lb weak charactered Lineman.

  7. Let’s talk facts here folks: Seacrets managers ARE a handful of Steeler fans. Same for Salty Dog right around the corner. With that said I’m not shocked the initial story blew up in this part of OCMD.

    Here’s another fact: Ravens Beach Week is NOT for players. Only for Roost members and fans. So I hardly think this was done to deter fans from avoiding Seacrets. Where there is booze, folks will go.

  8. So guilty until proven innocent is the new Florio standard? And an eyewitness on the record account from the man running the establishment is apparently worthless unless it supports TMZ? Perhaps you should stick to NFC East naming concerns. Once your are done with Washington you can move to strike down the “Cowboys” as genocidal oppressors of native Americans, and the “Giants” as insensitively mocking the size challenged community.

  9. Seacrets is a gold mine, they don’t need the Ravens patronage in order to be successful. He wouldn’t be going to these great lengths to defend them if they were truly at fault.

    This kinda stuff is why people have little respect for the media.

  10. Seacrets is one of the highest grossing nightclubs/restaurants in the country. It has been in business for over thirty years. The place is packed from lunchtime till closing at 2:00am. I am sure they do not need to modify the facts for fear of it hurting the bottom line as implied in this article. Your premise is poorly researched but of course the facts do not serve the purpose of creating controversy.

  11. When I read the names I actually thought they were the Ravens equipment managers and not players.

  12. I can see where people would think the players were being ejected from the club based on the part of the video where the security guy seemed to be leading them to the exit, but at the 38 or 39 second mark one of the players clearly says “They’re trying to kick me out” and the security replies at the 41-43 second mark that “I’m not trying to kick you out.”.

    So, you don’t have to take the manager’s word for it, the security guard himself during the video that they are basing this whole “Ravens get ejected from a club” thing on has the security guard for the club in the video saying “I’m NOT trying to kick you out.”.

    Turn up the volume and listen to it again at those parts if you don’t believe me. TMZ should have listened more carefully to their own video before running with a story that their own footage disproves.

  13. No team does a better job of getting players off little snafus, than the Baltimore Ravens.
    The Ray Rice case was a bit harder because of the pesky elevator video, but Ray’s character cannot be questioned because of his terrific work in the community.
    Ray Lewis work from many years ago was the benchmark and in the process Ray was truly blessed and inspirational.
    Jacoby, Bernard and Jimmy left the nightclub on their own volition. Sure.

  14. Well, whether anything happened or not, the joke about the three Ravens who walked into a bar will remain hilarious forever. The rough offseason for the Ravens, PR-wise, continues. Can we start the games yet?

  15. Real smart Ravens. Video was taken, they left the bar, then came back. Someone give them an IQ test.

  16. No awards to these three for any brains! Raven’s fans have been dishing it out for years, but can’t take it.

  17. I highly doubt that three Ravens players partying at a club while wearing white suits could ever cause even the slightest bit of trouble. Haters!

  18. Regardless of your opinion of Seacrets as an establishment, that place prints money. They are the envy of every hotel/restaurant/bar/club owner in OC and surrounding areas. This is a town where most businesses shut down 1/2 the year and a huge % of workers are seasonally unemployed. Seacrets stays busy.

  19. Florio you should know ocean city is 3 hours from baltimore and is a family friendly vacation spot with very little clubs. I’m sure the ravens aren’t jetting there to play miniature golf on days off.

  20. I think ya gotta give em the benefit if the doubt on this one. If it was about future business considerations they wouldn’t have been kicked out anyway.

  21. Charm city crab you are absolutely wrong, you did hear the security guard say we are not trying to kick you out because they were not trying , they were doing.

  22. Ariani stop being a hater your team in nfc north gets killed every year by a real the packers when was the last the vikings or bears won a super bowl

  23. Jacoby might of brought some drama but he also brought that Lombardi. Without him we absolutely wouldn’t of even been in that sb let alone his kick return made the difference in the score.

  24. Of course this type of thing happens all the time for no reason…….wink, wink

  25. so lets see….a person sees some security people talking to some ravens. whips out a phone and records it to sell it to tmz. thats more believeable than the manager saying what happened, saying that the players were never asked to leave, werent a problem, and came back less than an hour later? granted, the ravens have had more than their share of embarrasing issues this off season…but this isnt one of them

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