Cowboys considering Brian Urlacher to fill Sean Lee void

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When discussing the immediate aftermath of the Sean Lee injury, one of the names mentioned was former Saints middle linebacker Jonathan Vilma.

Ed Werder of ESPN adds another more interesting — and more experienced — name to the pile, mentioning that Brian Urlacher is on the list of players the Cowboys will consider.

Now, consider is a broad word. Lots of teams consider lots of stuff. But if the Cowboys are looking for a two-down inside linebacker, there are probably worse options.

Urlacher played for FOX last year, after the Bears let him walk and no one else offered him enough money to keep playing.

If he’s in shape and prepared to go through the football grind again (and that’s a real if), Urlacher would be interesting.

His skills were nearly perfectly suited for the middle linebacker’s job in the Tampa 2 defense Rod Marinelli’s running for the Cowboys.

And while there’s no indication if Urlacher even wants to come back, it’s the kind of name hire that would please the owner, who ginned up considerable attention for himself with his infatuation with a certain Jonathan Football earlier this spring.

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  1. Why would Urlacher come back to play on a team where the Defense could be one of the worst in history? He’ll have little help and that’s just going to expose that he’s no where near what he used to be. This would be a bad way for him to end his career IMO.

  2. This would be absolutely perfect….it would keep him from having a TV presence and saying stupid things.

  3. “it’s the kind of name hire that would please the owner, who ginned up considerable attention for himself with his infatuation with a certain Jonathan Football earlier this spring.”

    I think Jerry is an idiot, BUT he wasn’t the one running around talking about Manzeil to the Cowboys the media was. He compliment him and a dozen other players, the media took that story and ran with it. Jerry Jones does a bunch of stupid stuff and he’s loud and annoying, but when exactly did he get this rep of just randomly signing players because they have a big name?

    Its not like he’s out getting Tim Tebow, or Chad Johnson or Albert Haynesworth… that’s the Pats. Other than TO who was he last “big name free agent” the cowboys really went after? Deion Sanders?

    Not saying they won’t take a look at Urlacher, that’s probably more of a Rod Maraneli thing than Jerry Jones, but Jones makes a ton of stupid mistakes and moves we don’t need to make ones up

  4. A year removed from football is a stretch. But if he’s in shape and can do it fine. He’s better than what we’ve got now.

  5. I don’t believe someone like Urlacher was holding out because of a money issue. I think he loved they game to much and would have played with a lower salary. Thing is he only wanted to play for the bears and for some reason they didn’t want him back.

    Bill Romanowski once said he would have played for a pack of bubblegum!

    Anyway hopefully we see Urlacher playing in the NFL this year.

  6. Dallas spends big on O (Romo, Bryant, 3 1st round lineman et al) but going w/ a no name D approach.

    As Brian Cox said after signing & playing on a bad Chicago D(?) after leaving Miami “my name is Brian Cox not Jesus Christ”. Urlacher isn’t going to do much to help a bad D

  7. Don’t do it Urlacher, consider your legacy. Maybe if a team like Denver wanted you, I could consider it, but the Cowboys have no chance of winning a title this year and their basically a circus of a team.

    Stay retired.

  8. It’s not just that he’s been away for a year. It’s that he was LONG past his prime by the time he did retire. His last two years in Chicago were not good. And now, he’d come back out of retirement to play for a horrendous defense? OK, right.

  9. I’m 53 old enough to remember when Dallas Cowboys football meant something. I’m thankful Clint Murchison, Tex Schramm and Tom Landry aren’t here to see what Jerry jones has done to the franchise and brand they made so successful. The Tiffany of the NFL is now a Costco store going out of business.

  10. There is a excellent article in the June 1 Dallas Morning News which points out the key to success in the Tampa 2 defense doesn’t lie with the middle linebacker, but rather at defensive tackle, weak side linebacker and strong safety. When the Bucs won Super Bowl XXXVII, they had Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks and John Lynch at those positions. The Cowboys don’t have anyone close to those three right now.

  11. 2 things…

    1. Jerry Jones is a fool. Always has been, always will be. He is no general manager.

    2. Brian Urlacher has repeatedly said he is happy and would only come back if the situation and money make sense to him.

  12. Yeah… urlacher wanted to retire a bear only after he knew noone was giving him the money he wanted.

  13. All the money Jerry has spent on this team and we have no depth at a critical position like line backer when the player who is supposed to hold down that positions is constantly injured ! Way to go Jerry once again you showd your ineptness by over paying for players past their prime and injury prone leaving little money to field younger talented players that could elevate the teams performance going forward.
    This team reminds me of the movie “ground hog day” were the lead character keeps reliving one day in his life over and over again.

  14. I don’t know why he’s want to work in that fishbowl, particularly with such a lousy defense.

  15. A year ago Urlacher would have jumped at the chance to play for the Cowboys. Now I’m not so sure. He’s had a year away from football. It depends on how much Urlacher misses football and is he healthy enough to make the team. It would give the Cowboys time to address the MLB long term. If Urlacher is willing, I’d give it a shot. I wouldn’t give Vilma even a passing thought. Otherwise it watch the waiver wire!

  16. Only thing this would be good for is Urlacher’s bank account. His skillsets were slowing and quickly diminishing two years ago and after a year away, they are not going to improve.

    Bears historically bad last year and the defense was hobbled with injury and still didn’t ring him up.

  17. Erin Henderson is the best choice athletically, but the guy doesn’t seem to have his head on straight. Vilma and Urlacher are both washed up, and neither will play for Dallas this year. There is not story here. Both were great pros in their prime, but this story is all the writers can find since Dallas very wisely didn’t take Manziel in the draft?

    Regarding the little Vegas sojourn that Johnny “I am going to live my life to the fullest” Manziel took, how much salivating would we all had seen from the press had he been drafted by Dallas?

    It is called a double standard. Pathetic. Ridiculous. Sad, but true.

    This is the best that you can dig up? Seriously?

    This wouldn’t be a story for 31 other teams.

  18. Signing Urlacher would be about as smart a move as signing Romo to a long-term contract worth $100M. You CAN’T replace Lee. Period. There is not one player that is remotely that good in the league right now, especially someone 15 years older than him.

    Our good friend Jones let Demarcus Ware get way for NOTHING, so this is just karma coming back to him. Us Cowboy fans are eagerly awaiting our 7-9 season.

  19. He’d be an awful fit in the Tampa 2. The middle LB is almost a safety with a lot of zone to cover. Urlacher would be a good run defender at this point in his career… which is the complete opposite of a Tampa 2 ILB.

  20. I thought that the Bears screwed up by letting a team leader go; they would have made the play-offs with him.

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