Giants waive Will Hill after latest suspension

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The Giants apparently didn’t buy Will Hill’s story about second-hand smoke either.

The team announced today they had waived the talented but troubled safety.

Hill had been suspended another six games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, after a 2012 violation of the same policy, and a 2013 suspension for violating the PED policy.

That was plenty of evidence for them to part ways with a player who has excelled on the field, but hasn’t been able to keep himself on it enough to justify the embarrassment.

64 responses to “Giants waive Will Hill after latest suspension

  1. Once upon a time, you’d have said with that record he’d be headed to Oakland or Cinci. Now it looks more like Cleveland or San Fran.

  2. While I think weed should be legal, I fail to understand why these guys continue to smoke at a time where they could be making millions?

  3. A classic case of cutting off your nose to spite your face. Reese is an idiot for giving into the pressure. The stupid kid smoked weed he didn’t rape anybody. Just plain assinine.

    Now some other team is going to cash in….this guy is easily a top 5-10 safety in the league.

  4. Come to Washington! We give every one second and third chances after PED issues, off the field issues and violating the substance abuse rules.

    He’ll fit in real well with Tanard Jackson!

  5. Way to go Giants,this is what all teams need to start doing. Too many good players are blowing their careers up in smoke,throwing away millions of dollars in the process. I know most people look at weed as harmless but the NFL rules just doesn’t allow for it to be used.

  6. Bears need to get all over this. Even after FA and the draft, they are still at least one legit player short at safety.

  7. It’s a shame he was rated as the 2nd best safety according to pro football focus. There comes a time when enough is enough. The uncertainty of Will Hill is no longer worth the talent. Obviously the giants gambled that he would mature, and he just cost himself millions. I am sure he will get another shot, he will be a cheap talented player. He needed to be released to get the point across, I hope he gets the message.

  8. Perhaps the fact he didn’t really accept responsibility for it and tried the “but it was secondhand smoke” approach that was the final straw.

  9. Regardless of how the public feels about marijuana and where it is/isn’t legal, if you’re under contract to an NFL team, you can’t do it – it’s in black and white. And if you’re a free agent expecting to sign with a team, you shouldn’t do it so that the first test once you sign doesn’t come up positive.

    Between PEDs and substance abuse, Will Hill is hurting the team with annual suspensions. It’s the right decision to send him packing.

  10. Total fail on Will’s part. I’m sure he’s blaming the team for his failure. If you fail drug test 3 years in a row, that’s a pattern. We’ll never hear his name again. Goodbye Will!

  11. Hats off to the Giants for cutting this idiot, that takes class.

    Jim Harbaugh should take note.

  12. This just in folks: Weed is now a PED according to schmokes. But we do love our potheads is Seattle, so yeah come on over, Will, we don’t need you right now anyway. Wanna ring?

  13. I love how some are saying the Gmen made a mistake. This guy has had chances and he keeps screwing them up. If you pick up this guy, you’ll be without him at a critical time because he just doesn’t get it.

  14. Same thing I told my son when he was arrested for failing a drug test. “It’s illegal! You know the rules, yet you smoked it anyway. So stop complaining that it got you arrested”

  15. He’s had more chances than he has kids, and he’s got a lot of kids … not Antonio Cromartie #’s; but a bunch. Quit smoking weed, riding w/dudes who smoke weed and buy a box of Trojans. Hello Arena Football League!

  16. Welcome to New England Will. One look from BB and he’ll be on the straight and narrow.

  17. Look, if tomorrow the NFL and NFLPA collectively bargain that Milk is going to be tested for, and anyone who drinks milk and tests positive for it is subject to penalties – up to and including suspension – most players would quick drinking milk.

    It’s irrelevant if you think that pot (or milk) shouldn’t be illegal. It’s in the collective bargaining agreement (well milk isn’t – but you get my point) – and isn’t a surprise that it is there.

    To continue to use something that you know you will be tested for and disciplined if caught is the height of stupidity.

    If players want to smoke – they then have to realize that there are consequences to being stupid….

  18. I love the kid’s talent, but let’s not pretend they just cut Ronnie Lott.

    He may have a better chance of cleaning up his act in a smaller market or a place where he can get away from his BOYZ in N.J.

    In any case, the more time you waste trying to babysit a case like this, the less time you and your defensive leaders have to focus on getting the job done.

    In short, it sucks to lose the talent but it’s addition by subtraction.

    Besides roster spot in the dbackfield, bring back Terrell Thomas. He’s a leader, and he came back and played well at CB, he can play even better at Safety.

  19. This guy is in love with the wacky weed and its best for all NFL clubs to steer clear of this loser. Second hand wacky weed smoke?????? Give me a break. The Giants had heard and seen enough. Good riddance.

  20. The league should get rid of marijuana testing and punishment. We are on the path to legalization, and common sense tells us that smoking it does not enhance performance. Why not lead for once, Goodell?

  21. NYG told him a year ago the only chance you have to be an NFL player is to stay clean. NYG gave him his final chance – now the rest of the NFL should ignore this guy and say loudly to all the kids who play football in school that enough is enough – you can’t keep breaking the rules and play in this league.

  22. Dumb. My team sacrificed winning for being the “nose-clean”, “no-nonsense” team in the NFL. That ship sailed when we gave L.T. a lifetime pass of screw ups. Hill was cheap, a blossoming probowler and the only safety on our roster who we control beyond 2014. Every once in awhile, I just wish my team would be more like the 9ers. Win first, worry about this dumb crap second.

  23. Everyone who is trying to defend him by saying he’s a playmaker, top 10 etc etc – what good is his potential if he cant get on the field?

    He’s facing a 6 game suspension and has show a propensity for making bad decisions. Why take chances and build the back half of your defense with a player who is never on the field?

    In this case, the Giants made the right decision.

  24. Personally, when players get in trouble for this kind of thing, and end up getting cut, I dont believe teams care that they use it on their free time. I think what really pisses off the team is the fact that the player has proven to be selfish and unreliable.

  25. Can the Giants resign him at Week 6?

    If the Giants *don’t* cut him, then they effectively are stuck with a 52 man roster for nearly a third of the season, because they can’t put him on the temporary IR and they cannot PUP him. The only solution is cut now, and resign at week 6, or else suffer the handicap of a truncated roster.

  26. I don’t understand why they can’t wait 10 years. They can smoke all the weed they want for the rest of their retired life at the age of 35 with millions to blow from a “long” nfl career. If they can just make it to 35.

  27. As a die hard Giants fan, this is why we should have drafted Clinton Dix. Rolle is entering his contract year and Stevie Brown, coming off an ACL tear and only boasting one impressive season thus far, is a huge question mark. What could have been one of the best safety tandems of 2014 could end up being a huge weakness in an otherwise promising defense in years to come. Just goes to show you how ephemeral success is in the NFL.

  28. Giants released Kenny Philips too and people said we were dumb.
    APB on Kenny Philips lol.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  29. “Welcome to New England Will. One look from BB and he’ll be on the straight and narrow.”

    It sure worked for Aaron Hernandez!! LOL

  30. This move is beyond stupid.

    Will Hill, an All-Pro caliber safety, had a $570k salary this season and was going to be paid just $356k in the final 10 games after serving his 6 game suspension.

    The guy was getting paid peanuts…to perform at a Pro-Bowl/All-Pro level at the safety position. He was probably the most underpaid player in the NFL in terms of performance relative to salary.

  31. Correction:

    The Giants have LOWER expectations but higher standards than the 49ers.

    This league is about winning at all costs and nothing else.

    Iron Sharpens Iron

  32. Hill is a really good player- giants gave this guy multiple chances. Enough Is enough – he will turn up elsewhere and probably do well- but giants did the right thing.

  33. Hill is a really good player- giants gave this guy multiple chances. Enough Is enough – he will turn up elsewhere and probably do well- but giants did the right thing.

  34. Its more than just smoking Weed. These guys are not subjected to a totally random test. They get an informal ‘Heads Up’. So, a player must be pretty far gone to fail a test, despite being warned. Logic follows that if a player doesn’t care about passing this test, then he might also be susceptible to other vices (bribery, gambling on games, trafficking…). Under these circumstances, the League must protect itself.

    It would have very interesting to see what the League would have done if those four Felony charges were filed against Owner Irsay.

  35. This kid had the world by it’s nuts coming out of Florida. However, he couldn’t stay out of trouble. Drugs caused him to be undrafted, they caused him to miss numerous games, and now they caused him to get released. Even if the whole second hand smoke argument is true – it has been scientifically proven that second hand weed smoke will not trip off a positive screen – as a guy with a drug problem he shouldn’t be hanging around people who are using. The dude isn’t clean, he’s just lying trying to get one over on the system.

  36. Great. This strikes me like a Chris Carter situation… Great player with off field issues. Gets cut. Its a wakeup call and signs on with another team and becomes a superstar cleanly. Its b.s. If he does clean up his act and play well, Giants should have dibs on him. I mean, they stood by him and helped him while he was nothing, and acted poorly. If he gets his stuff together through this wake up call and goes on to be an all star? Thats bogus… I mean, Chris Carter should be enshrined as an Eagle, considering they tried to help him, and cutting him was the only reason he ever became anything more than a Titus Young…
    And this coming from a Giants fan. If he lights it up somewhere else… I’m gonna be pissed.

  37. Kenny Phillips was not waived by the Giants. They offered him a contract and he made the very poor decision to sign with the Eagles instead.

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