Seahawks out of chase for Finley

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As we (and plenty of others) try to figure out where free-agent tight end Jermichael Finley took a visit on Friday, we’ve learned he has one fewer suitor, despite being medically cleared to play.

Per a league source, the Seahawks are out of the Finley sweepstakes.

Finley visited Seattle early in free agency, where his neck was checked out by doctors.  The Sehawks had ongoing interest, and they were regarded to be one of the leading candidates to sign Finley.

Even though he has received clearance from Dr. Joseph Maroon, the Pittsburgh neurologist who fused the C3-C4 vertebrates in Finley’s neck, the doctors employed by an interested team also must clear him.  For the Seahawks, it won’t get to that; they have decided to pull the plug on efforts to sign Finley.

Other interested teams are believed to be the Packers and Giants.  We’ve speculated that Finley visited the Patriots on Friday, given that the team that hosted him insisted on silence — which is something the Patriots typically do.

67 responses to “Seahawks out of chase for Finley

  1. Wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him back with the Packers. Unless he gets his act together, like making clutch catches and not being a show boat over every dang thing he does, he may not even make the team.

  2. That’s alright. The hawks have the best all around TE in the league with Miller & a developing pass catching TE in Willson. Finley may have been a nice insurance policy but IMO ours no big loss for the hawks & will also insure they aren’t wasting a roster spot with a player that most likely at some point will end up missing games.

  3. That’s true, since we paid Baldwin. We have Miller, McCoy, willson already. We can’t pay an injury prone tight end. Watch as hawks get better

  4. Probably end up going to Raiders, McKenzie loves to overpay for IR all stars. Heart surgery, Broken necks, Street clothes players like Mcfragile..his real favorites are Green Bay rejects, he’s got them on speed dial. 1800 suck er.

  5. The Giants? They had more guys who’ve tested positive for PEDs than the World Champion Seahawks did.

  6. Hope he comes back to Green Bay. There will be a great competition at tight end in training camp.

  7. He can sign a one year deal at journeyman rates and compete for a spot with the Packers. He already got his his star-power big coin, and the Packers got very little to show for it. He has to earn it all over again, but that’s the second chance he wants………no free rides.

  8. Please Reese, lets take a flyer on Finley! Lord knows we could use the talent at the position. He can be brought along slowly and it would sure be nice to get something back from outta that division. They seem to like Bennett up there in Chicago quite a bit!!Haha Plus the McAdoo connection should hopefully swing things in our direction. Lets be real even a 80% Finley will be more productive than 100% of last years TE!! I’m Just Sayin……

  9. John Dorsey and the Kansas City Chiefs applaud the depths of PFT journalism for failing to connect the dots. He will have an Arrowhead on his helmet in 2014

  10. Why would anyone risk signing this guy…if he’s like his NFL forefathers he will be dragging them into court in about 20 years asking for millions of dollars…

  11. Is there anything in Vikings land to do except wait for Seahawks information to come out on PFT? What a bunch of losers… PED? that went stale a year ago.


  12. Giants don’t need Finley.Jerry Reese says we have the JPP of tight ends in Adrien Robinson so instead of getting a guy and wondering if he’ll stay healthy we can see if Reese is right while wondering if Robinson will stay healthy.

  13. Why all the Seahawk hating? I’m a Patriots fan and respect the way the Hawks played and one the Super Bowl last year.
    Maybe it’s those fans that haven’t seen a SB in a long time or forever are the cry babies. lol.

  14. Read the article idiots (vikes fans & braceface) seahawks chose not to pursue him anymore! Get some new lines. The PED is gettin old. Kiss the ring haters

  15. Ordinarily I would discount the Pats. But they have Dumbturdi on staff. And when he was in Cleveland he signed a crazy person to a big contract and drafted a Safety who was lame. So it’s not put of the question that he would go for a bad neck!

  16. pattunya says:
    Jun 1, 2014 7:16 PM
    Why all the Seahawk hating? I’m a Patriots fan and respect the way the Hawks played and one the Super Bowl last year.
    Maybe it’s those fans that haven’t seen a SB in a long time or forever are the cry babies. lol.
    Thank you!

  17. Q: Why don’t Seahawk fans have any regard for the opinions of Viking fans?

    A: Consider the mighty lion, resting in the shade on the hot African plains. Does the lion have any regard for the opinions of a mouse?

  18. I guess if your team has a sad and pathetic history like the Vikings (Zero Rings and four embarrassing Fails in the big game), the only way to make yourself feel better is to troll the reigning Super Bowl Champs.

    It’s the only thing that explains the obsession Vikings fans on PFT have with the Seahawks. Niners fans don’t even troll the ‘Hawks here but Vikings fans…bizarre.

  19. Only a Viking fan would call the Seattle Seahawks the “Shehawks.” What is it about Minnesota? The fans there are obsessive about giving grown men feminine sounding nicknames. Did any of them advance beyond third grade?

  20. @ seahawks fans,
    Ignore the viking fans. They’ve been jealous of us packer fans for two and a half decades now and say childish things all the time on here. It’s like a child constantly whining and crying in your ear. Eventually you just learn to tune them out.

  21. emoney, that’s sage advice. Vikings fans are like an annoying mosquito at your ear…and the impulse to swat at them is almost irresistible.

  22. Viking fans have another bizarre obsession with Packer fans.
    Spouting goofy and ignorant statements that have nothing to do with real football.

    It’s nice that fans of other teams can finally understand just what we’ve put up with all these years.
    I suspect it’s pure jealousy, or some kind of insecurity they feel, that causes them to lash out with laughable results.

    Know nothing fans for a do nothing team.

  23. I don’t think Finley should risk the $10 million tax free disability insurance payoff. He might have a hard time exceeding that money and at the same time he risks getting paralyzed.

  24. Osiris the jokes actually on you since NO Seahawks were found to test positive for PEDs during the 2013 season. You and many other uninformed individuals that poke fun at the Hawks for PEDs need to find some new material.

  25. Seadawgs72 I root for Seattle a lot but you have the wrong Miller when talking about best all around TE. Heath has been doing it a long time in Pittsburgh and has only not produced in the year he was hurt

  26. Shehawks and Sea turds is the best you got?

    Vikings with harvin in 2012

    Vikings without harvin in 2013

    Meanwhile hawks won a Lombardi first year with harvin.

  27. Congrads to the Seahawks for winning it all from a Viking fan good job! It took your team one failure in the big one and 39 years ours is coming! Remember The Broncos 5 losses, Patroits 4 losses, Bills 4 losses, Vikings 4 losses, Ill tell you this the teams the Vikings played were better then the Teams the Broncos played or the Patroits played or the Bills Played. Nobody crying here we will get ours just have to wait it will mean more to us when we get ours!

  28. Finley will likely not get signed before the start of the season, if at all (due to medical clearance).

    Signing after week one, his annual salary is not guaranteed in case of injury.

    It is too early to say if and where he will play.

    BTW, World Championships are earned and to be respected. For 5 win viking customers to insult reining champs is just foolish jealousy.

    It is difficult to win a championship. The vikings posters have no idea what it is like.

  29. cute. the gbtrolls & seahawk fans finally put Tate’s hailmary catch behind them.
    Hear that everyone!? The 1st kickoff game of the season is between two mediocre teams. nothing to see here.

  30. “respect the way the Hawks played and one the Super Bowl last year.”

    I’m not a grammar cop but “one the Super Bowl” is a no-no.

  31. I went to that awesome playoff game in 2008 where the Cards beat the Packers like 44-42 or something close to that. I watched Finley play and said, “Thats going to be the greatest TE in the history of the NFL”.

    Shows you what I know.

  32. Realistically think there is something permanently wrong with his neck, but he can still play. So Seattle did the classy thing for a true warrior of a player still wanting to play & pulled themselves out of the running instead of stating it was his neck. Just my opinion

  33. pattunya says:
    Jun 1, 2014 7:16 PM
    Why all the Seahawk hating? I’m a Patriots fan and respect the way the Hawks played and one the Super Bowl last year.
    Maybe it’s those fans that haven’t seen a SB in a long time or forever are the cry babies. lol.

    I say thank you as well!

  34. Hawks don’t need Finley – they have the mighty Canadian, Luke Willson? Go CanHawks!

  35. The Seahawks don’t have any cap space to sign him. They have enough trouble re-signing their own free agents next year, as a number of them have not been extended. If they take a chance on him, and he is re-injured, then they would be in deeper do do than they are already in now. Not a surprise.

  36. I think he will retire, taking the $10 million insurance money with him.
    The Packers don’t need Finley any more, after drafting Richard Rodgers in the 3rd round and picking up talented but undrafted Colt Lyerla. That’s because Finley demanded too much money, dropped too many balls, and refused to do blocking for the team, not to speak of the risk of injury to his neck.
    The Giants or the Patriots may be interested, but probably not ready to pay Finley the high salary that Finley wanted.

  37. The Packer brass are saying all the right things about wanting Finley back but there is no way the Medical staff will clear him. He will never suit up again for the Packers.

    Any other team that signs him will have the worse PR story imaginable if he takes another hit and ends up in a wheelchair. It simply isn’t worth the risk.

  38. ….wouldn’t you know it……right when finley FINALLY started to “get it”…..he breaks his neck….he should take the 10 mil and walk…..while he still CAN…..

  39. Lol how did this article about Finley become a Hawks bash, oh because they are SB Champs! And someone already said it the PED same old talk IS OLD NEW MATERIAL PLEASE!!

  40. At least there’s not one NFC North team that is not a farm team to the Seahawks.

  41. Love seeing all the Seahawk haters out there! Looks like the children are still whining about last season, and haven’t yet accepted it’s end result.

    Wait until this season is over people…then you’ll REALLY have something to whine about.

    And when it comes to the PED’s controversy…think about this…NO Seahawk failed a PED test in 2013, and for all the B.S. in ’12, only two were suspended for failing tests. meanwhile, how many of you mouths support teams where guys were getting nailed left & right for criminal acts? Yea…think we don’t notice those? We just have more class…and don’t bring them up. Perhaps…we should change tactics.

    GROW UP children.

  42. Giants dont need him.the oieces will fall and when the time comes they will pick someone off the wire they need.they gave 4guys now at TE do work with.they would only take him if the fit was warranted at this point

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