Will Hill blames latest positive test on second-hand smoke

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Giants defensive back Will Hill will miss the first six games of the 2014 NFL season because of his latest drug suspension.  He has told friends, however, that this one wasn’t his fault.

“He felt like he had a great chance of beating it because of the circumstances,” friend and former Giants teammate Deon Grant said, via Jordan Ranaan of NJ.com. “He said, ‘I’ll be honest with you.  If it was something that I did, I would tell you I messed up.  But I didn’t.  It was an incident in a club where people were [smoking marijuana] and it got in my system.  It’s not like how my urine was a certain kind of way before when I did do it.  It’s the total opposite right now.  They found something in my urine, but it’s not the same thing they found when I did make that mistake.'”

First of all, the results will be the same regardless of whether Grant was puffing the magic dragon himself or in the presence of others who were.  Marijuana smoke doesn’t change characteristics based on whether someone is smoking it directly or indirectly.

Secondly, a guy who is subject to regular, unannounced testing for marijuana should never linger in any place where he detects the unmistakable fragrance of marijuana smoke, which has all the charm and spunk of hot B.O.

Finally, Ranaan points out that, when Hill was arrested in December on charges relating to child support, the officer detected “the odor of burned marijuana” in Hill’s vehicle.

Under the revamped drug policies (which still hinge on an agreement for HGH testing), the NFL would likely be able to provide enough details to obliterate Hill’s excuses.  Until then, we’ll just have to rely on logic and common sense.

39 responses to “Will Hill blames latest positive test on second-hand smoke

  1. lol if you don’t hit yourself, then it’s impossible to get in your system. this guy is an idiot.

  2. Second hand smoke is a myth with regards to marijuana . Please this is just as bad as Mathis claiming a woman’s fertility drug that does not help men reproduce what so ever was for personal reasons . Ok order for you to have levels of thc in your body you would have to be hot boxed for a long long time and have someone puff then blow directly into your mouth .

    Marihuana leaves the system fairly quickly for how nfl people test (hair DNA vs piss test ). You can not fail a drug test km second hand smoke but many people
    Don’t know that so he plays the victim
    Card again go Figure

  3. They would have had to have been blowing the smoke straight in his face all night long and even then it would be hard to fail without taking a hit or two himself

  4. Second hand smoke is his responsibility and he failed.

    He has a duty to keep his body away from druggies, organized crime members, narco-terrorist supporters, and other weirdo criminals and anarchists that use drugs and destroy his health and moral character.

    He is a traitor in the War on Drugs.

  5. Seriously, I smoke more than my share of pot (i self medicate, but that’s another story). My wife works in a job where she is drug tested monthly. She sits around me while I smoke on a daily basis.

    4 years worth of drug tests, and has not come up hot once. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FAILING A DRUG TEST DUE TO 2ND HAND SMOKE

  6. I was regularly drug tested as a P.O. and the threshold is beyond very high. Like 30 times stronger than 2nd hand smoke.

    When it is explained to you by your union rep, you will NEVER worry about 2nd hand smoke and your pension.

    BS, Mr Hill. Your career is over.

  7. It was not me… It was the one armed man….. Second hand smoke my eye. Pa the tic!! These guys are all about “themselves”….. Selfish. Cut him NOW!!

  8. I believe it. Why else would he only get 6 games for a 3rd offense while Washington got a year for his 2nd.

    By the way, if by hot B.O. you mean the most lovely stench in the world, I agree!

  9. I worked in a military drug testing lab from 1995 until 1998. The military has some of the strictest testing standards for a variety of recreational substances, including pot. Even back then, the second-hand smoke excuse was the primary defense used by sailors and Marines who popped positive. And every one of the lost their courts-martial or other hearing because it’s simply not possible.

    THC has to be absorbed in the bloodstream in high enough doses for it to appear on a screening, and the doses of “in the air” smoke, whether previously inhaled or not, are not high enough for passive breathing to absorb enough of the chemical.

    Add to this that many labs have a minimal reading which sets the lower bar for a positive test. That lower tolerance is usually above any amount of trace element that someone may have absorbed will passively present in a room filled with smokers.

    Sorry, Mr. Hill. You’re going to lose this one.

  10. Let me start off by saying, I’m a huge pothead. That being said, the amount of THC in one’s system has to meet a certain threshold to be detected in a drug test. I feel bad for him, but if your employer tests for weed as little as the NFL does, you deserve to get caught. #legalize

  11. Come up hot in the military and try to give that excuse. Man up, Hill. You smoked dope and got busted.

  12. isnt it 3 and you get a year?.or is that for every one else
    and not for the ny giants..mara strikes again

  13. It’s good that the NFL players monitor this site… Will Hill, please stand in line with Robert Mathis over in the dumb@ss excuse line. Guilty as charged! Plus it’s not your 1st rodeo!

  14. I’ve smoked weed for 40 years. Been tested a hundred times.

    This dude is a liar. 100% FOS.

  15. Shoulda stuck to the pills and shots the NFL approves rather than smoke a plant that is medically approved in 22 states and legal a few others.

  16. Any time an explanation is prefaced with “I’ma be honest whichu…” you know it’s bull.

  17. I’m a Giants fan. I like Will Hill. Remarkable athlete, interesting story. Let’s be honest though, if he weren’t playing football he probably wouldn’t find work as a scientist.

  18. Hot B.O.? A little dramatic with your description there, arentcha? It isn’t the 70s anymore, dude, there is actual pot. Not this “weed” you’re speaking of. If you’re going to have an opinion on something, at least be educated on that subject. It’s proven to help in the long run… ; )

  19. So now,we know that not only is he a drug list, he’s also a bad liar.
    How does that saying go? How about “You’re not helping!”

  20. Hilarious he thinks that’s a possible excuse!
    Imagine if you would the room so full of pot and hash smoke that would make such a claim true – you wouldn’t be able to see the guy beside you.

  21. This guy is truly talented and it’s sad that the giants and their fans won’t get to see him realize his potential but he deserves a lifetime ban this is his umpteenth time with this nonsense get a clue Mr Hill.

  22. To those of you who don’t know. I use to take weekly drug tests for the state. I was clean for several months. On the way to the beach with some friends. They smoked a blunt in the car. I did not hit it. Windows were up except one was cracked. I took a drug test two days after that and my probation officer brought it to my attention that I had failed a drug test. I didn’t believe it was possible, but I proved it to myself that its totally possible to fail a drug test from a contact.
    That said, Will Hill had an incredible opportunity on his plate and he washed it away. Go Giants!

  23. The substance abuse drug testing procedure the NFL undertakes is the same procedure other entities use. First, a supervised urine sample is taken in the presence of a specimen collector. Second, the sample is sent to a lab where an immunoassay screen is run on the sample. The lab uses the SAMHSA approved cut-off levels when testing the sample. These cut-off levels have been set by this federal agency so as to limit the instances of false-positives. Sometimes metabolites of other, legal substances can break down into similar metabolites that mirror illegal substances, resulting in a positive screen. Therefore, the cut-off levels were established to prevent this. It has been proven that using the SAMHSA cut-off level for marijuana using an immunoassay screen – 50 nanograms/milliliter (ng/ml) – that it is utterly impossible for a person to trigger a positive result from second-hand smoke. The person would have to be involved in a “bake-out” session in a car with all the windows shut – which would also result in the person getting high – in order for enough THC to be in the body to trigger a positive screen. Third, after there is a positive result on the immunoassay screen, the urine specimen is then tested using the Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrum (GC/MS) test. The GC/MS test is considered the “gold standard” of drug testing & is a confirmatory test. Using the GC/MS test, the lab is able to detect the EXACT metabolites in the urine, the EXACT amount of the metabolites in the urine, and when & how the person ingested the substance. Because the GC/MS test is so accurate, the SAMHSA cut-off levels are lowered & the cut-off level for THC is 15 ng/ml. There is no beating this form of testing. It is utterly impossible. If Hill was given one of those at home cups that trigger immediate results – which is what immunoassay testing is – then he could claim a false-positive. However, there is no beating the GC/MS testing. It detects all metabolites in your system & their amounts. Using the amount totals, lab technicians can pinpoint how long ago the person used the drug in question & regarding THC, whether the substance was inhaled first-hand or second-hand. I know for sure the NFL uses the 2-prong testing method that I mentioned. Sorry, Will, you got busted.

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