All 32 teams holding multiple days of OTAs this week

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Yes, we are nearing the quiet period of the NFL calendar.

But we aren’t there yet.

All 32 teams will hold multiple days of organized team activities (OTAs) this week. The drills are non-contact affairs, and players can’t wear shoulder pads, but that doesn’t mean there is not a risk of injury, as the Cowboys unfortunately were reminded of last week.

In all, this is a key work week for teams. The vast majority of clubs are in at least their second week of OTAs. Though it’s tough to read too much into offseason workout performance, it will be interesting to see if any teams are praised for being especially sharp — or panned for being particularly sloppy.

Such is football watching in June.

7 responses to “All 32 teams holding multiple days of OTAs this week

  1. Since losing to Tebow in the playoffs the steelers have o playoff wins and o seasons with a winning record. Haha. Did the steelers sign Bill Leavy to their roster yet?

  2. The Jints could practice from now till September n wouldn’t gain an inch on the Eagles. The Eagles have so much talent especially on offense, they will put more holes in that Swiss cheese defense than they already have. I hear Manning is looking sharp in practice, yea with no one rushing him. Right now, it’s Eagles, big lead, followed by Cowboys looking smart in draft n Redskins getting needed depth, followed by the Jersey frauds as the most overrated team in football.

  3. gianthater – you clearly are just a hater. However I do agree with you. This is easily the Eagles division. And not just because its a bad division (which it is). The Eagles are a very good team. They are just the only good team in that division lol.

    I think the Cowboys and the Giants are on the down-swing. They will not be relevant at all much longer. The Redskins will be better this year but still be middle of the pack and are not far from rebuilding mode themself’s. Eagles will be in the playoffs with a chance at the lombardi a ton through this coming decade. We shall see if they can get it done. Just because they havn’t before doesn’t mean they never will. Thats stupid logic. The past does not tell the future… Different coach and players…

  4. The ravens are shaking things up and adding free legal counseling as part of OTA’s.

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