Report: Vilma was interested in Dolphins, who weren’t interested in Vilma

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At a time when the Cowboys perhaps should be interested in veteran linebacker Jonathan Vilma, Vilma has shown interest in another team.  But that team has shown no interest in him.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, Vilma’s representatives at some point in the offseason reached out to the Dolphins.  The Dolphins, however, passed on Vilma — the same way they passed on a pair of other former University of Miami linebackers, Jonathan Vilma and Darryl Sharpton.

Vilma wasn’t cut by the Saints; his contract expired on March 11.  As of June 1, his signing by a new team won’t count against the formula for determining compensatory draft pick.

31 responses to “Report: Vilma was interested in Dolphins, who weren’t interested in Vilma

    This is just plain stupid on the part of the Dolphins! He is a Hatian-American born and raised in Miami and even went to college at the U! He would’ve added depth to the linebackers, leadership to the defense, and heart to the team! He would’ve retired as a Dolphins and maybe even become a coach here. Over all its a bad move that shows lack of vision and insight on the part of the Dolphins!

  2. The Dolphins aren’t interested for the same reason the Saints and Cowboys aren’t interested. Vilma is old, slow, and has bad knees.

    Just because he’s a name and was good when he was young doesn’t mean teams are going to beat down the door to sign him now that he’s old.

  3. When he was the fastest ilb in football he was the best 43 mlb.
    At some point During the 2011 season he lost that speed. His play just dropped off and never came back.
    Without the speed to win the race to the hole every single time, he’s useless. Cuz he will get out muscled every single time and always has.
    Hes always had a crucial strength deficiency, without crucial speed to make up for it, his career is over.
    But he really was the best MLB in the league during his first 3 years with the saints.

  4. The real question is will be bring his own bags with dollar signs on them to payout the bounty he starts on his new team?

  5. Pat Angerer (Colts) is still out there and plays well in a 4-3. If he is healthy he would be worth a look not Vilma. We need depth unless we know Jordie Tripp can be a Starter. I like Trusnik, but only as a Backup and ST.

  6. OK, so Miami does not want Jonathan Vilma or Jonathan Vilma. But what about Jonathan Vilma. But they might have to release Jonathan Vilma to make room for Jonathan Vilma.


  7. “Dolphins passed on a big name player!!!” Quick, lets write a story about it!

    Oh wait… Nobody else has signed him either – neither one of the Vilma’s. LOL.

  8. Dolphins don’t need a washed up player who only played well when there was a bounty incentive.

  9. Seriously, grown men? you get decent-good info for free. obviously it was an error-ya’ll are like teenage girls the way you’re tripping over this– Ohh! he made a mistake!! Sarah did you see that! he wrote Vilma twice!–
    ..let the first among us to not make a typing error please speak up….I’ve never seen grown men act like this over an error…chill the hell out & get back to sports talk.

  10. At the end of the day, there are only 53 roster spots. They must be filled based anticipated performance, not because of sentimental reasons.

  11. I was going to make a crack regarding the double-Vilma but ……

    Someone will pick him up eventually. as for now he should just sit back and count all the filthy lucre he made in boutygate again.

  12. I’m not going to say it was a bad move for Miami. Vilma has lost a step and if they run a 3-4 defense, Vilma has consistently shown that he is not a 3-4 linebacker.

  13. Man, can’t believe all the disrespect for Vilma. I think that his agents would have reached out to quite a few teams, and if he truly wanted to come here to our team over another, then that should imply a certain respect for the Dolphins. Yes, he is not as good as he once but how does he measure up to what we have in terms of knowledge as well as play.

  14. It’s all about supply and demand.
    Dallas is down on their luck with the loss of Lee.

    If I’m a LB on the street, I’m waiting to see if Jerruh can find a way to pay.

    Problem there is……Lousy Cap mgt.

  15. Dallas shouldn’t be interested. He’s past 30 and coming off a big injury. If they show interest, it shouldn’t be until after the start of the year so nothing is guaranteed.

    A 27 year old Vilma, sure. Durant or Holloman can’t be any worse than the current one.

  16. @buk06
    He criticizes people all the time at their job. So , why is this writer any different? Grow a pair

    If you can’t handle what you dish out then keep your mouth shut

  17. Great player and better person. I hope he returns to nola as a coach soon.

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