Redskins find in-house replacement for personnel vacancy

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The Redskins were willing to let Morocco Brown walk, and they didn’t have to look far to replace him.

The team announced Saturday that they promoted Alex Santos to director of pro personnel, filling the job left vacant when Morocco Brown was hired by the Browns.

Santos has been with the Redskins since 2006, spending the last six years as a pro scout.

“I appreciate the opportunity this organization has given me,” Santos said in a statement. “I am honored that I am able to continue to grow within the NFL ranks with the Redskins organization.”

Santos played guard at N.C. State, where he was a four-year starter, and has also coached at the high school and college levels.

20 responses to “Redskins find in-house replacement for personnel vacancy

  1. Making in house hires because it’s getting harder, and harder to find people that are willing to be complicit with racism.

  2. It’s always good to see people hire from within. With only 32 of those jobs available in the world you have to be happy when someone has spent significant amount of time with one team and then is rewarded when an opportunity comes up!

  3. Redskins fans are hilarious. Squirming because they know they are enivatebly going to change their name next season. Partly due their idiot front office boasting their political agenda against the dems in Congress that are pushing to have the name changed. Hail the Washington Seadogs! Or maybe the Washington Dragons! Hahaaha

  4. at least PFT toned down their rhetoric and referred to the correct name this time. Now if we can just get some of the posters to stop parroting the likes of Rachel Maddow and her ilk about a non issue, we’d be getting somewhere.

    For the record, the Redskins ownership had no political agenda about the name, just a defense from a group that is obviously running out of targets and has resorted to attacking sports teams.

  5. Charger fan here.

    Although I think the Bolts should have beaten the Redskins last year, I hope the Redskins tear it up this year, just so I can hear and see these Liberal sportswriters have to say REDSKINS WIN!! REDSKINS WIN!! REDSKINS WIN!! EVERY WEEK

    I hope you Redskin fans will always fight against changing your team’s name.

  6. These trolls are sheep. You wouldn’t even care about the name unless they told you to care. I’m telling you to mind your business. Move it along.

  7. REDSKINS BABY! IT feels so good to say that name Say it loud and say it proudly REDSKINS, REDSKINS, REDSKINS!

  8. mutohasaposse says: May 31, 2014 6:17 PM

    What’s funny is outside of this site no one even realizes the name thing is an issue.

    You’re not even trying to hide your racism towards the President with that screen name, real classy.
    You do realize that outside this site nobody wants the Washington football club to keep their racist name.

  9. The name is not going to change accept it and if the people who claim to be “offended” can’t accept it that’s your problem.

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