Jeremy Maclin gives Eagles a scare at practice


Coach Chip Kelly said last week that wide receiver Jeremy Maclin is “doing fantastic” as he makes his way back from last year’s torn ACL, but those good feelings were put on hold for a moment at Monday’s practice.

As reported almost simultaneously by every media member at the Eagles practice field, Maclin went down to the ground after failing to catch a pass and remained there while grabbing his knee. Silence fell over the field and those who were in attendance at training camp last year likely had a moment of deja vu that came to an end when Maclin got to his feet after about 30 seconds and walked off the field.

It doesn’t appear that Maclin suffered a serious injury. Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Maclin said he was fine as he made his way off the field and smiled when he was told that he scared a lot of people.

Maclin will likely get a closer look to make sure that all is indeed well before resuming his on-field work, but absent other knowledge it seems Monday’s scare will be forgotten before too long.

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  1. The scary thing is that the Eagles are relying on Maclin to make up for DJax’s absence. Not gonna happen. It’s all moot anyway…Philly would get destroyed by Seattle if they made the playoffs. #dynasty

  2. Philly lost their deep threat in DJax. Ku Klux Cooper isn’t going to beat anyone on a go route. Eagles fans will say they won’t miss DJax but they also lie and say they will win a Super Bowl.

  3. Of course Philly would get destroyed by Seattle! Foles is basically Peyton Manning 2.0 and we all saw what went down in the SB against the supposed greatest offense in NFL hisory. No way the Eagles survive playing the NFC West this season. Its going to take a little more than a high powered offense to stop Sea and SF…that mediocre D ain’t gonna cut it.

  4. As a Redskins fan, I’d hate for Maclin to get injured, as I never wish injury on any player but given the way DeSean Jackson was treated by Chip Kelly this offseason really rubbed me the wrong way and I’d love for that decision to blow up in Kelly’s face as he’s always come off as a “Know it all” like the Shanahan’s. As a Redskins fan, I’m glad he did cut Jackson as RG3 to Jackson sounds like a deadly combo for the next few years at the least.

  5. Did I just read that right?! Nick Foles is basically Peyton Manning 2.0?!!!?! Excuse me while I go gouge my eyes out.

  6. Did I just read Chip did D JAX wrong? Wow, OK. You forget Jackson pouted about his contract and didn’t play so as soon as he gets paid he skips OTAs to launch his rap career.. Cue Diamonds on my neck featuring Snoop Lion.. Maybe how he skipped out several team meetings and was late when he did show.. or how he didn’t show for his exit interview last year end of season.. Jackson is all about Jackson which you will soon learn. Enjoy

  7. Jeremy Maclin has never had a 1,000 yd season as of yet,and he’s in his 6th year I think. Teams didn’t worry about Macklin too much and now he’s supposed to replace 1,300 yds in the “Great Chip Kelly” offense,yeah. Maclin is not the answer and they will miss D-Jax. Chip Kelly’s teams are always entertaining to watch but will always come up short against the better teams,book it.

  8. On paper, what the Eagles potentially “lack” in a certified go-to #1 threat…they make up for in WR depth quite nicely. Cooper showed he is a versatile WR with a strong body, capable of tough catches and he’s an exceptional down-field blocker in the run game, which Chip loves in a WR. Jordan Matthews has a similar build as Cooper, 6’3 and strongly built, and his overall athleticism is on another level than Cooper. Especially considering he landed in Chip Kelly’s offense…trust me it won’t take long for Matthews to make the case that he should have been drafted higher than #42 overall. Josh Huff already knows Chip’s offensive schemes, so him having a leg-up mentally will only allow him to play faster and contribute more quickly in various ways, including special teams. Add a great TE duo and the most prolific pass-catching RB in the NFL in Sproles….the Eagles have an embarrassment of riches in the offensive weapon department.

  9. You know, you’d think all the Skins fans would’ve learned from the McNabb debacle. All we heard when he first left Philly for DC was how horribly he’d been mistreated here and everything else. By the end of that season? They were saying all the same stuff we had been. DJax is going to be more of the same.


  10. abanig said:
    As a Redskins fan, I’m glad he did cut Jackson as RG3 to Jackson sounds like a deadly combo for the next few years at the least.
    My retort: YES they will be. Too bad it will be in the locker room

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