John Harbaugh: “We’ll be looking” for ways to bolster roster


It’s June 1 and, as Mike Florio pointed out, that means there’s a little more incentive for teams to sign veterans whose contracts expired after the 2013 season.

Any signings made now don’t factor into the formula for compensatory draft picks, something the Ravens exploited last season when they added linebacker Daryl Smith to their starting defense. Florio suggested they could do the same thing on the offensive side this year with right tackle Eric Winston and, based on coach John Harbaugh’s comments last week, the team seems likely to do something to bolster the roster in the near future.

“I think we’re aware of the guys that are still out there, free agents that would be more favorable to sign after June 1 and all that,” Harbaugh said, via Matt Zenitz of the Carroll County Times. “We’re going to be watching the waiver wire real close. We’re going to try and get better. We had a conversation, Ozzie and I [Thursday], and I like to think on principle that we really believe this: We want to build as strong of a 53-man roster as we possibly can, and as we do that [to] try to get stronger every chance we get. We’ll be looking.”

In addition to right tackle, Zenitz thinks cornerback may be a place where the Ravens are looking for veteran help. Chykie Brown and Asa Jackson are the only experienced players behind Jimmy Smith and Lardarius Webb and the team has hinted that they’d like some more experience in the competition to replace Corey Graham.

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  1. We will learn this season whether the ’13 ring was all Ray Lewis and Ed Reed or if John Harbaugh did play a role.

    Every knowledgable fan recognizes the Ravens have a roster that SHOULD win 9-12 games. If it fails that Harbaugh’s seat will get real hot real quick.

    Certainly there is pressure on Flacco and to a lesser extent Suggs, Gnata, Monroe, Elvis, Webb, the Smith boys (all 3), but the big change from the ’14 team from the ’13 team was ‘locker room leaders’.
    Can John Harbaugh LEAD this group of men?

    The talent is not an issue.

  2. Alshonbrandon you are a fool. Rice was under contract when he TKO’d his fiance they didn’t sign him after. Sorry but Ozzie is a Wizard without a crystal ball, didn’t see the community leader Rice about to go Jon Jones on his fiance, no one did.

    Its funny how all these people talk trash but what’s funny is that when the Ravens go to the market, like they rarely do, they get their man everytime ie. Dumervil, Steve Smith, Daryl Smith etc. They just prefer the draft and developing talent.

    Hey dont take my arrogance for it! Just look at the compensatory draft pick counts for the last 10 years Ravens are number 1. You dont achieve that by signing other teams guys, you achieve that by developing top level talent that other teams want and commit major playing time for.

    But haters, please keep hating because I can’t remember a time the Ravens were below .500 and if I can’t, you can’t. You should Google it though, it will require about 10 mins of research. And your team? Well pretty good chance if your not a Pats or Steelers fan you can quickly recall a time your team sucked ass lol

  3. So, did you hear the one where three Ravens walk into a bar…
    Ok sorry, last time with that one. Still makes me laugh though.

    I expect the Steelers and Ravens to fight it out for the division title next year, and the Bengals and Browns to fight it out for third. Whoever wins the inevitable playoff game between the Ravens and Steelers, then crushes the donkeys and/or the patsies and goes to the Super Bowl. That’s the way things ought to be every year. Go Steelers!

  4. Translation: no way we can roll out on Sundays with the group I got now.

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