James Ihedigbo: Lions will be “hard-hitting, vicious, physical”

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Lions safety James Ihedigbo has a better idea than his teammates about what kind of defense they’ll be running in Detroit this season, as Ihedigbo has previously played with new Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin in Baltimore. Ihedigbo says it’s a defense that’s going to make life rough for opposing offenses.

“Our defense, we dictate what offenses are doing,” Ihedigbo told Josh Katzenstein of the Detroit News. “We don’t let them dictate to us anything. We control the game, and that’s our mind-set. When you go against us, you’re going to be going against a hard-hitting, vicious, physical team on defense and on offense.”

Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch has similar expectations.

“We’re going to be aggressive, there’s no question about it,” Tulloch said. “We’re going to get after it — zone coverage, man, blitz; we’re going to do it all. We’re going to be able to mix things up.”

So if you were hoping for the first-ever case of an NFL team promising that its new defense would be passive and soft, you’re out of luck. The Lions are vowing that their new schemes will bring a new toughness to Detroit.

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  1. Expect this guy to be miles out of position at least twice a game. His coverage skills are about as good as mine

  2. … “attacking, fast, aggressive …”

    And let me guess, the Lions and the other 31 teams offenses will be attacking, up-tempo, multiple, and install a “vertical passing game” and a “balanced attack.”

    I think the NFL sends out scripts every year.

  3. Why didn’t they think of this years ago? I’m surprised other teams haven’t thought of hitting hard too.
    “and another one bites the dust”

  4. Improving team on both sides of the ball. Stafford is the key. He can have a monster year with all those weapons at his disposal. Tough division but winnable.

  5. Prediction: James Ihedigbo will be out of football after this year. He’s a bit player who happened to be at the right place last year in Baltimore who were depleted in the secondary…played so so and the Lions overpaid for his services.

  6. If they are too vicious then the Lions will also be the team with the most penalties and the highest amount of player fines in the NFL. Roger that

  7. As a Lion’s fan, I find reason to be optimistic…

    When Hairball started coaching the 49ers, the team improved dramatically.

    The Lions have a new coach and new assistants – and let’s be honest, ANYONE would be better than Gym Shorts.

    How can they not be better this year?

  8. OK, James thanks I’m every team just asked to forfeit every game scheduled against the Kitty Cats. What he left out was that the Lions will also win 6 games this year.

  9. James is a smart guy, great with the media, and can lay the wood. He is not however a playmaker that will often be where the action is.

    He’s a durable middle to back of the pack strong safety.

  10. Everyone is hard-hitting an vicious in Spring OTA’s. What about in December and January when it counts? More like meow I suppose

  11. Apparently he didn’t get Goodell’s memo that the NFL will no longer allow hard, violent, clean hits and this game is now designed to appeal to all the soccer moms on heavy flow days.

  12. i agree…i think the lions will win the division n will be a very tough team especially on defense..i believe theyll be a “vicious” team…im just not expecting it to.cime from james… (yes you Suh) im buyin the lions as a serious contender

  13. As a Lion’s fan, they better find a way to do that, not get penalized all day, do it for more than half the season, and make sure you’re actually tackling too.

  14. Of course they are already in the Super Bowl and they’re not through 3 days of OTA’s. He must have grown up in Minnesota. Figures !

  15. Like the players and the attitude. I think this team has all the stars to compete, but just had NO discipline and bad coaching. Barring injuries, this could be a Super Bowl team. The division is ripe- but Chicago will be better- much better. The Vikes will be trying to ‘find themselves’, Green Bay may be about the same….could three playoff teams come from this division????

  16. The addition of Kyle Van Noy will be huge for our defense. Last year, the Lions were able to generate pressure up the middle; however, we lacked a consistent pressure guy off the edge.

    If Slay can improve and be a certified 1B or even 2A CB, then I expect the Lions to be one of the better teams in the NFC.

  17. Roar, Kitty, roar…

    Seriously, though, this early in the off-season is way too soon to predict anything, especially with a new coaching regime in it’s first year.

    Last year nobody deserved to win the North, and this season is a crap shoot…GB will most likely be better simply by having Rodgers healthy all year…The Bears will be better on defense (hard to be worse) and already boast the best-ranked offense in the NFC…Detroit has the talent to compete, but may need time to adjust to the new coaching staff…And the Vikes are still the Vikes.

    I predict it will shake out this way…Either GB or Chicago wins the division, Lions compete but ultimately fall short, and the Vikes come in last again with Bridgewater taking Ponder’s job somewhere along the way.

  18. At some point in time, the Black and Blue division became the best offense division in the NFL, you need defenses to step up. Packers, Bears, and Lions are all Top 5 offenses. Minnesota is simply offensive.

  19. The Lions’ defense is certainly talented enough to be exactly what Ihedigbo says it will be.

    The league is dominated by offenses, which clearly is the side dictating play these days. I don’t see that changing. Most good defenses these days are more about disrupting QB rhythm and generating turnovers than all-out “domination” of games.

  20. Let them say all the things they want…they know the talent that is on our team, and if they aren’t worried fine, they know their team will be scrambling to control them…I’m smiling knowing what these guys are gonna say when it all comes true…. 🙂

  21. What a novel idea! Play physical football and hit hard. What’s next, catch ball and hold on to it while running? Blocking the other guy?

    College educated? I certainly can tell.

  22. It’s a good thing King Roger only cares about disciplining the Saints for talking about violence on the field, or the Lions could be in some real trouble here.

  23. “Hard-hitting, vicious, physical” losers. The ONLY thing the lions have going for them is that they’re way overdue. Like the Cubs.

  24. As a long time Lions fan and avid kool-aid drinker, I have to have the wait and see approach on this one. This would be something I haven’t seen since the Fearsome Foursome. Talk is cheap now. Let’s see what happens when the season starts. We can only hope this is true! Honestly, I’ll be happy if I see an occasional blitz here and there. Now that would be something we’re not used to…Right now I’m still stewing on what Alshon Jeffery said, what a joke that guy is. He and Marshall are the 2 best wr’s in the NFL, and he didn’t say duo people. Bahahaha yeah ok, signed Megatron.

  25. Lions will be “hard-hitting, vicious, physical”. He forgot “dirty”. Suh and Fairley are two of the dirtiest players in the league. Who can forget Sun stomping on a GB player down on the field?

    Now that the defense is out of the way, what about other aspects of the team? Such as offense. Megatron is I think the best WR in the NFL. Matthew Stafford is as good as any QB in football if he has a good day. Big if. This is not enough.

    Prediction: another mediocre year, lucky to be 7-9

  26. Year Lg Tm W L T Playoffs
    2013 NFL Detroit Lions 7 9 0
    2012 NFL Detroit Lions 4 12 0
    2011 NFL Detroit Lions 10 6 0 Lost WC
    2010 NFL Detroit Lions 6 10 0
    2009 NFL Detroit Lions 2 14 0
    2008 NFL Detroit Lions 0 16 0
    2007 NFL Detroit Lions 7 9 0
    2006 NFL Detroit Lions 3 13 0
    2005 NFL Detroit Lions 5 11 0
    2004 NFL Detroit Lions 6 10 0
    2003 NFL Detroit Lions 5 11 0
    2002 NFL Detroit Lions 3 13 0
    2001 NFL Detroit Lions 2 14 0
    2000 NFL Detroit Lions 9 7 0


  27. Lots of detroit fans here.what do you think the other teams will be doing?not hitting hard?take a number detroit and stand in line and while youre at it when was the last time you won anything?

  28. OMG, Detroit FANS need a mentality shift just as much as the team does. Do you not realize that you now have a head coach, and some assistant coaches who have been deep into the play-offs multiple time AND have Super Bowl Rings? And Ihedigbo has played in 4 AFC Championship games and 2 SuperBowls – how many play-off games have the Lions even been in within the last decade? I don’t think we can cancel out these significant changes as there are several people associated with the team now who are proven winners – being a superstar does NOT always produce wins as we have seen with having Megatron, Reggie Bush and several others on the team already. While the team is shifting in mentality, the fans need to be open to that shift as well and learn how to be fans with a winning mentality, not calling them Kitties, etc.

  29. funny stat at least the last 2 years, the most penalized teams in the league, 2013 Seattle, and 2012 Baltimore, i’m pretty sure things worked out well there. haters gonna hate, but the lions have not been the most penalized team in the league. not in a long time.

  30. Every off season Lions fans proclaim their team looks good on paper, and every year they find a way to be underwhelming and disappoint. This organization is hilarious.

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