Cousin of Aaron Hernandez pleads not guilty to contempt


Aaron Hernandez’s cousin, who is accused of helping him hide a car he used in a 2012 double murder, pleaded not guilty to criminal contempt.

The Hartford Courant reports that Tanya Singleton entered the plea today. Hernandez is accused of murdering Safiro Furtado and Daniel Abreu on July 16, 2012. Authorities believe Hernandez drove off after the murders in a silver Toyota 4Runner, and that his cousin got the car from him and drove it to her garage, where it remained until police found it when they executed a search warrant a year later.

Hernandez is also accused of the murder of Odin Lloyd, and Singleton faces a criminal contempt charge in the Lloyd case as well. In that case, she is accused of refusing to testify before a grand jury, even after authorities agreed to grant her immunity in exchange for her testimony.

Singleton, who has breast cancer, is under home confinement and is only permitted to leave to visit her doctors or her lawyers.

11 responses to “Cousin of Aaron Hernandez pleads not guilty to contempt

  1. After taking a gander at that pic… you would hope that Joe Pesci would be able to afford some high quality legal council.

  2. Her husband was murdered a few days after the police searched her home. Why would she care about “immunity”? It’s not like the State is going to execute her or her children.

    Why did it even get to a point where the prosecutor was trying to force her testimony at the grand jury? You don’t need her testimony at the grand jury, that can wait for trial. Put her into protective care and get a short statement and present that to the grand jury, as well as the fact that her husband was just murdered over this case.

    She might be more cooperative after you’ve placed her into a witness protection program. She might know something that would bring down a lot more than just Hernandez, and she might want some justice for the murder of her husband.

    But the State of MA has alienated of one of the most critical potential witnesses in its case, turning her into a hostile opponent rather than an ally. Did they really think threatening her would benefit their case? Do they even have any leverage greater than the welfare of her children? No? Then what was the point of alienating that witness?

    If I was a taxpayer in MA, I’d want honest answers to these questions. And I’d let Deval Patrick know that I’m holding him responsible with my vote. It doesn’t appear that the public interest is being well served by the prosecutor(s) handling this case.

  3. It’s also worth noting that the maximum penalty for criminal contempt of court in the State of MA is 3 months imprisonment and a $2000 fine.

    This is the hammer that the prosecutor attempted to use in order to force an early, unnecessary testimony from a key witness.

    Seriously, people in MA. It’s time to write your governor, Deval Patrick, and ask for competent prosecution of this case.

  4. If she refused to testify under immunity, you KNOW she knows some very damning stuff.

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