Did anybody get a number for that Patriot?


The Patriots started one trend when they were introduced as a team before Super Bowl XXXVI.

We’ll see if the latest becomes widespread among those who wish to appear selfless, as they’re the only team in the league without identifying marks during practice.

As chronicled in fine detail by Mike Reiss of ESPNBoston.com, the Patriots are the only team in the league which doesn’t have players wear numbers on their practice jerseys.

“We’re learning a lot of different names and faces right now,” offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels said. “We want our teammates to learn who the other people in the huddle are. I think it’s great for the quarterbacks to do that but also for the skill players, the different groups of linemen, the different centers. There are a lot of different people working with one another during the course of practice that really lends itself to us becoming a team. That’s what we’re really focused on.”

Reiss notes that other teams go without names on the backs of their jerseys, while Patriots progeny Bill O’Brien has the Texans operating without logos on their helmets (as do the Raiders).

It’s debatable whether the anonymous nature actually helps the players involved, but it was mentioned to McDaniels that it’s not easy for reporters to know who is where.

“I’m sure it’s not,” McDaniels said.

And you get the feeling that’s as much of the reason they do it as any of that other pop-psych team-building baloney.

30 responses to “Did anybody get a number for that Patriot?

  1. How do you evaluate players if you can’t identify who’s who? 90 guys, as many as 40 that you haven’t seen before…

    It likely isn’t just the media that has track of keeping who is who and what is what.

  2. And to think, Belichick only annoys the press as a hobby. Imagine if he made it his full time job, such as White House press secretary.

  3. Hahahahahaha!!!!! Good for you, Patriot’s organization!! Keep the media off balance!! I just love the way you constantly mess with the reporters!!

  4. How will the coaches know who to cut without any numbers?

    They might cut Tom Brady thinking he is Ryan Mallett.

  5. You would think it would be easier to get to know all the new faces if they had their names on the jerseys.

    Maybe they have some “Hello my name is” stickers on their helmets.

  6. When was the last time anyone did anything but laugh at media mouthpieces who sulk over Belichick giving them the finger as often as he possibly can?

    It’s hilarious to see the media pout, it really is.

  7. It’s for the same reason Belichick either directly refuses to answer questions or he indirectly refuses to answer question by saying a bunch of nothing.

    It’s for the same reason every Patriot is listed as Questionable each week of the NFL season.

    It’s for the same reason that there’s no way a Belichick-coached team will likely never be on Hard Knocks.

    It’s about maximizing every element of strategic advantage. It’s about holding one’s cards close to the vest — not being an open book.

    It’s because Belichick wisely wants conceal information from the media, his opponents, etc. I don’t even like the Patriots — but gotta credit him for being smart.

    He wants

  8. You really think the coaches can’t tell who’s who out there. My only question is how long before other teams copy.

  9. I’ll bet Bill knows who everyone of them is number or no number. Now if he really wanted to have some fun, he could have them come out wearing different numbers on different days!

  10. I love the fans who laugh at the media. These are the same fans who want training camp reports and practice updates and will be upset when they aren’t getting the information they want.

  11. Ummm this doesn’t seem so bright.

    I realize double B is a genius who’s only challenge to the title is from Kanye, but what happens when you get to film breakdowns of practice and realize your aerial shot is of 45 white jerseys against 45 blue ones?

  12. Wasn’t hard to identify who Tebow was after watching him “throw” the football…

  13. BB and the position coaches know exactly who’s on the field participating in each and every drill, down to the snap-count, plus the result of each rep per player.

  14. In practice they should wear DEF, OFF, ST, or the traditional red for the QB. Identifies them as a unit and no need to assign numbers to players who will not make the team.

  15. This is so stupid! Next thing you know they will put a Big Rock Statue at the entrance to the field and Players will touch it on the way out and Belichick will be dubbed a Genius for doing that to?!

  16. It’s OTA’s…not training camp. Numbers on the jerseys at this point mean nothing. No one is getting cut yet and believe me, the position coaches know who they have in there for what series.

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