Peyton Manning mentors new teammates, starting on the golf course


The Broncos had their annual team golf outing this week, and Peyton Manning made sure to get a little work done while he hit the links.

Manning requested rookie receiver Cody Latimer, rookie offensive tackle Michael Schofield and free agent wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders as his foursome, so that he could get to know three of his most important new teammates and get started talking about how they’ll mesh with the rest of the players on the Broncos’ offense.

“They told me I was already taken, that No. 18 had asked for me,” Latimer told USA Today.

Latimer had never played golf before, so Manning instructed him in more than just football.

“It was just an honor that he wanted to get to know me,” Latimer said. “And then he also taught me how to play golf. He didn’t know till we got there that I had never golfed.”

Latimer sounds ready to learn a lot from Manning, about more than just golf.

25 responses to “Peyton Manning mentors new teammates, starting on the golf course

  1. All he needs to know about Peyton is he won’t be throwing the ball over 2 yards.

  2. If you want to mentor new teammates, start by having a winning playoff record. #tb12mentors

  3. Hilarious how many Peyton Manning haters there are.

    I’m assuming he eliminated all of thier teams from the playoffs over and over which helped breed the hatred?

  4. Get the man the ring? He’s the leader, it’s up to him to go take it. 8 pts in the biggest game of the year.

  5. A team mate that has never played golf before teeing it and getting instructions on golf with/from PM who is a single digit handicap golfer?
    There seems to be another SNL skit in there somewhere that would write itself.

  6. Peyton should consider retiring so he can play golf full-time. Dude just doesn’t have what it takes anymore.

    While the Seahawks were flying around the field and handing out brutal hits, Peyton was just lost out there and totally out of his element.

    The only points they got on offense came when Seattle was up 36-0 and playing out of a prevent defense halfway through the 4th. Even as a Seahawk fan, that was hard to watch.

  7. This is a pretty cool story. I imagine Manning is not the most patient of teachers, even while “relaxing.” What, you didn’t watch the instructional videos I uploaded for you last night? You were sleeping?!?! Oh man, you are such a rookie. Okay, listen, I’ll cut you some slack, but if you shoot over 85, you’re dead to me and we never speak again, got it? No pressure, though. I wonder whom Ryan Leaf would have picked for his foursome… his lawyer, his dealer, and his parole officer, no doubt.

  8. Just remember your hero just involved you in a God forsaken game that will eat you up and consume your life after your football days are long gone. lol.

  9. Teams that lose super bowls don’t go back to the super bowl the following year, not since the early 90s. Therefore, the broncos are done even before the seasons starts. Peyton has to wait until 2015 when he’ll be 39.

  10. My only beef with this whole story is it’s just self-perpetuating Manning worship. The standard Manning storyline is that he’s a leader, the ultimate in preparation. So anything that he does that feeds that gets a story about it. I’m willing to bet plenty of other QBs are doing similar things, private workouts, get togethers, whatever. But we don’t hear about it because it’s not part of the pre-approved narrative. Just like Manning looking at formation charts on the sidelines. We will be shown a shot of him looking at the formation charts EVERY SINGLE GAME (don’t believe me, just watch for it this year) because it feeds the narrative. Every other team has access to the same technology and their QBs look at formation charts too, but it’s rarely shown.

  11. This story sounds more like an analogy of the Vikings. “While the other team was playing Football, the Vikings were playing Golf”.

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