Josh McDaniels: Tom Brady is still improving


Most discussion of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s career arc this offseason has focused on whether the team’s decision to draft Jimmy Garoppolo in the second round is a signal that we’re nearing the end of the line for the three-time Super Bowl champ.

Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels isn’t contemplating the day that No. 12 walks off into the sunset, however. McDaniels isn’t even thinking about Brady, who will turn 37 in August, being on the back side of his career. McDaniels thinks that Brady is still improving as a quarterback as he prepares for his 15th season.

“Yup, I do,” McDaniels said, via “It’s hard for me to ever feel like that wouldn’t be the case. Anytime you’ve got a guy that’s really focused on working on all of the weaknesses in his game when there really aren’t that many, you can see where they’d be room for growth.”

Excepting the portion of one game he played in 2008, Brady had his lowest completion percentage and quarterback rating since 2003 last season so there are definitely areas where he can perform better than last season. A stronger cast of receiving targets might be a likelier path to that performance that Brady finding untapped abilities at this point in his career, but even a repeat of last year’s offensive output would likely put the Patriots on the path for another playoff trip.

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  1. With on one to throw to except Edelman, and Gronk (for seven games) he still manged to get to the AFC title game. By the way, when Gronk was there….he had a very good QB rating.

  2. .
    For a guy who lost his top two targets at TE with the loss of Gronk and Hernandez and had to break in an entirely new wide receiving corp, he did alright.

    Enough with the Goropollo conspiracy theories. He was the best value on the board or else Belichick wouldn’t have drafted him. Added depth at the QB position will not hurt the franchise.


  3. People need to stop with the whole “he won his division and brought them to the AFC title game with no names at receiver” crap. They play in one of the worst divisions and didnt face anyone of note til the title game. Brady has been making something out of nothing his whole career when it comes to receivers. I’ll give him that. However, even the Vikings could have made it through that division last year.

  4. When can we start having real discussions that Tom Brady will get cut or traded at the end of the year? All signs point to it. He is still improving, wants to play into his 40’s, yet the Pats give him a below market deal, draft a whole new young WR core last year, keep Mallet, and draft Jimmy G in the second round….HELLOOOOO This smells like its the last year in Beantown for Brady..

    why am I the only one who sees the obvious!

  5. Brady certainly regressed last year – he missed 3 wide open throws to Edelman for big plays in the AFC Championship game and Amendola was wide open on several plays but Brady seemed to freeze him out of the offense down the stretch.

    The Pats owe alot of their success last year to their D (before cumulative injuries to key starters ravaged the unit) shutting down the other teams for 3.5 quarters allowing Brady to rope-a-dope those teams but otherwise showing complete offensive ineptitude.

    Gronk is the MVP of that offense – in the 3-4 games he was healthy, the Pats were the #1 scoring offense during that stretch of the season.

  6. It’s been fun the last couple of days, reading that so many people would love to see Tom Brady hang it up, and call it quits…trying to push him through the door.

    It’s called wishing and hoping. He’s going nowhere.

    Dream on.

  7. 9 and 0 in his first three playoff seasons with a QB rating of 88.86. Only 9 and 8 since then with a QB rating of 86.79.

    Regular season rating of 95.7.

    Maybe he needs to work on his playoff abilities. Or get his old video taping coach back.

  8. jnbnet you’re right on! In fact, in the seven gms Gronk played, if you were to prorate Brady’s performance he’d have had more yds passing, the highest completion %, and highest QB rating of any QB in the NFL…and he’d have been extremely close to another 50 TD season! My pt being, you give Brady just ONE elite receiver with size in Gronk and he throws for more yards than Manning, has a higher QB rating, etc, etc – forget that Manning had more weapons than any QB in the gm by a long shot – Brady does so much more w/less than any player in the history of the NFL! Food for thought; look what Brady did with a 30+ nutjob in Moss for basically the 2 yrs they played together…all you Montana fans (for whom which I’m big one btw) can you imagine Brady playing with just one elite WR w/size for his whole career??!! Montana had maybe the greatest football player ever in Mr. Rice who happened to play the WR position! Brady’s has had to constantly reinvent himself bc he’s had a rotating group offensive weapons throughout his career…

  9. Greatest of all time.

    Not yet. Get that 4th ring and he’ll be side by side with Joe.

    Second greatest is not too shabby….

  10. “The New England Patriots are the gold standard franchise in the NFL”
    – Shannon Sharpe


  11. If you trade up to draft Tim Tebow in the first round you should be banned from every having an opinion about a QB again.

  12. Again, last season was more about injuries and new players

    From espn,

    Tom Brady last season

    1st 8 games
    Comp % 55.7
    Pass yards per game 228
    td/int 9/6

    Last 8 games when players came back.

    Comp % 66.8
    Pass yards per game 370
    Td/int 15/5

  13. If Aaron Dobson and Kenbrell Thompkins make big strides this year, so do Brady’s numbers. Dobson, Edelman, and Gronk all on the field at the same time would mean a lot to this offense.

  14. Tom Brady sets the bar for all other quarterbacks. He wouldn’t have looked like a deer in the headlights like Manning did in the Superbowl. Class act and ruthless competitor. How can you not respect this guy?

  15. Based on the logic of some of these comments “he’s done just look at last season”. Joe Flacco must be ready to retire. He won the SB then followed it up by finishing dead last among QB’s.

  16. Ugh, I can’t stand Brady. I respect him as a QB, but I also think he’s overrated. He won his championships 10+ years ago, when the rest of the AFC was really weak (with the exception of Pittsburgh, I guess). My Eagles were a better team in 2004, but thanks to McChoke and the Pats spying, it wasn’t to be.

  17. Yeah he’s done alright. Cut him loose and lets see how many teams are bangin on his door. What an insane thing to say.

  18. Tom Brady sets the bar for all other quarterbacks. He wouldn’t have looked like a deer in the headlights like Manning did in the Superbowl. Class act and ruthless competitor. How can you not respect this guy?

    Brady put up 3 points in 3 quarters against a mediocre Broncos defense that was missing key starters. Was missing open receivers left and right. Sure looked like a deer in the headlights performance to me….especially against your biggest rival QB. And all of a sudden he’s going to show up and beat up on the best defense in the league? Get real bro.

  19. Last year Brady was the QB with the 20th best pass completion percentage (check the numbers). He still had lots of good games and won the close ones, but there were more stinkers than usual. Josh McDaniels says that Tom is just getting better but the numbers say otherwise. Why does his Offensive Coordinator feel the need to talk him up?
    Bill drafted the likely future QB in Jimmy Garoppolo in the 2nd round. He may be needed sooner than you think.

  20. Brady and Manning are both future HoF’ers.

    That being said, neither is any good without a clean pocket. If the pocket collapses, so does their QB rating.

    Neither has any mobility and they look like rookies when you pressure them.

    Only way Brady wins another SB, is if his O-line gets away with holding every play. Otherwise, dude is an INT machine when the pocket collapses.

  21. I love how the media heads say he’s declining & not what he was… The guy had 3 rookie receivers and Amendola was both hurt as well as new to the team & Gronk missed a bunch of games… The O line played pretty poorly against the pass a lot & Brady only went on to win 12 games & make the championship game…. Just imagine if he had some quality receivers!!
    I love BB & Kraft but they are really ticking me off not getting him some talent on the outside….they need to make a trade for Andre Johnson… Trade Mallet, next years 2nd rounder & Amendola to the Texans so they have cap space to bring him in & then Brady’s #’s will skyrocket & the offense would be deadly with a healthy GRONK …
    & if they can somehow swing it bring in either Finley or Dustin Keller & LOOK OUT!!!!

  22. Brady 8-8 postseason since 2005. Magic is wearing off and mediocrity has set in. Not entirely his fault though, Belichick and his ego have been running this ship aground for a while. The same thing happened with shanahan. Coaches
    should never be given absolute power indefinitely. They eventually turn into terrible GMs. He should fire himself and hire some talent evaluators. Greatest coach ever though no denying that

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